Emilie Jolie

Emilie Jolie

With the help of the Little Stone, the Hedgehog and the Great Bird, Emilie saves little blue rabbit Gilbert and the fantasy world. Throughout her adventure, she discovers the value of courage, friendship and generosity.

It's the night before the new school year and little Emilie Jolie is worried about how things will go at the new school. Her mother gives her a book to help her forget about her worries, a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justin B (mx) wrote: Some men hide the movies they watch from their wives. This was that movie for me. Comparisons to mamma Mia are inevitable, 4 songs in and we've found our Pierce Brosnan. Watch all your favourite 80s hits performed by faces you don't recognise (although one of the fellas looked like he used to date my cousin and one of the girls looked liked she used to work in river island).starring an Italian who looks like josh duhamel gemma artertons sister and katy brand u remember katy brand from that funny sitcom u liked hang on wrong person.neverless cheesy predictable fun. Then the wife caught me and called me a disgrace.

Ana Aiko A (us) wrote: outstandingly captured

Valentin G (de) wrote: An entertaining experience, which doesn't offer anything that we cannot see in the game, but don't disappoint me as action movie.

Brody M (de) wrote: If you ever get a chance to see this movie....DONT!!!

Randy Y (au) wrote: A few gags, but stale/uninspired premise.

sam a (mx) wrote: if my mommy kiss santa there would be problems ....any way it would be kissing a nother guy becuz santa isnt real

Tiara H (mx) wrote: Such a cute movie, i've always loved it.

Monica F (fr) wrote: this is one of my all time favorites..

Chris R (gb) wrote: 47 Ronin has lots of action among beautiful landscapes and costumes, but all very anti-climactic. Itis a serviceable film in the whole eye-candy department and does give an interesting insight to the notions of honor of feudal Japan, but all-in-all a forgettable film.This movie is based on a true story, one of better known stories in Japan, of 47 ronin (masterless samurai) that sought revenge for the death of their master knowing they would die doing it. The story taps into the ideas loyalty and honor that prevailed in feudal Japan and among the samurai. As a very white man with some knowledge of Japanese history, the film seems like a fairly accurate depiction of feudal Japan. Though one thing that bothered me was that among the words like seppuku, shogun, bushido, etc. that are used in the film, the lords are just called lords rather than daimyos. It seemed strange to not use the more accurate word. But overall, a realistic depiction... well, except for all the magic n shit. The movie is an interesting blend between reality and Japanese myth, featuring Tengu, witches, etc. The special effects are top notch.I was worried, since the film featured Keanu Reeves on the poster so heavily, that this would be another The Last Samurai situation where the white man comes to save the poor, lowly Japanese. I was pleasantly surprised that not to be the case. Though Keanu Reeves character Kai (who is a half-breed raised by demons. So not really all that white) is an integral part to the ronins' quest, he isn't really the main hero. The film focuses heavily on the head samurai, Oishi (Hiroyuki Sanada). It is his quest to avenge his fallen master and reclaim honor for his land. The acting in the film was good overall. Some deliveries were a bit weird, but just might be due to the fact that all the Japanese actors spoke with a slight accent. I am a fan of Keanu Reeves; dude has been in a lot of great action movies. In this film, he doesn't do all that much, emotional range wise. He is pretty much serious, gloomy, morose, or angry throughout the whole film. I don't think he smiles once. Poor, sad Keanu.The main problem I have with the film is the pacing and the climax. There is so much action throughout the film and various setbacks that they suffer. When it is finally time for the climax and Oishi faces off the evil Lord Kira (Tadanobu Asano) it all feels sort of anticlimactic. The moment doesn't feel heightened from the rest of the film. The witch with heterochromia (Rinko Kikuchi) is an interesting character. She is chaotic and seeks power. You feel that even though she pledged herself to Lord Kira, she might have something up her sleeve. But nope, she was just his lackey by the end - very disappointing. Well the end-end is a good and not your clich Hollywood ending, which is nice.

Corey B (us) wrote: Deth is in another dimension that kind of resembles Medieval Times. The series has definitely run its course by this point, but there's still a low budget charm to it all. Works best when it follows Deth doing his usual fish out of water shtick; comes to a halt when the Shakespearean-named villains discuss the powers of trancing.

Grant S (nl) wrote: Really don't know what all the fuss is about...Written and directed by Ingmar Bergman, the story of two children,Fanny and Alexander (strangely enough), and what happens after theirfather dies.Underwhelming, a bit of an ordeal and vastly overrated. It's over three hours long, yet the story only really develops and hassome degree of intrigue from about the two-hour mark. Until then, itjust drifts and all feels like background, rather than plotdevelopment. Even once it does pick up the drama, this gets resolved in a ratherrandom fashion and then goes somewhere weird and pretentious.Overall, pointless and mostly boring. Thank goodness for the fastforward button and sub-titles (or "how to watch a 3-hour movie in 1 1/2 hours"...).

Scott R (es) wrote: While not as compelling as fellow war hero biopic Patton, MacArthur is more than serviceable. After all, what movie with Gregory Peck isn't?

FilmGrinder S (es) wrote: 59%"I would not play with the occult, if I were you"-Dr Karl Hummel (Massimo Girotti)Slow, found myself nodding off there, once. And it doesn't pick up until the third act. The pace wasn't my biggest peeve though, I want to know why the 'entity' takes part in the auction of the castle and estate. Is it because, with deed in hand, he can haunt the grounds without worrying about legal action, being taken against him? And what the hell was a coke cola machine doing in a castle full of antiques?

Ben B (ag) wrote: Collateral stars action movie star Tom Cruise as Vincent, a hit-man arriving in LA to complete contracts. He travels around the city using a taxi, forcing the driver, played by Jamie Foxx, to take him from kill to kill. That synopsis sounds weird, right? America's action hero, Tom Cruise, playing the villain? As odd as it may seem, Cruise did a phenomenal job. His antagonistic approach worked right off the bat, strolling out of an airport at night wearing sunglasses and receiving a hit list from Jason Statham (appearing in a cameo many believe to be reprising his role in the Transporter series). Cruise also works really well with Foxx. Their constant arguments about the morality of Cruise's actions are what really carry the movie. Michael Mann's direction is incredibly stylish and fitting - his use of colorful lighting and establishment shots of LA really bring the scenery to life. Aaron brought up the fact that the movie was shot digitally, and it really worked well with the colors (even if it was a little noticeable for zoom-in shots). Another thing that helped the cinematography was the editing; top-notch cuts helped the desperate tone. The subtle use of music is also noticeable. There are many scenes with nothing but the sounds of the streets as a backdrop.We gave this movie a lot of praise, but we have to be picky as well and say that Collateral is by no means perfect. Jada Pinkett Smith's character, in the movie for all of 15 minutes, is oddly trusting to Foxx (she was a customer in his Taxi before Cruise) right away. This forced plot element paid off, though, as the writing really brought the movie full-circle in the end. Mark Ruffalo is also in this movie, and his presence is completely unnecessary. it's not that Ruffalo was bad. His character could have been cut and the movie would be the same.All-in-all, Collateral is carried by the two lead performances and brilliant cinematography, even if the plot is at times convenient. We at Musicians on Movies agree that Collateral earns a B rating.

Aj V (it) wrote: I was disappointed at the amount of blood in this movie, I really expected more. And I was wondering, wouldn't his painting stink after while? And then no one would buy them. Anyway, the story is pretty good, and the main character is a creepy painter. But overall, this movie's not that good, it's just okay.

Robert K (ag) wrote: While not quite as dark as ESB, ROTJ continues the action and adventure through to a satisfying conclusion. While the story arc improves in some areas while at the same time leaving us scratching our heads in others, the special effects are undoubtably better, and the story moves faster than ever with an epic and powerful conclusion.