Evocative of the Roaring Twenties, "Emily" (Aka "The Awakening of Emily") is an erotic coming-of-age film featuring meticulous period detail and music. The sharp class distinctions of British society are blurred by the universal nature of sexual desire.

Evokative of the Roaring Twenties, "Emily" is an erotic coming-of-age film featuring meticulous period detail and music. The sharp class distinctions of British society are blurred by the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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IOnell S (fr) wrote: Por fin la pude ver. El blanco y negro y la fotografa estupendos, el score muy adecuado, la historia muy espaola. Maribel estupenda.

natasha l (de) wrote: Don't let the DVD cover fool you. No one looks like that in the movie.

AD V (ru) wrote: I was warned but watched it anyway and sure enough they were right--it sucked almost as bad as the first borrowing heavily from Freddy and his mythos this time. Oh well there'll always be the suprisingly good part 2.

Manolo P (br) wrote: This film may be far from being the best, because it presents a rather weak script and the staging of the plot is worn and even sometimes annoying. However the warmth and eloquence with which is narrated in addition to the good contribution of the cast make the film to become a dream, it is insightful and charming in many ways making it a perfect piece for people who are in love. 69/100

SirBlue B (ru) wrote: I just don't understand why people seem to hate this movie. It's well scripted, creative and just all-around pleasing. Go watch it, you will not be disappointed.

ruth b (de) wrote: I think this is one of the best movies ever made! story was really different and great. Filming was brilliant and the cast was perfect! loved it!

Sunni D (kr) wrote: Love Kerry Washington

Tara H (ru) wrote: One of the funniest movies ever made if you've ever worked in an office. Love it.

Yelsew Z (it) wrote: I really like how both cops worked together and how they greatly contrasted each other but also complimented each other. Carter is hilarious with a very witty and outspoken attitude that's just great. Chan is also really cool with all his martial art stunts throughout the movie. The only thing though is that there was an overabundance of cuss words throughout the movie. Other than that, its an overall fun movie and rightly deserves its title.

Geoff C (mx) wrote: This film about President Harry S. Truman has one of the best performances by Gary Sinise, (who famously played "Leiutenant Dan" in 'Forrest Gump'.) The film starts in 1948 during Truman's campaign for the presidency, but flashes back to 1917 or so. After that, the film progresses through the story in traditional linear fashion. Gary Sinise truly brings Harry Truman to life in the film, though the real Truman was far less eloquent than Sinise's incarnation. Even with the eloquence attached, this film would certainly do Harry proud. It shows Harry as he was: Honest, fair minded, and humble. He never wanted to be President of the United States, but he was pressured by F.D.R to be his running mate in the 1944 election. He only became President when Roosevelt died. He said it was as if "the moon, the stars, and all of the planets" had fallen on him. The film covers his decision to use the bomb on Japan, the entrance to the Korean War, and his decision to fire General Douglas MacArthur. He was a man who heard the call of his country, and did what was best for us. He showed us that the best leaders, sometimes are the ones who never sought power, but had it thrust upon them. Diana Scarwid does a good job as Bess Truman, considering how the real Bess was an intensely private person, even while in the White House. (She only ever had one press conference, and she spent most of her time at their house in Independence Missouri.) She was not an Elenore Roosevelt/Jackie O/Nancy Reagan/Michelle Obama type of first lady, she wasn't even first lady material, but she certainly was the perfect match for the president. There are a few qualms I found with the movie; It uses some intercut news reel footage of the real President Truman. Sinise captures the soul of the man, and you could swear you are looking at him when Sinise acts, but when you have real footage to compare to during the film, the physical differences become evident, and it gives the film some cheesiness. (It's not over bearing, it just is a little too noticeable when you watch it.) The film has a very condensed feeling. I think it would have been better as a "John Adams" like miniseries. Over all, I would have to give this film an A+. It's very long, but it worth the watch.

Teresa S (de) wrote: 60's European spy movie highly recommended! oooh goodie! What a treat!

Ben L (ca) wrote: Equilibrium is a film about a post-World War 3 society that has decided the impetus for all wars has been emotion, so in order to avoid the destruction of humanity everyone is forced to take medicine that deadens all emotion. This is enforced by a group of clerics who arrest/kill anyone who feels, and destroy all forms of art. The cast of this film is spectacular. Christian Bale is the star and has a huge arc that he must experience in the movie from start to finish. I don't blame him for some of the issues I had with his character, because I think it was in the writing, but the quantity of "feeling" he does in front of other clerics was off the charts and obvious. It made sense for his character and it was effective emotionally, but the lack of reaction from others when they saw his breakdown broke the logic of the movie. I would have liked a lot more subtlety to his transition, make most of it internal and we only see tiny clues in how his behavior changes. Sean Bean doesn't have a huge role, but he's amazing in his few scenes. I kind of wish he had been a bigger part of the story. In fact, despite my issues with the film (which I will expound upon in a moment) I could probably go through the entire cast and have very few complaints, because they all did well with what they were given.The reason I didn't fall in love with this film is some of the execution of what sounded like a brilliant idea. The concept of removing the very thing that makes us human was fascinating, and the journey of a man who has never experienced emotions slowly discovering them was also a very promising idea. The problem is that, while the world they built was interesting, the story within that world was shoddy. His transition is too dramatic and too fast. It made no sense for him to get away with so much emotion, and other crimes against his fellow law enforcement officers. The conclusion was so poorly done it kind of spoiled everything that came before. The way they jumped from one scene to the next was awful, and the constant reveals of supposed plot twists was horrendous. It's like every five minutes they expect the audience to be gasping with shock, but none of it is all that surprising, and you quickly grow numb to the twists and turns they waited until the end to reveal. The fighting style in the entire film was visually entertaining. It can get a bit overly choreographed and almost comically staged, but I didn't really mind that much. Those action scenes felt very Matrix-like and I enjoyed it. However, I never understood why Bale dominated everyone, including other clerics who were trained the same as him. I realize one of the big reveals at the end tries to justify why Bale's character got away with so much, but it was a bit too convenient and didn't convince me.

Brad S (ca) wrote: Tries very hard to be something significant on film, but only achieves it for brief moments in certain scenes. The film's emotional core is just too broken up and doesn't pay off. Partly I think it's the plot that just doesn't ring true. The Nazi's seem too easy going. There are many better WWII movies out there. But the cinematography is gorgeous.

Ryan L (kr) wrote: Super camp 80s movie with a completely random 80s comedy plot and awesome 80s special effects. Also, a talking horse.

Janette R (gb) wrote: Not as funny as it could be.