Emma's War

Emma's War

After the start of WW2, a mother takes her children from Sydney to the countryside.

After the start of WW2, a mother takes her children from Sydney to the countryside. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sarah S (ru) wrote: I felt like I was watching an hour-long black and white Heritage Minute and a movie broke out...In all seriousness, well intended, but I felt like we didn't learn enough about what happened to Susan Sarandon's character until it was too late - I had lost interest. She played a damaged person well, but somehow I couldn't believe Sarandon went through what she went through. I also didn't get the 1985 feel, either.

Johnny T (jp) wrote: A very dumb movie but very funny. Shocking, Outrageous and Completely Inappropriate. Extreme Movie is so wrong, its right. Written by some of today's funniest writers including Saturday Night Live's Andy Samberg, Will Forte and Jorma Taccone, Extreme Movie follows a group of high school geeks on their hilarious journey to manhood. Loaded with raunchy fun, this extreme movie is packed with an all star cast including Michael Cera, Ryan Pinkston, Jamie Kennedy, Matthew Lillard, Frankie Muniz, Andy Milonakis, Kevin Hart, Kyle Gass and more! This movie was different to say the least. It was not what I expected. VERDICT: "Rental" - (Negative to Mixed reaction). These films are only worth renting because of certain good things that are worth seeing, but are not worth paying at a theatre to see due to bad things that overcome anything good.

Dawn M (ca) wrote: This girl is absolutely stunning in this movie

Leandro I (nl) wrote: A pleasant surprise.

soul r (kr) wrote: although it's filled with clishes, still witty and feel good story.

David L (kr) wrote: Rock-a-Doodle is Don Bluth's weakest film so far with good animation, some fun songs and an entertaining nature to it, but it is too crazy, odd and even ridiculous in its story, action and characters and it lacks discipline in direction, characterization and structure. Live-action is solidly incorporated, but other than that, it is pretty forgettable and mediocre.

Stuart K (ca) wrote: daft dumb and ridiculous but I love it!

Daniel K (ru) wrote: 2: I didn't really buy any part of his. Definitely not Argento's finest work. The plot is fairly ridiculous and the execution isn't that much better. A disappointment.

Gregory S (nl) wrote: Martin and Lewis are both artists in Greenwich village and they're mostly unemployed. Lewis's character is an avid fan of comic books that by the mid 1950's were at the height of their popularity but also catching a fair amount of criticism for their effects on juveniles. But its the comic book industry that gives our two heroes a shot a success and romance. The film begins with a gag showcasing the duo's comedic abilities and landing them unemployed again followed by a rather depressing musical number 'If you pretend' proclaiming that in times of hardship its easier to drift into fantasy. This dynamic sets the tone for the rest of the film, Peter Bogdonavich said Tashlin directed the only two solid Martin and Lewis films because of elements like that dynamic. That Tashlin being one of the most inventive comedians of he seems to be able to still add an element of social commentary amongst over the top cartoon humor. We see this in the film particularly in the references to the cold war and in a sadistic child who's mind has been corrupted by comic books tosses a letter opener like a throwing knife. The film is interesting in how well it holds, especially in today's cinema dominated by comic book movies. The irony though is that Tashlin wrote comic strips himself and perhaps only someone with that insight could bring the film to life being a film that invokes the style of comics in form but satirizes it in content. This is best demonstrated in the final act where the film becomes an over the top espionge thriller. What make the film so ambitious and so successful is how thorough the film eaxmines the industry; elements of the film conatin biting criticsm towards them and their rise in violence, even Jerry Lewis' character ends up speaking out against and we see Dorthy Malone's work is looked down upon for its lack of violence. However at the same time its a source of succes for Martin and Lewis which they celebrate with treffic a musical number and by the end of the film by the time the communists get involved the film is invoking those very elements.

Amanda C (jp) wrote: The story was a bit dull and the lead characters acting left something to be desired, but Astaire and the musical numbers saved the movie and made it fun to watch. Astaire and Rogers dancing to the Carioca halfway through the movie should not be missed!