Emmanuelle 5

Emmanuelle 5

Emmanuelle, the sexiest woman in the world, endures a streak of bad luck that begins when she's stripped by a mob of adoring fans at an international film festival. Emmanuelle's lousy luck continues when she's abducted from her yacht off the South of France and forced to submit to the erotic desires of an Arab sheik.

[American version.] Emmanuelle has a streak of bad luck that starts when she is stripped by a mob of adoring fans at the Cannes Film Festival. Her rotten luck continues when the dictator of... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Demetrio C (br) wrote: I enjoyed Young's ride through his home town more than the concert footage. His one man show still left out some of his biggest hits like Southern Man, Cinnamon Girl and especially Like A Hurricane.

Vicki M (jp) wrote: With soap it's loaded

Suncica M (fr) wrote: Absolutely amazing - I watched it last night at 11pm and I was a bit worried that I'll fall asleep (especially after watching the other two films before), but this film is soooo good that I'd regret if I haven't watched it. One of the actress in the film was also at the screening and she told us that the directors intention was to make a comedy, but the audience in the end decides if it's a comedy or a tragedy or a tragicomedy... To me it's a tragicomedy... or (as the actress also said) "lemon without any trace of sugar". Basically, it's a story about us hurting people that we care about, just told in a brutally honest way... I'm absolutely in awe - I haven't watched such a great film in a while.

Bjorn O (us) wrote: Att lta Kane Hodder spela Ed Gein r som att lta Dolph Lundgren spela Gandhi ( eller att lta Inga Gill portrttera Tanya Harding) Jag rknade inte med ngon pkostad produktion men det hr var fan riktigt jvla uselt, om ngot var roligt s var det att Michael Berryman r med i fem minuter, Hodeer skulle passat bttre som John Wayne Gacy. Undvik denna film.

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Miles R (br) wrote: Toy Story 2 was a excellent sequel to the Original Toy Story. and woody being saved by buzz mr.potato head hamm slinky and rex was funny and the other buzz was funny too and Toy Story 2 was thumbs up for me and to other folks how like the Toy Story franchise by Pixar. but Toy Story 3 was just sad and dark to me when it came in 2010 hopefully pixar will officially end the Toy Story film series with toy story 4 and Ending Toy Story franchise on a good note.

EvaLena I (it) wrote: Is a heartwarming story about a man that finds a giant and he want him to become a moviestar. Along the way the agent finds out a lots of things, making him a better person.

Blake P (jp) wrote: "Streets of Fire" is little more than a ninety-minute long music video (sonically, I mean), and that's what I like best about it. Described as "A Rock & Roll Fable" in its opening credits and in its advertisements, it's unapologetic in its sound and its fury - it's an exercise in style unafraid of its insubstantiality. It sets out to be an orgy of visual and atmospheric electricity and does so with creative sanguineness that works much more often than it doesn't. I'm not so sure the film's story is as incendiary as its aesthetic voluptuousness, but in the scope of a said rock and roll fable, the absence of a sturdy storyline is excusable. Co-written (with Larry Gross) and directed by Walter Hill, one of the most undervalued filmmakers of the 1970s and '80s, "Streets of Fire" stars Michael Par as Tom Cody, an ex-soldier hired to rescue his former girlfriend, Ellen (Diane Lane), a rock singer whom has been kidnapped by a gaggle of vicious bikers. Aided by McCoy (Amy Madigan), a tough-as-nails street tough, and Billy Fish (Rick Moranis), Ellen's current lover, salvation seems eminent, considering the hardened scrappiness that backs the trio. But because the bikers, known to most as The Bombers (led by a young Willem Dafoe), are wired with inherent brutality that turns patience into an unheard-of virtue, one can only hope that our heroes can find victory in this race against time. And while "Streets of Fire's" race against time isn't quite the pulse-pounding adventure we'd like it to be - it's too in love with its attitude and its characters to put all its attention onto concocting tense thrills - the film, nonetheless, is a memorable one because its images are so stunning, because its swagger is so tangible. Hill's impertinence is something to behold: just look at the way he captures characteristics of the 1950s, the 1980s, and a dystopian future, and how he integrates the greatest components of the film noir, the musical, and the ballsy action movie with shameless enthusiasm. Look and tone is what he's after, and Hill, fortunately, has the lusty envisioning necessary to pull off such daring. I do wish its elite imagery were matched by a suspenseful story - its performers, especially the campily rough Par and the tough-talking Madigan, are deserving of material more indebted to them than to their surroundings - but when a movie is as splendidly shot as "Streets of Fire" is, it's difficult to nitpick through faults when it all was never meant to be classified as high entertainment. The movie wants to be optically stimulating and appealing to youthful fantasy, and its proficiency is something to behold.

Wari R (jp) wrote: This film is in the same vain as the first. Splices of scenes from Bruce Lee's earlier works are mixed in with new footage from a different actor. They got a little more creative this time around though. In order to make the splices match, they created the sets to look like the ones from the other films. (Something the first movie failed to do) Also the Bruce Lee clone has much better moves this time around. In fact....his moves are exceptional in this sequel. Aside from not having the original Bruce appear in the final act , Game of Death II is for the most part a much better film then it's predecessor. Because of the improved Choreographed martial arts, the steady pace of the action, a small hint of Star Trek and a better attempt overall at what the first film tried to do, I recommend this as a suitable addition to your kung fu theater collection.

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