Emmanuelle, Queen of the Galaxy

Emmanuelle, Queen of the Galaxy

Emmanuelle shows a group of aliens the art of making love.

Emmanuelle shows a group of aliens the art of making love. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Emmanuelle, Queen of the Galaxy torrent reviews

Jeff B (ru) wrote: Disappointed after all the reviews. Too predictable and lacks story

Dylan P (br) wrote: If I could give it no stars I would have. ugly filth this is a torture worthy for condemned souls in hells lowest level of pain.

Daniel A (it) wrote: There are moments where it shine, and many moments where it's funny. but still it's an average animation

Jennie R (ca) wrote: For a short film, I was impressed. Alexandra Staden is mesmerizing in her part of Modesty. The storyline is interesting and keeps you intrigued until the end. Suspense is thick throughout and keeps your guessing right up until the end. Tarantino fans will love this film. It has some flashes of his style to it. There is nothing modest about this film. It makes the most out of the 77 minutes.

Scott P (ru) wrote: A magic conjunction of acting, writing, cinematography, and direction.

Recaldo N (kr) wrote: pretty good i enjoy da story betta dan i thought

Jon A (nl) wrote: A bit of a slow burn, and wasn't really the kind of movie I thought it was going to be. Basically saved by 2 terrific, super grizzled performances by Nolte and Coburn. I think Coburn is the only actor who could out-grizzle Nolte.

Carlos I (jp) wrote: A bit corny by today's standards, but I still love this. I love how deliciously over the top Alan Rickman is in this.

Eric B (ca) wrote: Just two people in a room, and was never once boring. Great acting from Rickman (no surprise there) and Stowe and interesting set design by Eiko Ishioka (who did prod and costume design on The Cell and costume for Bram Stoker's Dracula).

Mike B (fr) wrote: Excellent send-up of mysteries. Not to be missed. Love Sellers and Falk. Great cast.

Troy F (es) wrote: Basket Case is barely comedy horror to me, it's plain horrifying as fuck! I can't remember the last time a film made me gag and so damn terrified where I was shrieking and covering my eyes... wait, that's rare for me altogether! I loved it, but also couldn't bare some of it. If you want something genuinely disturbing, Basket Case is worth it, but I'm not sure how easy it'd be for me to watch it again... at least on my own, that is. With friends could be a whole different matter.

Bill G (us) wrote: I feel it is my patriotic duty as an American to review this movie as a warning to my countrymen. If you watch this movie, beware: You WILL puke. Especially if you make it to the climactic moment where Jennifer Grey (a talentless f*ck if ever there was one) jumps atop the waiting arms of Patrick Swayze (who, while easy on the eyes, was a mindless, talentless, clueless f*ck, may he rest in peace). I vomited a grand total of 7 times while watching this complete piece of trash (not to be confused with supporting player Cynthia Rhodes, who is well-known throughout male Hollywood circles to be a complete piece of trash). And here's the sweet irony: None of the dancing in this movie is dirty! I was hoping for a mind-blowing, transcendent f*ckfest on the dance floor. But the so-called dirty dancing in this movie doesn't even rise to the level of The Lambada (The Forbidden Dance). The freaking Macarena is dirtier than the dancing in this movie. If you need to kill an hour and 40 minutes, rather than put yourself through the mental and physical agonies of watching "Dirty Dancing," I suggest instead slicing your arm and then pouring salt and lemon juice into the open wound. That will be much less painful. And be warned: Hollywood is remaking this festering, steaming pile of sh*t. If the producers of the new "Dirty Dancing" have any sense, they'll cast the mighty Chris Hemsworth, line up a couple dozen Vegas showgirls, play the '80s Prince tune "Erotic City," and let Hemsworth pound his way through the girls on a dance floor for two hours. Now that's DIRTY dancing. P.S. Put your hands over your ears when the song "(I've Had) The Time of My Life" comes on during "Dirty Dancing." Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes should be run over by a steamroller for writing and performing that aural dung. I feel dirty having heard that tripe. Maybe THAT'S what they meant by dirty dancing.

Matt B (br) wrote: One of my favorite movies. A visual poem that starts off beautiful and ends in tragedy. Brilliantly unconventional and bone-chilling.