Supernatural drama about ex-con Jimmy Collins, just released from prison, who begins experiencing paranormal visions whenever he touches people. His visions involve him in a high-profile murder case, assisting the police even while he himself is under suspicion.

On the same day Jimmy Collins is released from prison, he discovers that he has a remarkable psychic-ability. He gets visions when he touches people or their belongings. He sees what they ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Empathy torrent reviews

John Ross D (ca) wrote: James Wan is the daddy of horror genre. Not much something to say about this one other than that it is indeed an effective masterpiece that could possibly gonna haunt the f*ck out of anyone through passing decades.

Rob M (ag) wrote: the trailer doesn't look particularly good or funny but as it makes the movie seem like it won't have any really annoying characters i'll see it for Tom Green's performance.

Cassandra D (jp) wrote: As usual the sequel sucked... ok to watch if you have nothing better to do.

Devin G (gb) wrote: Quite possibly one of the worst sequels ever made. Most definitely the worst of the entire series. No redeeming factors at all and is an absolute chore to sit through.

Richard C (fr) wrote: One of my favorite movie of all times. Great soundtrack. Remind my of the eighties.

Post G (us) wrote: Perhaps a difficult play to convert to a film. Has a few amusing ploys, but does take much of the pathos away from the original. Possibly any film version would find it a difficult task to maintain audience interest, while still conserving the more dialogue-driven nature of the play.

Kirri P (ag) wrote: I might see this on dvd

Matthew H (ru) wrote: Although Ronin breaks no new ground in the action genre, it is still a wholesome and thrilling movie. The car chase scenes are some of the best in any movie, and DeNiro and Reno play a great pair.

Tony G (it) wrote: After just recently watched the movie, the movie just doesn't hold up as much as I hoped. Pros: The animation is still fantastic, there are beautiful wide shots of the landscape that are drawn wonderfully. The best song by far is the villain song, "Be Prepared". The voice acting is great and carries the plot gracefully.Cons: The dialogue while has good moments, but most of the time is annoying, like timon singing "in the jungle".