En el nombre del hijo

En el nombre del hijo


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Cody C (au) wrote: The visual effects are fun, but the story is beyond incoherent. Damn shame

Private U (es) wrote: solo por la gomessss

Simon D (us) wrote: Strange film, well it's Korean so that goes without saying, as there is very little dialogue but you know what's going on most of the time, you just don't quite always know why.

Cody M (fr) wrote: This is the worst movie I have ever seen for so many reasons.

Leena R (jp) wrote: Not the best of movies, but it has its moments...

Edu B (ca) wrote: Una autntica pasada, simplemente cuatro personas de verdad diciendo cosas desde las entraas. Esta pelcula tiene algo tan secillo y a la vez complicado de lograr como es MUCHA VERDAD!. Un lujo...

Dan A (au) wrote: A paper thin story line, but an amazing cast keeps it lovable.

Slashergirl V (nl) wrote: I love this movie put me on the edge of my seat & kept me there

Kurt M (de) wrote: Not even Linda Blair in revealing costumes can save this film.

Kyle M (ca) wrote: An epic storytelling with a purpose that ends with a sensitive message after multiple, well-transitioned storylines. (B+)(Full review coming soon)

Tim O (au) wrote: Very difficult to watch. Poetic and profound words and images of a terrifying atrocity. Even the most knowledgeable students of WWII and the Holocaust will take something away from this film.

Brandon S (de) wrote: An endearing and sublimely beautiful piece of film history. Arguably, Chaplin's masterpiece, just barely edging out "The Gold Rush".A masterful piece of silent era filmmaking so timeless and yet so brilliantly about a place in time. It lives in the 1930s almost as vividly as it lives in the heart of the viewer. So lovely in Chaplin's admiration of the beautiful flower girl (played with magnetic sweetness by Virginia Cherrill) and so thoroughly hilarious in its hijinks with the millionaire (played with superior comedic ability by the great Harry Meyers) even after over eighty years. It tells such a tender and sweet story; performing a cinematic high wire act of balancing outlandish slapstick humor with moments of subtlety and nuance not commonly found in silent cinema, nor in modern film for that matter."City Lights" is a work of sheer genius that thrives on the ceaselessly funny shoulders of the Tramp, a true cinematic renaissance man that showed the power of the image before film had a voice.Also, just as an aside, if that final shot doesn't melt your heart, you may have fallen asleep or are otherwise without a soul.