En garde

En garde

Alice is 16 years old and an introverted girl with a special ability: she hears extraordinary good. When her mother sends her to a Catholic foster home, she remains an outsider in a group of self-confident teenage girls. Only Berivan, a Kurdish refugee who seeks for asylum in Germany, tries to learn more about Alice. They finally become close friends, but Berivan's relationship to an Albanian guy destroys the girls' friendship

Alice is 16 years old and an introverted girl with a special ability: she hears extraordinary good. When her mother sends her to a Catholic foster home, she remains an outsider in a group ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gugulethu M (mx) wrote: Russel is simply too smart, witty and funny to be of this world!

Kirsten O (ru) wrote: Fascinating sort of coming-of-age story

Ethan H (mx) wrote: The show is amazing but this was ....boring

Steph S (jp) wrote: very good sequel. good storyline, and deniro makes another well done performance as a funny man.

Gavin O (fr) wrote: Go and watch La Haine! Another Nick Love/Danny Dyer film with veiled homosexual relationships between working class males on the verges of criminality. This is ok, only if you want a painful reminder of what we thought looked and sounded good in the early 90s.

Brian P (au) wrote: I remember watching the TV series as a release of sorts to some drab days of teaching thinking these two reminded me all too well of some of my students, two in particular I thought were Mike Judge's inspiration. The full length feature has some great laughs. Some heavyweight actors were in the cast including Bruce Willis, Greg Kinnear, Demi Moore, Robert Stack, David Letterman and even Cloris Leachman. These two are too stupid too live, but also too stupid to be held accountable for all the destruction. And yes, they will be reunited with their lost TV (spoiler alert ha ha)...

Vito C (us) wrote: Definitely a classic among the classics! Praised as the prototype of the queer cinemas, Querelle is an all time masterpiece. Be sure to check this film more than once, because the more time you view it the more you would likely to discover the true emotion underneath the surface...

Vadim D (us) wrote: The only reason to watch this film these days is for the pure camp value, which is entertaining enough for a viewing.

MF J (ag) wrote: Well this time around they send Jason to space in the future and let me tell you, thee is nothing new under the sun. Jason is still super pissed off even though he gets a complete upgrade due to a great tissue reconstruction machine that pimps him up better than if he had spent a month with X-Zibit and his crew on Pimp My ride! anyways the film is filled with references to the previous film of the franchise, the tone is slightly comedic and the film feel rather like a cheap action space flick than a real horror outtake. The franchise started great with Sean S. Cunnigham in the directing seat, Steve Miner kept things ok for the sequel but went pretty awol with the third episode. After that it's been constant non sense, grotesque and incredibly uninteresting plot stories mere excuses for an insane amount of body count and other rather interesting death by the boogeyman. Jason X shows some interesting ideas but overall it's pretty bad and lacking any real artistic value or interest. It's really too bad that Horror in the United States is perceived as something so cheap. Other cultures such as the Japanese one manage to create horror movies that have good stories and great thrills. The genre need a complete turn over and a much needed resurrection in the land of uncle Sam.... I am curious to see which film is going to bring back from it's ashes a great genre that has fallen into complete disgrace for the last 20 years.

DEE WASH THE KING (jp) wrote: one of the greatest musicals of my time.

Hanson M (br) wrote: The first Jackie movie I saw, made me a Chanatic for life