En la ciudad sin límites

En la ciudad sin límites

Victor is a man who gets to Paris to join his family around their seriously ill father, Max. As the chance of selling the family business begins to disrupt the family relationships, Victor ...

Victor is a man who gets to Paris to join his family around their seriously ill father, Max. As the chance of selling the family business begins to disrupt the family relationships, Victor ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Heather M (ag) wrote: I am thinking that this is not the movie for me. Pass.

pat w (gb) wrote: Uneven story with poor continuity. B film it that

Andrey B (br) wrote: Good old-fashioned thriller with predictable plot but well-crafted execution.

Nik B (ag) wrote: bit long slow in places but looks very nice and is interesting

Andrey B (ru) wrote: Awful direction and acting, but at least watching the handsome leads and the presence of cats in abundance make it an enjoyable time waster. And of course Enya's soundtrack adds to the pleasure.

Andrew P (it) wrote: Morgan Freeman and his supporting cast made this film enjoyable. It's nothing original, as a matter of fact it's cliche ridden. But Freeman as Joe Clark is just so darn good you can't help but like the movie anyway.

Johnathon W (au) wrote: Brilliant action film that remains not only the best in its genre but also the best Christmas movie ever made. The cast is superb across the board, with the principles giving the performances of their careers. Bruce Willis cemented his superstar status as John McClane, playing him as an everyman just trying to save his wife. He's not a muscle-bound superhero as was the standard at the time, but just a quick-thinking (and often lucky) cop who really doesn't want to be in this situation. He is matched brilliantly by the late, great Alan Rickman (in his first film role) as Hans Gruber, who crafts one of the great villains in film history. Gruber is a charming sociopath who is has no qualms about killing to get what he wants, but does it with such intelligence & style, you actually root for him half the time (it's not coincidence that 'Ode to Joy' plays when the safe is finally cracked open). Behind the camera, John McTieran keeps the film going like a finely tuned watch, with every character & subplot paying off. He also grounds it in a nice bit of realism (there are just 12 terrorists, and you count off as each dies) and McClane spends to first half of the film hiding from the terrorists while trying to call for help breakthrough in non-macho action heroes. The fact McClain gets his butt kick most of the movie & is an utter mess at the end (you'll never go barefoot again) just makes you root for him even more. The humor is fun as well, from McClane's classic quips to the terrorists small but human moments, from making bets on who dies to seeking a candy bar. Simply put, the best action film ever made and the best Christmas movie ever.

Joe H (us) wrote: I love them all. Nostalgia.

Willie J (fr) wrote: "Radio Days" is another masterpiece for Woody Allen. This film, about the a family's life living in the 40's as it touches on the Golden Age of radio, is a movie about nostalgia. It's about the past and what makes the past memorable. Through wonderful performances by an ensemble cast of Mia Farrow, Seth Green, Diane Wiest, Josh Mostel, Michael Tucker, and Julie Kavner, the characters are each unique and identifiable. The contrast created by the characters and their personalities, mixed with the normally witty dialogue of Woody Allen add in additional laughs to the already entertaining picture. I personally loved the beautiful cinematography, and exceptional costume design. The mood Woody Allen and Carlo Di Palma create is memorizing, utterly brilliant. The whole film is a wonderful experience, witnessing a man's past through his sentimental recollection.

Andrew L (ru) wrote: Just a great action-chase film, with two of the best movie 'hardmen' ever.

brendan p (kr) wrote: Interesting premise and some great casting make Silent Night, Bloody Night an enticing 70's pulp film. But ultimately the low production values and cheap filmmaking techniques ruin the experience entirely.

Dan P (br) wrote: For a top rated western I found this one a dud.Unbelievably bad story. No one loves someone so much that they go back over and over again, then shoots them. Just plain stupid.

Jay E (jp) wrote: Clara Bow is absolutely incredible. She has a screen presence that's beyond description and is larger than life. She lights up the silver screen and doesn't need sound to convey her thoughts or emotions. She is mesmerizing to watch and she'll steal your heart.

Jay B (ag) wrote: Predictable and hokey, but still a pretty entertaining picture.