En las manos de Dios

En las manos de Dios


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En las manos de Dios torrent reviews

Randy S (jp) wrote: awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bartley M (us) wrote: Reminiscent of the exploitation films of the 70's, this film draws heavily on I Spit on Your Grave. Ultimately the ending falls flat.

Vincent O (au) wrote: One of the all time goriest films but suffers from ultra low production values. The actors are not up to much either and it's all patched together with some fairly mundane directing. Some scenes are exciting though and a vibrant mixture of sex livens it up a little, as does a nice little martial arts scene. Only for a certain section of the community.

Zachary L (it) wrote: Everyone's gone bowling, which is I guess why almost anyone can relate to this documentary. I still haven't heard much about the PBA Tour so I think bowlers are still struggling in that aspect. The film, however, was really interesting with all the crazy characters of the Tour. Walk into any bowling alley and I can picture any of these guys there. The final match was pretty close and made for good suspense, too bad it didn't take off in the TV ratings.

Darius C (us) wrote: Interesting story. Believable and entertaining insight into desire and romance. Adam is not a typical gigolo. His goal is not to gain money or fame, or position. He just likes to make people happy... lol a whole family including three sisters and a brother... and God only knows what secrets he has in the past...

Rick Q (ca) wrote: i really enjoyed watching the juvenile getting even battle between danny devito and richard dreyfuss in "tin men". the film's dialogue is so natural and often humorous. director barry levinson did a great job with this one and i'd say it ranks up there with some of his best work.

ken j (ca) wrote: The Dorm that Dripped Blood follows four college students as they prepare the old dorm building to be torn down in the process they find they are being pursued by a serial killer that likes to kill with a wise range of different weapons such as power tools and even a steam cooker of coure there is one creepy guy also in the buildin believed to be the killer but is he? i found this movie to be pretty good suspenseful with enough good killings to keep you interested my only problem is that there is some slow moments but that can happen with any horror movie worth a watch.

Mark N (br) wrote: Ambitiously imaginative global disaster movie that dared to think massive when it comes to destruction. 50's movie logic rarely stands up to modern scrutiny, and none more so than here, but that doesn't matter because the moral tale of humanities struggle to survive is just so timeless. Social commentary and selfless acts abound with a backdrop of some iconic model work and hammy acting. The final scenes decidedly poor matte painting is one thing that all ways stood out for me in an otherwise brave and fine example of the genre.

Jose Luis M (au) wrote: Otra joyita poco conocida de Hitch, escenas que se quedan en la retina como la persecusin en medio de las paraguas, la del molino de viento y la ltima del avin, pelcula que fue filmada a inicios de la Segunda Guerra Mundial con un claro mensaje patritico.

Christopher B (es) wrote: Decently funny. Bateman makes it of course.

Marshall L (br) wrote: A great true story with a great cat telling about True Men standing for what's right. "You did not bear the shame You resisted Sacrificing your life For Freedom, Justice and Honor"-From the German Resistance Memorial, Berlin