En seducción mortal

En seducción mortal


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En seducción mortal torrent reviews

Nicholas W (jp) wrote: one of my favorite mmovies

Daniel A (ru) wrote: "Of course it's garbage. But this is my favorite kind of garbage." - Sean BurnsThat's all "i" need to say

talija b (nl) wrote: Just because is Wesley Snipes!

Marcio R (ca) wrote: I think never the song "Dollhouse" fitted so well to a movie till I see this one here! Everyone has secrets and lies, and they can't even notice that how much more they try hide them to protect themselves, more they make it worse. A really good comedy with a lot to think and reflect at the end of it. Even with Ezra character doesn't have much prominence (he is the main reason I wanted to watch) it was really worth it.

Mike C (ag) wrote: Wow, a sexed up version of The Usual Suspects. I was going to watch a documentary but they seemed boring, so a romantic comedy seemed in order (but I don't like watching real movies on my laptop), so I went foreign in the "steamy romance" category. Like many other foreign films, it rises to a nice level of sensuality and emotion with basically no actual nudity. Bravo! It's French, so the language helps set the mood as a new girl in the neighborhood becomes a tease of sort to a local Arab boy. She uses raw language, and I was ready to count this as a strike against the movie...over selling the sex and all that, until the ending suggests what it was really all about. A scene near the start is the most sexual and enticing of the entire movie. She is riding a moped in a short skirt, evidently with nothing underneath, and gives him a ride. This is the only slight nudity scene, but it's well-done and that one scene, if done consistently through the movie, would have been gold. Throughout, this girl tells stories of her sexual endeavors. They are believable when she wants them to be. She is obviously damaged by the death of her parents and her pedophilic (is that a word?) aunt, so it is not unreasonable to believe her stories, especially given her forward behavior toward the boy. Won't spoil it for anyone, but turns out to be a pretty solid drama. The steamy romance thing never really lived up to its billing and I think I wish it would have. The lead actress was quite attractive. Still, though many movies can pull that off and still be serious, I think it would have damaged this one. The story really plays itself out in a nice fashion and makes for a dramatic finish.

Carlotta 4 (it) wrote: Keira Knightley produces a single emotion for the entire duration of the movie. I don't know quite what it was, but she never faltered from it. I think I call I shall call it "the English accent," because she sure seemed determined that we believe it. Female protagonist hates the typical classification of females of the time. Boring, we've seen it before (and the English accent does little to liven it up). In fact, the only GOOD part of the movie was her little friend "what's-his-name the monk." But then he didn't die, which was a shame, because that could have given the movie a bit of substance. The movie ends with female protagonist saying stuff that I wasn't convinced to care about with her English accent, and tilting her head the way she did the entire movie. All in all, don't bother to watch this.

Mistah W (us) wrote: One of my favorite movies of all time. Old white don't understand it, that's why the critics gave it splat! But we the people love it & that's what matters.

Jarod H (es) wrote: "So, the deal is we're driving up into the jungle with a guy we don't even know who's wearing sunglasses in the middle of the night. We should hand him our wallets and slit our own throats."

Michael A (ru) wrote: This was not a bad movie, some parts of it still pertain to today's fears about cloning and genetic manipulation of plants/animals. It is a bit slow in the set up. i thought the Monster design was a left over monster from Doctor Who, Which it might be as Tom Baker who went on to become the most popular Doctor has a staring role in this.

Armando P (us) wrote: Needs more in-depth story but Jackson's talent for visuals are relevant as hell.

John B (kr) wrote: Kind of like the Love Boat but with fools as opposed to lovers. This entourage film is delightfully funny despite the grim circumstances.

Josh K (br) wrote: Shallow, selfish characters refuse to respond intelligently to boring home invaders in Bryan Bertino's The Strangers, which presents itself as a shocking true story, but in fact is yet another cliche checklist.

Nick S (de) wrote: The original Nothing Good Happens After 2am Story features good acting. But the story is about as bizarre and unrelatable as it gets for me. I'll revisit in the future.