En territoire indien

En territoire indien

Jean-Claude, a bent night-club owner, on his way escaping to Mexico, unfortunately had an accident with a young couple on a motorcycle. But Cédric has witnessed the accident.... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jack S (it) wrote: It was definitely an amazing Pokemon story--heck, an amazing story PERIOD!

Nicholas W (fr) wrote: Very solid little horror indie. Strong cinematography, weak special effects.

Domenico V (ag) wrote: I know it's slow and has low-budget. But I found it touching and special. Love JK Rowling

Riri H (br) wrote: Not the best PR for London's Asian community, but an interesting film nonetheless focussing on the rites of passage of a group of friends who belong 'everywhere and nowhere', and are torn between their aspirations for a 'normal' life, following their own dreams, and their parents' expectations: too many ideas, perhaps, too much going on - drugs, sex, the club scene, repressive controlling parents, mixed-race relationships, and a fair amount of stereotyping too - but worth seeing for the brilliant performances, and moving scenes with Amber Rose Revah as an Asian Goth in emotional turmoil; Art Malik as a sensitive elder at a disturbing family get-together; and Neet Mohan, as a clueless wannabe lothario.Beautifully filmed, London references abound (the chat-up line 'Have you ever been to Brent Cross?' is priceless) and the film is visually stunning. You end up rooting for the lead, hoping he will become a successful DJ - even if you have never been to a 'club'.

Mikaela C (gb) wrote: This was just a little bit to much of a B-movie

Ran B (jp) wrote: This movie's like my grandfather: weird, funny and communist.

Tero H (de) wrote: A surfing film, which features unfortunately only one pro-surfer and not quite enough surfing in my opinion.It does have a plot, but that isn't really so in-depth as to be interesting. The surfing is well done and quitepictoresque. Quite hollow story which could have more surfing. Bosworth and the rest of the girls are very pretty, and there's a glimpse of female prosurfers watching the pipe masters like Megan Abubo, Layne Beachley, Rochelle Ballard.. Its not bad, but not that great either.And I like watching surfing. If you like surfing, get a surfing movie with the pro surfers. This film isn't really that much about surfing.Its not much about anything else either, a bit of a letdown. The characters are sympathetic, though, and there really aren't that many surfing women-films out there.

Joe C (ru) wrote: You've heard of fusion cuisine, well this is fusion cinema. Working as a heartfelt character study and the unhinged visions of an offbeat artisan, this Almodovar joint packs the narrative zip of a soap opera and the emotional wallop of a Douglas Sirk melodrama. Here, Marco and Benigno share an odd friendship as they care for the respective women in their lives who are in deep comas; Lydia, Marco's unfaithful bullfighting lover, and Alicia, the hypnotically beautiful dancer who Benigno is assigned to care for as her nurse. The uncommonly brilliant dramatics are in place, but this also a Almodovar film, so naturally the film takes some less than sane tangents that only seem irrelevant when isolated such as the unforgettable image of a miniaturized man crawling into woman's lady parts. You read that correctly. Talk to Her bristles with innovation, ravishingly beautiful, dreamlike photography and a series of emotional gut punches that would floor Bruce Lee.

Danny S (jp) wrote: This is an awesome funny, that is so funny. I loved it. Seen it many many times.

Jochen W (kr) wrote: Im Vergleich zum sehr klassizistischen GERONIMO die interessantere und radikalere Arbeit im Westerngenre von Walter Hill. Hier wie dort fhrt ein Off-Erzhler durch den Film, doch das Gradlinige weicht hier einem fiebrigen, fast assoziativ zerrissenen Erzhlen. Wild Bill Hickock bleibt hier letztlich eine enigmatische Gestalt, zu gleichen Teilen tragisch und brutal. Hill trgt dieser Ambivalenz Rechnung, indem er seinen Film in widersprchliche Episoden zerfallen lsst, die ihren Protagonisten keinesfalls erklren, sondern ihn eher noch weiter in die Ungreifbarkeit entrcken. Manche von ihnen sind unvergesslich.

Allan C (nl) wrote: Chalres Bronson is Wild Bill Hickock and is haunted by visions of a giant white buffalo, annoyingly laden with symbolism about Wild Bill's mortality. Bronson is fine and the brilliant Jack Warden has a great supporting role, but I really didn't get into the film (and the giant white buffalo was silly looking). Pretty meh.


Paul D (nl) wrote: A decent movie around a fable. The production is well done although it the whole thing borrows heavily from Dickensian story and style.

Adam R (au) wrote: This movie is great!! Funny and creepy!

Dmitry F (mx) wrote: it might have become fun eventually but starts so slowly and boringish that I just couldn't keep going... Even doublespeed (my typical solution to Boring Dead) didn't help

Cort J (mx) wrote: Despite a really wooden performance by Portman and an underdeveloped villain....the film is slightly better than average..the climax is filmed far too dark (you can't really see what is going on half the time) ..