Young Endeavour Morse joins Inspector Fred Thursday's investigation into the disappearance of a schoolgirl named Mary Tremlett.

Set in 1965, young Detective Constable Endeavour Morse investigates a case in Oxford. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Thomas B (ag) wrote: 1/2*What a piece of absolute horse shit. What an abysmal, offensive, grotesque piece of crap, that, to add insult to injury, is filmed in the worst way possible - found footage. That half star is for Gyllenhaal. The rest of this movie can go fuck itself.

Elvy R (nl) wrote: Just finished watching this outstanding movie - can be slow but what an insight to another country - thank goodness I am a woman in America although our freedoms are changing

Mary L (kr) wrote: Absolutely horrible movie. Not at all what you would think. Terrible way to resolve what was going on.

Justin S (de) wrote: Some good songs, good actors and story. Don't know why I wasn't as engaged as I should be. They separate at the end

Ross W (nl) wrote: Lila Says is a French erotic coming-of-age story. It portrays the relationship between a young Arab man named Chimo and a beautiful young French woman named Lila. Chimo is a 19 year old without much direction. He lives with his mother in an apartment. His father left his mother for a French woman, and his mother is yet to really move on from this loss. Lila is an orphan who lives with an Aunt. She stands out in the predominantly Arab neighborhood because she is both beautiful and white. Chimo's buddies oggle her as she walks by, and they all desire her sexually. However, Lila pays them no mind, treats them as if they don't exist, save for Chimo. For some reason, she senses something in Chimo, and Chimo and Lila engage in a steamy friendship that is largely propelled by Lila's blunt discussion of her sexual fantasies. Sex is the primary theme of this film. Unfortunately, it is also about the only theme. The conflict between Arab and French culture is only mildly expressed, although it feels like it wants to be more of a factor than it really is. The main conflict of the film is. . .not really much. You watch a seemingly promiscuous young woman and a somewhat naive young man's friendship grow, and the only real conflicts exist on an ancillary level, only briefly coming front and center. Lila has a few issues she is confronted with, but her character is so strong that she never endures any struggle. Chimo, the point of view character, endures some struggle with his friends over his relationship to Lila. The majority of the film seems to be spent wondering if and when Lila and Chimo are going to have sex. The film is a tease. While I'm not all that wild about this film, I will concede the sexual tension is very well done, which is important, because this is the film's circulatory system, it's what gives it life. The role of Lila is a somewhat daring one, and the girl playing her embodies the erotic nature of Lila with confidence and conviction. The film might appeal more to males or lesbians because of its intense expression of female sexuality. Basically, if you're not turned on by this girl's performance then you're going to be extremely bored (so let's hope you like blondes). However, the guy who plays Chimo is very handsome, so there is a bit of eye candy for female viewers. There are some beautiful moments in the film, but they are infrequent. The story is a bit muddled, and I was left with several unanswered questions, forcing me to make assumptions which may or may not be correct, and it's not like I was trying to solve a crime, I just wanted to know more about these characters. Personally, I think the narrative technique of using Chimo as the point of view character was a mistake. It seemed to me that the character of Lila was far more interesting. However, since we are not invited to stand in her shoes, we don't get to experience what she experiences. Instead, we stand in Chimo's shoes, and basically all he wants is Lila so it makes for rather dull suspense since there is not much at stake. He either gets the girl or he doesn't. But Lila has a few interesting side-stories that are only lightly touched on, once again, because we see them through Chimo's eyes. Of course, if the film was told through Lila's point of view, then we wouldn't have all the steamy eroticism of her character to stare at, but this probably wouldn't be a bad thing. Themes of sex can be interesting, but can also get old fast. This film doesn't suck. I was entertained. But this film will not stay with me. It had little to no resonance. Maybe it just wasn't for me. I would not deem it a must-see, and I would not recommend it to many of my friends.

mirabella 1 (nl) wrote: 9/11 (2002).Very good doco showing some of the earliest footage taken on that fateful day in New York City.Obviously, because of the circumstances in which it was made, it is not a documentary of the traditional "information-based school". Purists may find this somewhat unsatisfying.However, as a record of what actually happened, then & there, it is unique.***3 & a half out of 5 stars***

Grant S (ru) wrote: Brilliant movie on a brilliant man.Charlie Chaplin is one of the greatest entertainers of all time, if not THE greatest. A visionary and pioneer in the art of motion pictures. Incredibly talented, he not only wrote, directed and starred in his movies, he also composed much of the scores.This movie details his rise to fame, his trials and tribulations as a star, his inspirations and artistic genius, his relationships and scandals.A superb telling of his life by Richard Attenborough. The movie is made, however, by Robert Downey Jr's excellent performance as Chaplin. A great reminder of his acting talent (especially now that he mostly does comic book action-hero roles. Easier money, I guess...).Great supporting cast: Kevin Kline as Douglas Fairbanks, Geraldine Chaplin (Chaplin's real-life daughter) playing Chaplin's mother (her real-life grandmother), Paul Rhys, John Thaw, Moira Kelly (in two roles), Anthony Hopkins, Dan Aykroyd, Marisa Tomei, Penelope Ann Miller, Diane Lane, James Woods and Milla Jovovich, plus David Duchovny in a minor role.A must-see, not just because it is a biopic on one of history's greatest geniuses, but also for Robert Downey Jr's performance.

Susanna L (mx) wrote: As always if you do some follow ups they start to suck more and more.

Drew H (es) wrote: Amazing, bad doesn??t begin to describe this. But being a martial arts obsessed kid, this was the greatest thing ever when I saw it. Still great as a martial arts obsessed adult, but for very different reasons.

Paul M (gb) wrote: Not to much to this film really. A few tired scare tactics and special effects litter this film with a lot of possibility but not enough umpfh to push it any further. A small plot twist or two and a decent cast are the only things keeping this film afloat. But like the ship that its modeled after in the next coming year this film will most likely be forgot and become a ghost all in itself.

James H (kr) wrote: Director John Ford's very able direction lifts the Worl War II film to well above average. The cast is excellent. Robert Montgomery is particularly good. John Wayne gives his usual adequate acting job. Exciting and well filmed.

Joel A (it) wrote: This was truly Hollywood's greatest year along with this there was Gone with the Wind, Wizard of Oz, Stagecoach and many more...This is simply a great film, so many great characters, really well written & just a likeable to watch.The story of a air base high in a pass in Peru that daily risk life to deliver mail & freight & this air base is helmed by Cary Grant.Things really steam up when Dame Jean Arthur appears on scene & a pilot with a past Richard Barthelmess (who was a brilliant silent film actor) comes on the scene. This is the pinnacle of Hollywood Studio Filmmaking & truly worth a watch, a must see classic...

Jesse O (es) wrote: Not as terrible a movie as I would've anticipated. Of course it's not as good as the first sequel, which actually ended up being pretty good. I've always thought that Pinhead, as a horror icon, and I've already written this in my review for the second film in this franchise, has always been treated far more seriously than the Freddys, Jasons or Michaels. I'm not saying that the sequels were better in quality than some of the sequels in any of the aforementioned franchises, but Pinhead is infinitely more effective as a horror villain than because he's treated as someone that people actually fear since he will pretty much bring about, I apologize for this terrible usage of the film's title in the review, hell on earth if he does get his way. Let's just get this out of the way from the get-go, the acting in this movie is, honestly, absolutely awful. It's not like Hellraiser 2 had Oscar-quality acting, but Hellraiser 2 is Breaking Bad to Hellraiser 3's the Twilight franchise. I'm obviously overstating the point, but the acting from everyone that isn't named Doug Bradley is horrendous. Doug Bradley himself is pretty great as always, I mean the character is pretty one-dimensional itself, but this film, at least, tries to incorporate some of backstory, involving who Pinhead was before he back the leader of the Cenobites. It's weird, because it's obvious that Pinhead is a pretty nefarious and evil individual, but Doug Bradley brings a certain elegance and class to the Pinhead character, it's the strangest thing. It's not even the fact that he's well-spoken and eloquent, it's all about Bradley's presence that makes the character work even if he's not as over-the-top or as goofy as Freddy Krueger. The character designs for some of the Cenobites, not all, is excellent. Some of them are a little goofy, to be fair, like the Cenobite with the camera sticking out of one eye is pretty goofy, as is the Cenobite that spits out CDs. I think those are the ones that I liked the least, the rest of them are really well done, in my opinion. The film, leading up to the climax, honestly, isn't anything special. I mean there's some B-movie qualities to the film, you can at least laugh at the shitty acting and some of the obvious audio flaws, like trying to fit in voice overs even though the lip syncing isn't up to par. Once the shit hits the fan and Pinhead, and the other Cenobites, make their way to earth then the film really picks up. Like there's some really strong visuals here. Like Pinhead doing the christ pose in a church in front of a window with cross on it while he says 'I am the way'. That scene is probably the best scene in the entire film, but it's the type of scene that the religious conservatives will be offended by. Then again, what reason would a religious conservative have to watch this film. But, as an atheist, I have no such qualms and I thought it was a pretty awesome visual that is bound to get a reaction. I thought that if the film had been as consistently good as the climax was, then it would've been a better film. The film has some real cool moments and some surprising backstory, but I don't think there's enough 'hell on earth', so to speak, to make the film good. Not to mention the acting is fairly atrocious. With that said, honestly, I thought this movie was perfectly fine. It's watchable but not necessarily mind-blowing. I'm sure that it's considerably better than some of the later sequels, though.

Jonah G (mx) wrote: With two annoying leads, this movie is only saved with the opening, some action bits, and Harrison Ford being as entertaining as usual.

Caitlin L (fr) wrote: A great dance movie.