Hamm is blind and unable to stand; Clov, his servant, is unable to sit; Nagg and Nell are his father and mother, who are legless and live in dustbins. Together they live in a room with two windows, but there may be nothing at all outside.

Hamm is blind and unable to stand; Clov, his servant, is unable to sit; Nagg and Nell are his father and mother, who are legless and live in dustbins. Together they live in a room with two windows, but there may be nothing at all outside. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Endgame torrent reviews

Eduardo R (au) wrote: Filled with delighting performances and tension, Coldwater may not be the movie of the century but an authentic piece of work, indeed.

Jonathan B (nl) wrote: Irwin Allen was never that subtle as a director and his solution to making a dinosaur movie is typical. All he does is stick rubber horns onto a couple of lizards and get them to fight on miniature sets while Jill St. John is chromakeyed into the background behind a polystyrene rock. It really is a very sorry affair. The updating of Conan Doyle's classic story to set it in the late 1950's really does the story no favours at all. Claude Raines dons a preposterous wig and beard and hams things up dreadfully as Professor Challenger while Michael Rennie and David Hedison try to out machismo each other. Jill St. John set woman's lib back to the stone age with her hysterical screaming although she manages an impressively symmetrical bustline, even when being chased by an overgrown goanna. Neither exciting nor terribly interesting, this is a very shoddy adaptation of a much loved fantasy novel which seems woefully dated and distinctly cheesy.

Jonathan C (us) wrote: It was an OK film. Quality was there, but felt that it was just marketing for the Nike Lebron brand.

Gary B (au) wrote: Nice enough way to spend the evening and a great cast!

Matthew H (jp) wrote: Millions may seem like an interesting movie, but it suffers tremendously from an awkward quirkiness and inconsistent filming that leave the movie feeling incoherent.

Kevin B (ag) wrote: Really good movie, very cool but eh, not for everyone

ld p (br) wrote: Italian for Beginners-2000 Italiensk for Begyndere. A film from Denmark. An unforgettable romantic comedy that's earned overwhelming acclaim, ITALIAN FOR BEGINNERS is a warm & playful story about seven perfect strangers & the shared journey of discovery that changes each of their lives! In a small, rainy suburb, a mismatched collection of opposites have signed up for an Italian class in hopes of spicing up their lives! Then, as they realize the class offers them more than just language lessons, they join together on a quest to Italy with the renewed desire to pursue the romances of their lives! Once there, these world-weary students who thought there was nothing left to learn from life will get an education that will change everything they know about love! Hal-Finn (Lars Kaalund) who is in love with an Italian woman but is afraid to tell her, Olympia (Anette Stovelaek) who uses the class as excuse to get away from her demanding mother, & Carmen (Ann Eleonora Jorgensen) who has a similar problem with her alcoholic mom. Not your usual lighthearted romance, Lone Sherfig's heartwarming comedy warms the usually chilly Dogme 95 world of prickly eccentrics & damaged souls with a glowing sense of hope & passion. A belligerent restaurant manager, a repressed hotelier, a lonely hairdresser, & a clumsy, childlike bakery clerk are among the lonely thirty something's who escape the social disasters & comic chaos of their unfulfilled lives in an Italian-language evening course. It becomes a place to dream & to heal emotional wounds (& they have more than their fair share of scars). Sherfig manages to turn the familiar social landscape of films as The Celebration & The King Is Alive--fractured families, abusive parents, tragic pasts-into a backdrop for romantic comedy. If not exactly profound, Italian for Beginners remains a sweet, hopeful, & affirming tale of eccentrics who find friendship, family, & romance while learning the language of love. I liked this movie a lot! I don't know why the National TV Broadcast companies and Movie Productions companies don't try using to Dogme idea to make one hour real drama mini movies. (even full length 2 hours movies) this film is a success. I liked this movie a lot! 5 stars

Heather A (ca) wrote: I'm not sure, because we couldn't keep watching, it was so slooooooow moving. Maybe we'll try again sometime. Bummer.

Lee T (br) wrote: I know virtually no Italian, but I felt all the way through this movie that I understood every word that was being said. A must see.

Yaaynie K (fr) wrote: Boring, slow, lame and just wrong.

Daniel D (br) wrote: Orlando is a pleasant surprise after being bored to death by The Man Who Cried. This highly surrealistic epic takes place over about four centuries (+). Immediately there is a gender confusion in the audience, is Swinton playing a woman or a male? Eventually this is answered, but it goes through a gruesome process to get to clarity. Adapted from Virgina Woolf's novel , this is separated into pieces and themes, my favorites were Love, Death, and Society. The film has highly praised, artistic design, and it is worthy of it. The film swifts from century to century in smooth fashion, making it never a bore. Swinton is great in her many roles as Orlando. For the most part I enjoyed the surrealism, but that last angel scene was painfully cheesy.

Michael C (ru) wrote: Corey Haim's best performance in my opinion. Any person can relate to 'Lucas' because it involves the awkward moments everyone has in high school, whether it's first love, the want to be popular, or finding out who your true friends are.

Toshina B (kr) wrote: This is the movie where my parents got my name from so how could I not love it?

Timothy M (it) wrote: An uncommonly superb romance, for a major studio film. The film's chief assets are threefold - Greer Garson, Ronald Colman, and Mervyn LeRoy. Apart from Colman, who was only better in [i]A Double Life[/i], this is career-best work for the bunch of them. A shame that the Warner DVD blurb gives away the fulcrum point of the second act. Which was infuriating, but the film lost none of its power because of it. A great film, and it surprises me that it took me this long to get around to it.

Ben M (nl) wrote: A movie with a strong message that unfortunately leaves us with an anticlimactic and predictable ending

Stuart K (ca) wrote: Directed by Mathieu Kassovitz (La Haine (1995), The Crimson Rivers (2000) and Babylon A.D. (2008), produced by Joel Silver and Robert Zemeckis and written by Sebastian Gutierrez (Snakes on a Plane (2006)), this dark horror film has some good ideas, but it's let down by pedestrian plotting and derivative scares, despite the best efforts of the cast, who are wasted in this supernatural thriller. Psychiatrist Dr. Miranda Grey (Halle Berry) works at a mental hospital, and while driving home one night, is possessed by a ghost. When she wakes up, she's restrained in the mental hospital where she works, and is told by Dr. Pete Graham (Robert Downey, Jr.) that she murdered her husband Douglas (Charles S. Dutton). Miranda can't believe this accusation, as she can't remember it. She's forced to conform to hospital life, which means bonding with her former patient Chloe Sava (Penlope Cruz). But, one night, Miranda witnesses something happening to Chloe, which could explain as to why she's been banged up. Director Kassovitz seems to have had bad luck while working in Hollywood, maybe this and Babylon A.D. should convince him to stay away. It has shades of Samuel Fuller's Shock Corridor (1964), and this is a film which should have been made 40 years previously, as it might have been better.

Dylan R (gb) wrote: God Yu Tekem Laef Blong Mi

Al B (br) wrote: An unbelievably funny comedy, made the way comedies haven't been made since the very 80's!! Amazing cast packed with starts, truly original jokes. It received a lot of laughter and clapping during the the Maryland film festival screening, as well as a standing ovation at the end! Amazing, feel-good movie - I've been looking for this family comedy to watch with my kid for years!

Jamie J (fr) wrote: Somewhere back in the mists of time, around twelve (or thirteen) years ago I found myself watching Disney's 'Pirates of the Caribbean: The curse of the black pearl' (to use the full and somewhat long title.) and thoroughly enjoyed the silliness of it all and the whole swashbuckling adventure. Perhaps it is my cynical, and jaded mind, perhaps it is the less than stellar sequel that ruined it for me, or maybe I just grew out of it. But this time around the black pearl didn't quite resonate with me. It's still quite fun, and i find the wooden acting of the Orlando/Kiera partnership is just as awful as was in 2003. Bloom in particular looks confused like he has just discovered the inner meaning of the universe. Or soiled himself, and doesn't know what to do. I still however enjoy Johnny Depp's ridiculous over acting, and he still arguably has one of the greatest cinematic entrances ever. What little Caribbean sunshine you see really is beautiful too. But the fact that I know what comes after all this doesn't quite leave me. And I'm not sure I like it.

Facebook U (au) wrote: This film has a good youth beat. The story seems familiar though, like an old french film. It spiral badly and quickly mid-stream. A bit too easy evil in the end and we're back at being buddy with the devil. bah.