Endless Desire

Endless Desire

Set in post-war Japan, a group of five, four men and one woman, gathers in the basement of a butcher shop to dig up a cache of morphine buried during the war. A grimly humorous tale of twisted relationships as one by one each of the group is eliminated.

On August 15, ten years after the Pacific War, five people meet at a station. Their purpose is to dig out a cache of morphine -- now worth sixty million yen -- that HASHIMOTO, an army ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dennis L (nl) wrote: Long drawn out drama on the 1942 famine in Henan province. Somehow, doesn't emotionally connect. Switching between famine, politics and war did not help. The characters we're not interesting enough to connect with.

Johnny M (ca) wrote: Meh, movie was a bit too much, so insane that it kinda just stopped being able to keep my attention after about half an hour, if you like over the top crazy japanese films then you'll like this one, just a bit too much for me to stay entertained though

ActingGuy 1 (br) wrote: Princess Protection Program boasts two wonderful stars but strains due to the conventional script writing. 67%/100%

Monica L (mx) wrote: Long but worth it. What happened in Romania with regards to the ban on abortion and the rise of communism, should serve to a reminder to us all that no government should ever be allowed to tell its citizens what to do/not to do with their bodies.

Charlie K (au) wrote: I liked it because I liked the bottle that made them shrink and grow and I liked it how the spider gave him the grain of rice so he could knew that the minimoys were in trouble. My favourite bit was when they were in that car and they went in a lot of loop the loops and they were really dizzy

Rebecca W (jp) wrote: Probably interesting to those living in Austin (particularly Southwest Austin), environmentalists or those interested in real estate/finance. I thought the director presented a surprisingly objective point of view.I found it interesting, but a little slow.

Tim M (fr) wrote: A real fun samurai/yokai movie! The effects could use some work, and it's long, but the story and demons are great. With only half of the monsters slain, I would like to a sequel.

Markus A (nl) wrote: This movie is nothing short of fantastic. I am not afraid to shy away from that opinion. "Elephant" is one of the most realistic and honestly dark movies I have ever seen. Sure it's not as dark as the majority of David Fincher's movies, but this is a different kind of dark. While Fincher's movies are dark in a sense that it just wants to keep you entertained and intrigued, this movie wants to be realistic and almost feels like a slight semi-analysis of the Columbine shooting. I am in no way saying it is directly that, but it kind of illustrates a bit what could have been the cause for it. And while I have never heard about any of the actors in the movie I do think they all do a great job at portraying realistic people in lack of a better word. This is one of the best movies I have ever seen and I think you should check it out. And if you can find it on DVD/Blu-Ray somehow I suggest you buy it!

Sherry C (mx) wrote: Worst movie I ever saw. The female lead is annoying. The story line is not very interesting. Sound editing is terrible - sounds like freeway traffic in the background. Horrible embarrassing sex scenes.

The A (nl) wrote: Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed improves on a few of its predecessor's flaws, such as emphasis being put on Mystery Inc.'s teamwork dynamic. Matthew Lillard once again shines as Shaggy, but Scooby-Doo's second cinematic outing retains too much ridiculousness to amount to anything more than a guilty pleasure.

Leetal P (ru) wrote: Meh. It's go-go not cry-cry.

Marita V (es) wrote: straight up newyoricans

Andr (ag) wrote: Review will be written when/if re-watched (Probability: Zero).First viewing: 30.11.2001

Greg W (gb) wrote: a tale of the old west

Daniel A (fr) wrote: Like all the big-screen Poirot adventures it overstays its welcome, but with such a sensational cast and Agatha Christie's personal favourite tale, Death on the Nile is a better-than-average success. Peter Ustinov takes on the iconic role and fits the 'tache rather well, providing a bumbling and more charming incarnation. His supporting cast is A-list through and through, from an unhinged Mia Farrow to the hilarious Angela Lansbury, however it's the genius pairing of Bette Davis and Maggie Smith as bickering spinsters that crackles and really sets the screen alight whenever the two are on screen; they are truly a joy to watch. Where the film fails is its pacing, which has a tendency to drag during the build up to the big conclusion. On top of this the resolution to the investigation doesn't quite hold the same level of surprise as previous film Murder on the Orient Express, but is by no means a disappointment. All in all a solid if uneven mystery.

Phani T (au) wrote: A good theme is irreparably damaged by a plot like a sieve. Nothing much in the SFX department either. But it does have its moments and scenes that really do scare.Ok watch.