Enemy Gold

Enemy Gold

Three Federal agents go in search of gold supposedly hidden by Quantrell during the Civil War after they are suspended by a corrupt official for excessive force during a drug raid. Meanwhile a drug lord hires a hit woman to kill the three for interfering with his operations.

Three Federal agents go in search of gold supposedly hidden by Quantrell during the Civil War after they are suspended by a corrupt official for excessive force during a drug raid. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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omar b (gb) wrote: I loved A&O but the 2nd one was just.....The movie was incomplete the audio was rugged and story was disappointing. The first one was amazing I mean seriously what happened?

Tim A (ag) wrote: Brilliantly captures the Manchester youth culture of the 90's brilliant acting all round and a banging soundtrack from the Stone Roses.

Jenn T (fr) wrote: Fantastic flick, great movies, awesome indie style.

Camilo d (kr) wrote: Muy divertida y bonita historia en una comedia sencilla y bien pensada. Buenas actuaciones colaboran a pasar un buen rato.

Jeanne K (jp) wrote: At least,Bill Murray was at his comedic best to play straight man w/ an elephant.

Matthew M (ca) wrote: David Fincher at his finest, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is both a great adaptation of a fantastic book but also a disturbing look into the human psych, lead by a bravura performance by Rooney Mara, a great visual look and feel, and a hypnotic score by Atticus Ross and Trent Reznor. Simply amazing.

Ryan J (de) wrote: This movie fucken sucks.

Alex W (au) wrote: Some of the criticisms have nothing to do with wal-mart. Its not there fault third world country's have poor labor laws, and that the government gives them money, or that some people think you can raise a family on this job. Some of the stuff does make you think, just spend a few extra dollars wal mart and you would be untouchable. If your looking for both sides looks elsewhere.

John M (br) wrote: Well-acted, well-drawn characters are the order of the day here, but it's a very busy film; sometimes it feels like a slog keeping up. It's also unsure of its tone, which makes it feel uneven.

Ash J (jp) wrote: Argento should have been stoned for this one.

John R (jp) wrote: 170219: Much like its predecessors, Once Upon a Time in American moves at a similar pace, and is scored much like the prior two films in Sergio Leone's alleged second "trilogy" (Once Upon a Time in the West and Duck, You Sucker). The 229 minute European release I watched however was interrupted with spurts of often frenzied, violent action. The story of these gangster boys growing to be men captured me and I had little difficulty seeing such a long film through. There are no shortage of stars held within this film including Robert De Niro, James Wood and Danny Aiello. I found at least one scene uncomfortable so be warned, this film gets harsh at times. Intrigued to see what is missing from the Director's Cut vs what they did for American audiences in trimming the story to 139 minutes. I'm thinking the shortened version might play better to a younger audience.

Karen S (de) wrote: Great silly movie that I spent days quoting with a dude a work. "The ships in the sea? No. The ships in the fields. You know, the little ba ba bas!"

Emilia Cinia P (mx) wrote: Sometimes looks like Bradbury's "Fahrenheit 451": the hunting, the meaning of relationship, the elders role, the standardization. But it's basically a good sci-fi action movie.

Timothy M (it) wrote: This movie is a perfect example of propaganda in its most extreme. This is one example of how King Swastika had so much power and control over the people of Germany. It definitely exhaults King Swastika.

Dawn G (jp) wrote: The first great movie musical, directed by the original stage director of Oklahoma, with music by Rodgers & Hart. Years ahead of it's time in artistry and construction.

Joe A (de) wrote: Food Of The Gods was a success for AIP and so, Gordon was back the following year with another giant creature feature from yet another H.G. Wells story, this time Empire Of The Ants. And this one works slightly better with it's story of radioactive waste dumped in the ocean and making it's way to the shores of a small island where it is consumed (why?) by the local ant population. Enter Marilyn Fraser (Joan Collins), a greedy real estate developer who takes a boatload of potential scam victims to the island to show then where their future homes aren't really going to be built. Obviously they get stranded on the island with the large and highly intelligent ants who not only have an appetite but, use pheromones as a form of mind control to make humans into slaves. Now it's up to boat captain Dan Stokley (Robert Lansing) to try to get this beleaguered group to safety, battling both the ants and their human drones.Again flick is directed... but, this time co-written with Jack Turley... by Bert I. Gordon and once again with a somber and serious tone despite the silliness of giant, mind controlling ants. But, this film seems to work a bit better then Food Of The Gods as giant ants are a bit more effective then giant chickens and the cast is a bit more subdued, especially hero Lansing, so, we don't get the glaring contrast of serious tone and over the top acting... though there is still some of that. Once again Gordon gives us cheesy moments of real ants photographed and superimposed to look giant and plastic heads and limbs for close-ups though, ironically, the ants make a shrieking noise like a school girl who has just found an ant crawling on her arm. We also, again get characters making some really stupid decisions like an elderly couple who, while fleeing the ants, see a doorless shack and proclaim "We'll be safe in there!"... and there is some really bad dialog recited with straight faces by the cast. And again, like the previous Wells adaptation, this one just should have had more fun and more energy for a B monster movie. Sure there are some sequences which work and give chills but, Gordon's earlier films were a lot livelier, where these two Wells-based flicks are taken far too seriously considering the subject matter and the SPFX, which were cheesy even in the late 70s. No one is saying to make a joke out of it but, recognize that it is a Saturday Night Sci-Fi flick and have a good time with it, like Gordon did with his films of the previous decades. After doing more seriously toned movies like Picture Mommy Dead and Necromancy, Gordon seems to have lost his sense of fun. Empire and Food lack the charm that made Gordon's earlier films a delight.The cast are a bit more dialed down then Food Of The Gods' Lupino and Gortner, especially with leads Collins and Lansing. Joan Collins plays the manipulating, bossy bitch she made a career out of and keeps a very straight face despite acting with plastic ants. Lansing plays the soft spoken hero very well and it was refreshing to have an older man as the hero instead of a young jock or soldier. The supporting cast features 70s/80s regulars Pamela Shoop (Halloween II), Robert Pine (CHiPs, father of Chris "Captain Kirk" Pine) and Albert Salmi (Superstition) and there is a some cheesy over-acting here but, it is a movie about giant ants so, we'll cut them some slack even if it butts against Gordon's too serious tone.Overall, much like Food Of The Gods there is some fun to be had here but, certainly not enough as we'd like or, to make it a real B-Movie treat. Sure there is cheesy FX and dialog to laugh at, as well as, the added nostalgia of the 70s stereotypes that make up the film's characters but, the film forgets to have a little fun and Gordon doesn't give it the charm of his earlier works. An amusing watch that would definitely be helped by a few brews and a visit from the MST3K gang.

Louis W (gb) wrote: A chillingly realistic performance from the versatile actor that is Jamie Foxx!

Sandra B (es) wrote: Starts off a bit slow, but is ok for a cheesy slasher movie.