Engeyum Kadhal

Engeyum Kadhal

Kamal, a young billionaire, doesn't believe in love; his philosophy is simple: No love, no commitments = no disappointments. He works hard for 11 months and takes a month's break from all the work related commitments. Cute violinist Kayalvizhi alias Kayal believes in true love and is highly fascinated with Indian culture. Kayal's father Rajasekhar runs a small detective agency in France and Kayal often reads her father's case files for interesting stories. One day, Rajasekhar gets a new client who wants to know about his girlfriend's mystery man. After a brief investigation, Rajasekhar finds that his client's girlfriend is dating Kamal. Sonu gets angry and decides to kill his girlfriend and Kamal.

The story revolves around a girl living in France who falls in love with a boy coming from India. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Erin C (it) wrote: Incredibly touching. I only wish I had the ability to forgive like the Amish in this film did.

Jake P (de) wrote: The performances here are great but there's nothing else really going on for the rest of the movie.

Darren W (br) wrote: The action hero in this is Kim Basinger - say no more.

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