English Vinglish

English Vinglish

English Vinglish is the story of a woman who does not know English and is made to feel insecure by her family and society at large.Circumstances make her determined to overcome this insecurity, master the language, and teach the world a lesson on the way to becoming a self assured and confident woman.

A quiet, sweet tempered housewife endures small slights from her well-educated husband and daughter everyday because of her inability to speak and understand English. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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English Vinglish torrent reviews

Amy H (jp) wrote: Low budget but creepy and scary! Keep wanting to find out what's going to happen next. Well done horror.

Micah U (br) wrote: A fun documentary that gives me a little more hope in the world. It's great to see young people really ambitious to do something with their lives and finding ways to make it happen. I didn't feel completely engaged with the people, but it was very light-hearted and that's always appreciated.

Mark W (fr) wrote: As far as movies go this was definitely a disastrous train-wreck... Whether finding fault with the wooden performances of the characters, the insanely nonsensical script or the appalling scenario of being "snowed in" nothing compared to the fact that whole thing was too predictable for words... If you have sense avoid this movie and spend your time watching something more substantial.

danny d (ru) wrote: really good flick. complete all star cast and everyone really delivered. it was cool to see peoples stories intertwined who really had nothing to do with each other and never met, even though they were connected in many ways. it makes you wonder how many people you are connected to that you dont even know exist. there werent alot of redeeming characteristics in some of the characters except maybe ray liota and nick cannons character, but i still felt for some of these characters. this film does a great job of showing the downfalls of money and greed.

Jeff H (nl) wrote: Oh god. Yes. It's so bad, that it's bad! C-

Jens S (ag) wrote: Really interesting documentary about director James Cameron and his crew exploring the remains of the Titanic with their adorable filming robots, comparing the wreck to original footage and telling the stories of the people involved in the tragic catastrophe. Almost more exciting than the actual movie.

David S (jp) wrote: Miike has made good movies before, but wow, is this not one of them.

Acinom N (es) wrote: Not a Julia Roberts fan, but I did like her in this one.

Ryan H (ru) wrote: I felt pretty "meh" about it all the way through. There were some funny scenes and parts that were done well, but this isn't anything special. Especially for Almodovar, I expected more. The film follows Ricky, a man who recently was released from a mental hospital, who kidnaps a porn star turned actress, Marina, to try and get her to love him. When he escaped once he met her, they had sex, and from then on his life changed. It wasn't like the sex he had with the nurses or his doctor; there was something special between them. He dreamt about this all the time and made sure to become normal so he could live his life with her. She forgot about him because of all of the pornos and drugs she took. I could have accepted this as a great new take on the love story, which is what I think Almodovar's intentions were, but I never felt a true connection between Ricky and Marina. Perhaps I could tell Ricky was truly crazy for her since he kidnapped her and all. When he explains everything he has done for her I could understand his side. But I could never understand hers. She decides she might love him back when he gets beat up while trying to buy drugs for her. She cleans him up and kisses his wounds. After that they have sex. Really? I know she's messed up because of her past, but everything that Almodovar has done up to this point on screen has shown us that she's a pretty normal person. If she was seen to be more screwed up, I would have thought this to work. She defends herself like a normal person and tries to escape in the beginning. Before he kidnaps her, she is seen to care about how other people see her body (she covers her coochie with a pillow when she bends over in a dress). She's intelligent and knows how to defend herself against a reporter. It doesn't really seem like she's running away from love or anything, so why such a dramatic change? What has changed in her? There's the night of passionate sex between the two and it seems to lock them. Here is where I fully disagree with Almodovar. Sex doesn't lock in love. That's not the moment you realize you love someone. It's a cliche that was passed around many 90s movies (and I guess some in the late 80s). Because of the murkiness of her character, it was hard to really say how Marina felt in the end. She seems troubled in the car when Ricky and her sister are getting along. Is she realizing she made a big mistake? Is she about to run away from this relationship? Without her character being established well it's hard to make out what her reaction means, or really take any kind of moral from it. But the plot is strung together well and they establish Ricky very well. I liked his explanation with the map he drew of his life. I liked the twisted elements of the story. I just didn't think it was set up well enough to fully work.

Ginger D (gb) wrote: Great story with Robby Benson

Matt M (br) wrote: Umberto D represents the most human and touching side of the revolutionising cinematic movement known as Italian neo realism. Directed by one of its main exponents Vittorio De Sica and written by one of the best screenwriters of the period Cesare Zavattini, this is the painstaking story of an old man with all kinds of problems from health to financial and who struggles to survive the overall bleakness of his existence. This wave of realism is full of humanity but does not spare the viewer from the dark side of the faithful portrayal of its settings and its characters. De Sica is great at making sure that all the elements of the story and of the production are in perfect harmony with one another, from the music to the cast entirely made up of real people from the streets. Umberto D. is gerenally rightfully considered De Sica's best work alongside Bicycle Thieves and certainly a powerful age defining and influential and haunting representation of the everyday struggle of the people that society tends to forget and the people whose existence is all too blatantly ignored by society.

Mike W (au) wrote: First 75% Funny and me us look away... Last 25% (minutes) Just bored.. Walked outta the room a couple times.

Shirley B (jp) wrote: same old same old after 20 years good looking woman meets hansome man and pool boy.Has a glass of wine in her hand 90% of the time. Do you think she has a drinking problem.

Eric H (gb) wrote: I didn't expect much from this film, but I was surprised. It was funny and the story was good for a drug run film based on a true story. I liked the lead actors lethargic style, it suited the character. It's not up with the best "drug runner" films but it's more comedic and that it's based on a true story is even more hilarious. There are a lot worse movies out there. This is a good yarn and funny. You will not be bored and it's well directed.

Ryan W (es) wrote: the acting was awful and it was more humorous than scary. However I'd definitely add it to my collection! One of those bad cheesy films that you'd watch out of laughter of how bad it is.

Marco G (br) wrote: Es algo diferente a las demas, es entretenida, el cambio de cast no me parecio

Chelsea H (br) wrote: want to see it!! got to see it got katherine heigl in it!!!!!!!