Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room

Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room

A documentary about the Enron corporation, its faulty and corrupt business practices, and how they led to its fall.

A documentary about the Enron corporation, its faulty and corrupt business practices, and how they led to its fall. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dave C (kr) wrote: To be clear, I am certainly not the target audience for this film. These kinds of (look at me, I'm edgy) comedies are often not the last films on my list for a number of reasons. Bad Moms certainly fits all the cliches of this sort of film-the well timed f-bombs, the sex jokes, pushing the boundaries to expose a stereotype- but for some reason it kind of worked for me in a flawed movie, middle aged mean girls sort of wayHahn is a standout here while Bell and Kunis carry their roles on the acting talents alone. Together the comedic moments hit often enough, even though some of it is given the short end of the stick in an obligatory boozed up scene and typical millennial sterotypes. But those things are forgivable, as the larger message of "no one is a perfect mom (read parent) so stop trying to be one" rings louder in the end than these shortcomings. Actually, that just adds to the point. But just be aware, if you do find yourself laughing at this film, the fact that so many of us spend our time trying to be the perfect parent anyways just might mean you are actually laughing at yourself. And that should be perfectly alright.

Lily L (ru) wrote: on va dire que y'a pas besoin de cerveau pour regarder ca...

Scott B (fr) wrote: I watched this movie last night. Although some of the acting isn't exactly Acadamy Award worthy, there were some good moments, and it is a touching story that can be enjoyed by Christians and Non Christians alike. Check it out!

Sherry K (gb) wrote: Not the greatest acting. Plot is...different.

Gavin P (jp) wrote: 'Like Stars On Earth' is literally about how "every child is special" and shows exactly how our education systems could be changed for the better. A very simple story at heart - a troubled, but mostly happy boy, Ishaan (Safary) is sent to boarding school for misbehaving, when all he needed was a little extra help, once it's identified he has dyslexia by his new teacher, Ram (Khan). A few too many musical numbers - but hey, it is a Bollywood film! - and probably a little too long in the set-up. However, it's well worth the 2 & a half hours, with some very touching moments and a great ending.

Robin C (it) wrote: This is one of the worse movies I've ever seen. I was embarrassed for the actors.

Sakatsu H (kr) wrote: good story. had a few laughs. All actors performed well. Ending was too abrupt. I'd rather maggie and miki end as friends than lovers. Maggie didn't help the girl that trained her. I thought that was left hanging.The soundtrack by Ghinzu was horrendous! They could have hired a kid that played a guitar. It would give the kid a bigger better future than the monotonous strumming and plucking done by that band! Ghinzu should just remain with their rock music and stay out of film scoring.

Jamie C (fr) wrote: Abit of a lackluster ending but a gripping film, The effects were ok the story was good and different, On the whole an entertaining film.

Karl C (br) wrote: Probably my favourite comedy/musical movie along with Popstar:Never stop never stopping.

Derek D (it) wrote: Good, but certainly not great Seagal flick where he's shockingly out for revenge after his wife is murdered in a housefire set by drug lords who set him up at an archeology dig. Seriously. The fight scenes are decent, but kind of hard to follow.

Greg L (jp) wrote: This is bizarre and terrible.

Chucho E Q (es) wrote: Every once in a while, there comes a movie that tries to reivindicate a genre that's considered lost into clichs and bad movies after bad movies. One of the genres where this happens the most is in the so-called "teen movies". For every single "American Pie" there's a "Thirteen", for every single "Road trip" there's a "Brick", an "Elephant", a "Duck season", a "Mean creek"... one of the always awful subgenres of "teen movies" is the disgusting, almost unbearable world of "summer camp movies"... the number of movies that take place in these hell-holes (by the look of all of those movies) is extreme and keeps growing each year but it was in the 90s when it was just unstoppable. It was like a really stupid campaign to get even more kids into these camps, from "Heavy Weights" to "Parent trap" and all the slasher movies, it was just about time to cry out loud: ENOUGH! and so the 90s ended, youth was now into violence and teenagers killing other teenagers and sex... way more sex. Then, in 2002, it was turn for a visit to an old friend: the freakin summer camp. The cast of "Happy Campers" was unbelievable (as my face could've tell when I found the movie on TV): Brad Renfro in his good years, Peter Stormare and newcomers-back-in-the-day Jamie King and Justin Long... I mean, what the hell? Right? And so the movie began. One extremely raw surprise after another, one good turn after another, one hell-of-a-great performance after another. Daniel Waters, the director, doesn't fear clichs, he uses them to not only make fun of a walking clich (summer camp) and a terrible bunch of movies that came with that subject: he embraces the clichs of the genre to create something unique, something raw and unexpected... something trully ORIGINAL. Sex, sex and more sex, but not only between horny teenagers but the first approaching of a bunch of KIDS to sexuality without censorship of stupid morality but truth and intelligence. "Happy campers" also speaks about LIFE and what sucks about it with such an excellent narrative and a flawless dialogue after another. The plot is carried by the characters which results into a fast-paced, yet careful movie-experience. It is, then, the ultimate summer-camp movie, as it is the ONLY intelligent, truthful summer-camp movie because it doesn't want to show you "how summer camp really is" but how kids and teenagers-becoming-adults really are. It's probably one of the few movies I've ever seen to really capture every single doubt, desire, dream and crazyness in a 10-y-o mind or a 18-y-o heart... Really, really, trully underrated. Brad Renfro's best after "Bully"... Justin Long's best after "Galaxy Quest"... and Jamie King's best BY WAAAY TO FAR! What ever happened to Dominique Swain, btw?? And Peter Stormare... well... I'll stick to "Fargo" and "Constantine" for now...

Chandler A (es) wrote: Funnier than Any Which Way But Loose, but still garbage.

Aaron G (es) wrote: Seriously entertaining. In a way, I feel Welles takes the piss, as it were, more than proclaiming himself as a genius--as some of these other reviews hint at. While Welles portrays Elmyr with sympathy and humor, he slips himself in there to be examined under the same lens. Now we all know Welles is no fake, but he certainly thinks trickery and even artistic left has its place, in fact, it's under rated.

Orlok W (de) wrote: Hard-edged look at a social phenomenon--Taut, tense and thrilling - a jungle of inner city excitement!!

Spencer D (gb) wrote: I'm going to get down to the point on this one. This is the equivalent of Airplane 2, in the sense that Goldmember is the exact same jokes we've heard before in the first Austin Powers movie. Given that it is the same as the first one, there is no reason to watch this inferior version, as a matter of fact, there is no reason to make this one, except to trick people into spending money to see it. 4/10

Paul K (kr) wrote: Love this film very black comedy/thriller