Episode 50

Episode 50

Teaming up for the first time for a special episode of a supernatural reality TV show, two rival crews get more then they bargained for when they make physical contact with a ferocious spirit of terrifying power. They must band together before it destroys them all. After 49 killer episodes…this is the true story of what happened on episode 50.

It is about two television team of supernatural experts who their opinions is opposite. After all, they have to team up together to stop a spirit of terrible power. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Episode 50 torrent reviews

B C (ag) wrote: Good movie...though, poor choices by characters...

Andy P (mx) wrote: A very big surprise for me. While I was cautious of the seemingly too dominant hipster tropes that showed in the trailer, I was pleasently taken aback by how well it captures the intersection between those ready to grow up and those not so ready---perhaps the defining existential question of the hipster generation.

danielle d (us) wrote: It was entertaining, but the original was better.

Meredith A (de) wrote: It's not often a film comes along that shows immense bravery. The issue of reform facilities like these is not often discussed, let alone explored through film. In Grashaw's gritty exploration, he follows Brad Lunders (Boudousque), a brooding teenager who's been in the wrong place at the wrong time. When he's sent to a camp with other troubled boys, he begins to question his punishment. Grashaw vacillates between growth and decay, revealing ways in which the facility implements strength in the boys as well as tears them down. The story unfolds into a brutal mess, with Brad at the center. Not only is the film entertaining and thought provoking, posing questions about how to correct bad behavior, it's also a realistic depiction. A number of young boys have been hurt or killed in these camps and Grashaw has used the film as a launching pad to discuss the epidemic.

David M (de) wrote: A French arthouse action pre-911 thriller that also may be part satire. Good acting, bad script, slow pacing and just an odd idea.

Alejandro E (us) wrote: Amusing critic to way of life in suburbia and junk food addiction.One of Dreamworks best plays

Shane M (it) wrote: Damn good movie. Very realistic

Chris G (us) wrote: Wow. Two Moon Junction has to be the Citizen Kane of Skinemax films. There's a tiny little plot packed between sequences of lustful actions to an alto sax. I didn't expect much and got just that.Here's the plot. Are you ready for this. I'm just going to go ahead and say "I'm not bullshitting you" because it's going to have to be done anyway, so we might as well get it out of the way early. The "plot" (snicker) is that a Southern belle (the girl that wants the girl that's pretending to be a guy in Just One of the Guys) is engaged, but suddenly decides to start having sex with a carnie (the dad from Kindergarten Cop or, for those of you playing the home game, Buddy Revell in 3 O'Clock High). From there the film is basically the two having sex, followed by the Carnie treating her like garbage, followed by her showing back up for sex. This is repeated over and over again until the Southern belle's grandmother (Nurse Ratched) decides that this is all bullshit and calls Sheriff Burl Ives (!) to take care of the problem. That's right, BURL IVES!!!So the movie is garbage. We all know that and I don't have to go into it any further. The one thing I want to throw out there is Louise Fletcher. I know I gave Cuba Gooding, Jr. a lot of crap about winning the Oscar and then flushing his career directly into the toilet, but after seeing this piece of shit I believe that Louis Fletcher is hands down the queen of career flushing. She winds the Oscar for Cuckoo's Nest and follows that one up with Exorcist II: The Heretic. If you go back in the archives you can see what a great movie that was. So after a decade of crap she decides to do this work... AND IT'S DIRECT TO VIDEO SEQUEL! If she's that strapped for cash we need to start a collection for this woman. I eagerly await the day when she stars in a film with Cuba Gooding, Jr. Hold on a minute and let me check...................................... nope, just some Oscar telecasts (now that's ironic). Nope, Marisa Tomei doesn't work either.In closing: Two Moon Junction, while being a title that is mildly suggestive, sucks. But at least Burl Ives is in it.

Alan M (de) wrote: Morrissey's best movie. Very 60's feel but a beautifully shot avant garde piece of cinema.

Jennifer H (us) wrote: I love transformation stories. This movie is about how Bette Davis goes through a makeover and becomes a lady. As much as I don't like Bette Davis, this movie looks cute and it's got Ann- Margret. I really want to see this so that I might add it to my classic movie collection.

Craig K (gb) wrote: Confident and sharp first-film from Preston Sturges. It's got Brian Donlevy, star of Ray Enright's sickly 'Kansas Raiders' of a decade later.

Original G (br) wrote: My boy Rowdy Roddy Piper is the famous Sam Hell in another post-apocalypse world. Instead of being worshiped for being Hulk Hogan's biggest enemy and bagpipe expert, Piper is worshiped for having sperm, which is about as rare as a wrestler who can act! Most of the men are dead from the apocalypse and only a some women can have kids anymore, so you would think Sam Hell is in "repopulate-the-world-orgy" heaven, right? Wrong! There are giant fucking frog mutants that kidnap sexy human women for ransom, and only Hell and a few of his bitches can save them. Hell ends up going to Frogtown as the movie title promised, and claiming his stable of baby-makers, but the frogs fight him at every turn like a futuristic WWE event. The action is as cheap as it gets, but I did get some laughs out of this shit. Maybe they should do a big budget reboot? What do you think about Avatar II - Na'vi Comes to Frogtown? You're welcome, James Cameron, I just gave you a billion dollar idea!

Dusty L (kr) wrote: 83% on my Tomatometer.