Er Conde Jones

Er Conde Jones

The films tells the story of Count Jones (Bejamín Rausseo), a far cousin of Indiana Jones, who is called by the North American government, the Interpol and other international security agencies in order to find a strange mythologic object called "The Crystal Creole Ball", which, if captured by Venezuelan military leader, Er General (Chile Veloz), could lead him to win the upcoming presidential elections. To find the location of the mythologic ball, Count Jones needed to travel to Paris, Libano, Jordania, Egypt, the United States and finally Venezuela, in which most of the story happens. Throughout the story, Count Jones had to find his niece, Melissa Jones, who is also his love interest, and travel with her and his nephew Goyito (Honorio Torrealba Jr.), who finally betrays Jones and brings the ball to Er General.

Every 500 years the Creole Cristal Ball releases its destructive power and the forces of evil are about to find it, this is why the US government decides to hire the only person capable of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason G (ca) wrote: An intriguing portrait of the evolution of post World War II Liverpool. The mostly flat and bland images are brought to life thanks to Terence Davies' excellent narration and a vivid, haunting score.

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