Erasing David

Erasing David

Director David Bond finds out how much private companies and government know about him by attempting to disappear. Tracked by two ruthless private investigators, his chilling journey forces him to contemplate the loss of privacy.

Director David Bond finds out how much private companies and government know about him by attempting to disappear. Tracked by two ruthless private investigators, his chilling journey forces him to contemplate the loss of privacy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marjon O (ca) wrote: Holy crap! What an extraordinarily well done war-time story. Absolutely powerful with great music soundtrack. Extra special treat if you can understand the spoken language.

Juls XD H (mx) wrote: the transformers saga is falling out, has good effects and good action but a little boring

Nadia H (ag) wrote: From the reviews I have read most people complain about the soundtrack. I actually liked it. The acting and dialog was lacking though; I was left wanting more out of them and they just didn't deliver. The chemistry was all wrong, and the filming took away from what could have been salvaged of the plot. It's rated as a thriller, but there was nothing really thrilling about it.the thing that caught my attention the most was nothing to do with the story; things scribbled on the walls such as '911 was an inside job'; when Rick said: 'It's the end of the world- do what you want!'; and the way certain things were filmed. that is what kept my attention, and I thought that maybe there's something deeper than the actual movie here; an underlying message. I think I was mistaken. So ... I didn't really learn anything new, and didn't come away with anything mind-boggling :D [i've looked everywhere for the soundtrack but I can't find it (which is saying a lot!) ... so if someone comes across this and knows where to find a link to it; i'd be grateful.]

Chris S (it) wrote: A pretty funny Zombie film in the vain of "Shaun Of the Dead'. Not the funniest of its kind, but it had its moments.

Juls XD H (fr) wrote: after of previous two movies we thouht what's next? and appear this a jowel of the cinema alfonso did a great job with this third movie

Ashley J (gb) wrote: One of my favorite movies. Brhl phenomenal. Concept of the movie is humorous yet original and touching. Script is clever, and the film has a wonderful flow to it.

Jennifer W (au) wrote: It's a really really?????????? 1/4? 1/4? 1/4? 1/4? 1/4~~~~~'?'?'??" good movie

The Critic (ca) wrote: An enjoyable comedy with fine performances across the board, though the film suffers from a screenplay that loses momentum and weakens by the final act.

Eliabeth M (kr) wrote: William Gates: That's why when somebody say, "when you get to the NBA, don't forget about me", and that stuff. Well, I should've said to them, "if I don't make it, don't you forget about me."Hoop Dreams es el documental por excelencia. Es una historia que sigue a dos jvenes durante aos de logros, fracasos, pobreza y violencia. William Gates and Arthur Agee son los protagonistas. Ambos tienen sueos de llegar a la NBA, y tienen el talento para lograrlo, pero la vida no es sencilla. Toda la burocracia que rodea a esta institucin, hace que sus posibilidades sean mnimas, y a esto hay que agregar que ambos vienen de barrios pobres, donde el mayor logro es llegar vivo a los 18 aos. Pero esto no los detiene. Ambos llegan a lugares que nunca soaron, pero sus circunstancias terminan alcanzndolos. Hoop Dreams es un logr monumental, y han habido pocas veces donde se ha vuelto palpable la dificultad que tienen ciertas personas, slo por el lugar donde vienen, de lograr el sueo americano. Roger Ebert la llam "Una de las mejores filmes acerca de la vida americana que he visto" y tiene razn. Hoop Dreams presenta sin censura todos los obstculos que tienen que superar Gates y Agee para llegar a lo alto. No slo es un deporte brutal que exige total compromiso, sino que es una inversin tremenda de dinero, y que si no se logran los objetivos trazados, las deudas se van acumulando rpidamente. Pero esta pelcula no slo se enfoca en ellos, sino en sus familias. Ambos vienen de la pobreza, y lograrlo no slo se significa fama, sino salir de el barrio y darle una calidad de vida a las personas ms cercanas a ellos.Hay escenas conmovedoras que al ser reales, se vuelven tremendamente emocionales. Especialmente una se viene en mente. La familia Agee celebra el cumpleaos 18 de Arthur, y la madre dice que lo nico que le importa es que pudo llegar a esta edad vivo. La NBA pasa a segundo plano. Esta es una realidad que es difcil de entender para personas que viven en buenos barrios y comunidades, pero es el pan de cada da para millones de personas, donde el mayor logro es mantenerse alejado de las pandillas y sobrevivir.Hoop Dreams es un documental que no omite nada, y que empez siendo una pelcula de 30 minutos para convertirse en un proyecto tremendo que abarca ms de 5 aos. Un logro que increble, sobretodo porque finalmente pone el foco donde debera, y nos deja la leccin de que es bueno tener sueos, pero que hay que mantener los pies en la tierra, y que el sueo americano esta al alcance de slo unos pocos.

Valerie P (ru) wrote: The only reason I wanted to see this movie was because it was listed as a John Cusack film. He only appeared at the beginning and the end, however, so that was a bit disappointing. I nearly stopped the film after about 20 minutes. It was so lifeless and bland, and that wasn't just because of the stark white backdrop of the Alaskan tundra. The story did eventually progress though, and I ended up being sucked into the characters' lives despite myself. While I cursed the tragic ending it made the film seem somewhat less of a failure overall.

Gandalf T (nl) wrote: Think slasher mixed with the "V" miniseries and you are approaching the story. Add a lake full of sex-starved teenagers and you can start watching this. I'd say it can be a part of some sort of drinkinh context, but outside of that I don't know why you'd want to watch it.

Ken S (us) wrote: Before "Back to the Future" and years of steady success, Robert Zemeckis directed and co-wrote (with his "Back to the Future" co-writer Bob Gale) this comedy about nasty used car salesmen. Kurt Russell is a salesmen who longs to be in politics, and after his boss dies he decides to use real nasty tactics to boost sales so he can run for State Senate. It's the only Zemeckis film I've seen that is a little too raunchy for younger audiences. It is also one of his weaker films. It has a similar tone and pace to Spielberg's "1941", which Gale and Zemeckis also wrote. I actually kinda like both this and "1941", but neither is admittedly all that good. Luckily Zemeckis got hired by Michael Douglas for "Romancing the Stone", which turned his career around from being in the dumps.

Katherine B (us) wrote: This is to date the most interesting and well done cold war intrigue film I have seen with a groovy performance by the late Patrick McGoohan.

Julia B (kr) wrote: My "Big Fat Greek Wedding" is an excellent movie for anyone who wants to have a good laugh. It's fun comical outlook lets you take a break from humdrum reality and enjoy the fun fantasy of this chick flick. The culture clash that takes part in the movie was excellently written and produced, with bits of fun truth about both lifestyles. This film also shows the hilarity of having a family in our present day and how every family has it's weird quirks and mannerisms. The movie is rather clean, except for a part where it hints that two people are being intimate, but nothing is seen by the viewer. A plus to this movie is that it is "Tom Hanks" approved, he and his wife are producers of this big hit!The movie can be very stereotypical as the two cultures can be very inaccurate, but out of common sense most people know that those situations are not real. (Not to mention that they make the movie WAY better.) Toula Portokalos's (Nia Vardalos) relationship with her family gives everyone a laugh and really pulls you into the movie. Though John Corbett might not be the best actor for the part of Toula's boyfriend (and husband), but this flaw is the least of the movie's troubles and still lets the viewer have an enjoyable time. "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" is a humorous and uplifting film, making it an excellent choice for anyone's movie night!

Ian G (br) wrote: The benefactor of the success of the series True Detective, Cary Fukunaga released Beasts of No Nation through Netflix, a harrowing tale of Agu, a child in an unnamed African village who is caught in the centre of a civil war in his part of Africa, witnesses his whole family being murdered in front of him and by chance brought in by Idris Elba's Commadant, a freedom fighter fighting against one of the factions in said Civil War. With a lot of his regime being made up of young boys and barely adults, the violence and destruction of innocense is cranked up to eleven and the cinemaotgraphy really captures the beauty and emptiness of the battlefield really well. Idris should have received much more attention during award season outside of his sole SAG nomination, but as with a lot of films this days released strictly through platform marketing, the awards circuit leading to the Oscars still seem to be processing how to recognize non traditional release strategies that are mostly outside of the theatrical realm (although it did receive a very small window in NYC and LA for consideration). A must watch for any social justice and war film buff since it echoes Hotel Rwanda, Platoon, and several other films for its topicality and any True Detective fan will be a huge fan of Cary's follow up here. A must watch.

Li O (us) wrote: I found this dark and unpleasant to watch and I failed to understand what interesting message it had to give.