Erotic Games

Erotic Games

Gothic and erotic mystery about a young man called Marco, who goes to stay with his strange uncle, whose wife (Marco's beautiful aunt) died some time ago. His uncle's sister-in-law is the ...

Gothic and erotic mystery about a young man called Marco, who goes to stay with his strange uncle, whose wife (Marco's beautiful aunt) died some time ago. His uncle's sister-in-law is the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Benjamin G (mx) wrote: innovative way to film

Trevor R (mx) wrote: Jonathan Pryce make a pretty good Sherlock Holmes in this made for TV outing of the Classic detective. The Baker Street Irregulars play a big part in this, since Holmes does not seem to be the main focus of this 2 part episode of what feels like a Pilot attempt. Nothing special to note, but if your a hardcore fan of the Detective, you might have a really hard time digesting this. I took it for what it was, just 2 hours of harmless fun.

Abdulmalik A (nl) wrote: when u realize that this is a Biography you will find that it a has a beautiful story.

Ian P (de) wrote: hipsterism is a religion to which you must be devout. you must be seen as in-between and hated, or else be excommunicated.

Bill F (mx) wrote: Bitter Sweet, Poignant!

Cedric L (mx) wrote: Although less inventive, it is more fun than the original.

Giulia A (ca) wrote: This movie was a little hard to follow but it had lots of potential to be great, the characters in the diner were the most enjoyable. This movie is something you should watch when you are awake and stuck in the house for a week or two.

Film C (au) wrote: I quite liked this movie, dustin hoffman was brill and so was john travoltas acting. John travlta is a security guard who gets sacked but he wants it back so it turns into a hostage situation with dustin playing the reporter and in the heeart of it all. I think this is a brilliantly acted surperb film with a heart wrenching ending and something to relate to as well its has some humour and you feel sorry for travoltas character ! well worth a watch !!

Dillinger P (de) wrote: Gattaca is one of those products of the 90's that looked and still does look, utterly stunning. However its inability to trust itself and its audience means we get another by the numbers and barely invigorating story, which adds another "Ho-hum" addition to the 90's canon. Gattica is set in a not too distant future, scarily resonate of modern day, where DNA rules the world. Your ability to work in certain sectors is judged by you DNA, procreation can be manipulated and predicted and crime is now an almost impossible task to get away with. When Vincent, a not so perfect DNA specimen, manages to infiltrate Gattaca, a huge company who is pioneering space travel, he tries relentlessly to ensure he is on their top project to Titan. However just one week before launch a murder is committed in the complex, which due to the nature of the investigative route, makes Vincents life and dreams of going to space no longer a walk in the park. Its a decent enough idea and the opening 5 minutes would allow you to believe you were in for a science fiction master class. Then the films biggest flaws comes tumbling in all at once, insulting itself and the viewer simultaniously. See in the opening 5 minutes Gattaca manages to set everything up perfectly, it sets up its dystopian world, the importance of DNA and the character of Vincent in such a hypnotic and subtle way, you cant help but be drawn in, merge that with a gorgeous score and utterly pristine visuals, which have not dated, Gattaca is like a venus fly trap, luring you in before clamping shut and leaving you, well dead. For all the good work it achieves, it then goes on to ruin it all by inserting completely unwanted monologues, created so blandly by Ethan Hawke, who I actually really like, but here just is average. These monologues plague the entire piece, that at times it feels like it desperately wanted to be a film noir rather than anything else. It also ruins all its subtlety by utilizing these monologues with boring and pointless flashbacks, flashbacks that if the film got rid of, the audience would be able to create something a lot stronger in their mind. The film never really finds its footing, every time you feel its going to take off, it becomes sub par at every junction. The acting is just not very great, its bland and nobody actually feels like a character, Jude Law is the strongest of the bunch, yet again an actor I have no qualms with but he is barely doing anything memorable here. Uma Thurman is completely wasted in her role of Irene, there is zero dimension to character. Sure they all have back stories, written on a piece of paper but the characters themselves never come alive. Where Gattaca does excel is its wonderful presentation, Its visual flair allows it to stand out from the crowd, its production work allows it to seem futuristic without dating it, its polished, clean, framed brilliantly. The music is goose bump material, but this acts like its biggest weakness, the film is so clean, so polished, that it feels like they were too busy creating jaw dropping visuals, rather than have any emotional depth to the film. Gattaca is not a terrible film, its just so completely average, it promises so much and delivers so little, it has the emotional weight of a tennis ball, with performances to match. It has its moments, but ultimately its a one time watch, with zero replay value.

Richard S (nl) wrote: This was not a good film.

scott g (au) wrote: gary oldman plays playright joe orton in this biography from oldmans early career, looking mostly at his turbulant relationship with kenneth halliwell, his writing partner who never got the credit he deserved due to joe's limelight, here brilliantly played by alfred molina, the film is a must for oldman fans, and even though the film isnt that great it is the performances that will draw you in

Timm S (mx) wrote: I Think The Critics Were Far Too Harsh On This One. It Was A Surprising Bunch Of Fresh Faces Doing A Good Story, With The Town Pool As A Set-Piece Character Everyones Lives Revolve Around. The Focus On The Sexual Liason Story Loses Steam (Literally) Very Quickly & A Lack Of Cleat Focus On Other Characters Stories Leads To Mismatched Plot-Points & A Rather Muddled Outcome...But As Is Said, It's Not Absolutely Terrible Performances, So It's Not All Bad.