Escape from New York

Escape from New York

In 1997, the island of Manhattan has been walled off and turned into a giant maximum security prison within which the country's worst criminals are left to form their own anarchic society. However, when the President of the United States crash lands on the island, the authorities turn to a former soldier and current convict, Snake Plissken, to rescue him.

The island of New York City has been transformed into a gigantic prison state. When Air Force One crashes on the island, mercenary Snake Plissken is sent on a mission to rescue the President from the island's ruling felons, or die trying. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sgt C (kr) wrote: (32%)Yet another self aware modern-day spin on 1950's giant creature horror movies that thanks to much cheaper visual effects are constantly being churned out these days. This it must be said is one of the better examples. The cast is likeable, there's very little in terms of filler, and you get the feeling that they at least tried to make an enjoyable product here and not just a quick money spinner that only offers its fun/silly title and nothing really more besides. It's a short sit at just under 1 hour 20 mins which is plenty, there's lots of spider based carnage, a fun cameo, and really if you expected more from this than what you actually get then you're a fool.

Johann M (fr) wrote: No, not good, I regret having watched it. The only good thing is its soundtrack and Elle Fanning's character. Terrible humor, too predictable, too many clichs and a mediocre script, it could have been a wonderful drama, not a comedy.

Luc L (fr) wrote: A complete comprehension of the universe.

Olivia D (it) wrote: I hate this fucking movie i'm so sick of starting my day with that song every morning "i'm just like you you're just like me" shut up you're both barbie 4 stars

Steven M (de) wrote: The satirical sci-fi stuff was a little wide of the mark so this became a parade of interestingly-dressed, self-obsessed, whiny teens messing around in strangely decorated bedrooms. Set decoration is clearly important to Araki - I remember some belters from The Doom Generation. I also liked the scenes with Elvis and the blunt attempts at pathos with the despairing teens. I'm 90% sure this is a cool film, but I am 100% sure it is not a good one.

Peter P (au) wrote: Terrible, terrible, and did I mention, terrible.

sam a (fr) wrote: love is all any thing for love

Jeff J (ca) wrote: I rarely like American comedies, but this one is just one hilarious ride. Lots of satires and little jokes that might be missed the first time around. Hilarious!

Jordan J (de) wrote: King Kong is a really good classic and this film doesn't do anything to ruin it. This film respects its original material. The special effects are pretty good but questionable at times but other than that everything else is really good. I am willing to give this an A+

Arthur C (mx) wrote: Not bad - not great either, but a couple cool moments..

Ryan S (es) wrote: Classic Samberg. Love his humor. No Hot Rod, but still damn funny.