Escape from Wildcat Canyon

Escape from Wildcat Canyon

Film from Marc F Voizard

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Escape from Wildcat Canyon torrent reviews

Gabriel C (br) wrote: This movie is good if you are a fan. If you have seen both 1 and 2, this is not as scary. Every moment of horror and suspense is really easy to spot. This was definitely a funny movie also.

Joshua K (br) wrote: (5: Loved It, 4: Really Liked It, 3: Liked It, 2: Didn't Like It, and 1: Hated It.)

Jennifer W (br) wrote: Yet another "high school" movie where all the actors are at least 25-30, if not older. And the inaccuracies of the script go well beyond football and continuity (the clock on the final play shows 3.5 seconds and then suddenly becomes 7 seconds, just to name one). The lead character is a farmer who is in trouble because he can't get the ONE combine for soybeans into his field for harvest because this ONE combine is broken and is the only ONE in the area. That's nonsense, and beans can be harvested for weeks. They end up picking a bean field by hand -- and through the night! I don't think so. A high school from a town of 2,700 people would definitely NOT be in the same high school sports classification as an urban high school from a city of thousands. Supposedly mother had "never seen a game" because she always had to work at a factory on the 2nd shift? In a small town of 2,700 people where everyone knows everyone and her son is the football star? Again, I don't think so. People would rally to make sure she was there.This is one of those movies written by Hollywood types that aren't from the Midwest, aren't from a small town, never played football, and don't realize that anyone who let's a broken leg "ruin" their life was not a person who had the depth of character to be successful in life, even if he had played football in the NFL. This is a made-for-TV movie with inaccuracies galore and a sappy ending.

Miguel G (br) wrote: The earnestness of the cast will eventually win over a funny script which repeatedly goes over the top

Stephen M (de) wrote: Very good acting, strong cast, and some very hardcore scenes. Fishburne takes one heck of a roughing up. The movie felt very realistic, but the ending left me scratching my head.

Jake R (mx) wrote: theres soething missing to this but its not terrible, characters werent that much and aliens werent that much, wasnt very scary but it can be tense at time, it can also be interesting, its just pretty good but could have been improved greatly

Patrica C (de) wrote: good educational film

Ryan J (kr) wrote: Two scum brothers living in a town full of other scum lowlifes in some scum town in Minnesota are caught in a tale of shady deals and falling for the same woman. This film is terrible, no one is worth caring for and you just want them all to die by the time the credits roll. Terrible.

Kaimir J (it) wrote: It's hard to imagine a time where people would pay to see ONE Michael Keaton on screen, let alone multiple Michael Keatons.

Milla V (fr) wrote: Aijai, elokuva jossa on aiheena kidnappaus ja nayttelemassa Johnny Depp. Ei se voi olla huono.

Joe C (kr) wrote: As a Gulf War Veteran who has tolerated enough crap from the Department of Veteran Affairs to last me five life times this movie nails the subject between the ears as it should be addressed. Those civilians who have never had to go through the most insane level of bullshit known to mankind have not a clue what the Veteran community tolerates as it pertains to acquiring services due the sacrifices we have made. This movie clearly represents the obfuscation, misinformation, lies, denial of services, and the withholding of information that those in charge of the VA tell the practitioners along with other employees to do. Very few times in life are there men and women who see all of the information, see the connections, see the injustice, only to take a step forward to put those in charge on their butt. These rare and rather heroic people stand up against the corruption as those who get the job done. Should you doubt what I am saying visit any VA Medical Center or federal office building where claims are filed in order to speak first hand to those who are in the middle of fighting for necessary services. Furthermore maybe, just maybe you can elaborate on why this movie was released in the shortest time frame only to be rushed through the country as quick as possible. As we certainly do not want to show "Any" government entity in a bad light...May God have mercy on the souls of those who delay, deny, and expect us to die as I along with many others shall have no mercy and give no quarter to such rats.

Roger G (mx) wrote: Some adults do not know how to enjoy a movie like this. The secret: nacho chips, salsa, and very cold beer. Take an hour or two to treat yourself as though your life doesn't matter at all - you might remember it from childhood - it's called relaxing. Don't take yourself seriously for a while. The pleasure can be enhanced if you don't watch alone - and guess what, you can talk during the movie. That's right: you don't need a guy and a couple of robots at the bottom of the screen to pretend you're not alone. Feel free to make your own jokes and chat about whatever you want.

Paul Z (nl) wrote: A murder taking place after following the killer and the unsuspecting victim into the dark, then seamlessly transitioning to the next scene starting on the back of a character's coat, which is an identical black to the darkness. Some time later, another character passes through the dark just long enough for us to think something sinister is going to happen like before, until the character unassumingly comes back into the light. A character materializes and disappears inexplicably, aided significantly by the seaside fog. This is the quintessence of noir, a genre where an allegorical modern take on Faust is right at home, especially with the presence of an ace trifecta of lead actors. I mean, Milland was born to play the devil.

Michael M (mx) wrote: Chucky is back and as good as he ever was (well not good as in person but the movie lol) It's kind of gone back to the original concept of the first 3 movies, after them it started turning into a dark comedy (which was really good aswell!) This chucky is just as good as the last 5 and I deserves a watch or two, just get it you won't be sorry.

Greg W (ag) wrote: ok version of this which is more faithful to the source material than the 1945 version

Paul D (it) wrote: A great thriller about journalism and politics, it draws us in beautifully and gets us pulling for the protagonists, even when we know the outcome - it's as if we watch and listen in order to understand how they did it.

Jim S (br) wrote: Saw it in 66 when new and in 120 degree cinemascope. Amazing then ... still the best. Rush was interesting but too much CGI.