Escape in the Fog

Escape in the Fog

A nurse recovering in a hospital from a nervous breakdown keeps having dreams where she sees two men trying to murder a third. When she meets the the officer in charge of psychology at the hospital, she is astounded to discover that he is the man in her dream who is the intended murder victim.

A military nurse recovering at an inn from a nervous breakdown keeps having dreams where she sees two men trying to murder a third. When she meets a man who is a federal agent at the inn, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rob F (gb) wrote: One of the most interesting and innovative looks at the Old Western films. I cannot wait to see it again! A+

Patti L (kr) wrote: Beautifully shot, amazingly real. Hoover captures unbelievable events and vulnerable moments. It is a highly impacting and highly entertaining piece. No one should miss it.

Aisha W (fr) wrote: On the whole, Break Ke Baad has a vibrant Imran and Deepika as its main cast but a faulty and an unpersuasive screenplay as is its major stumbling block. Fails to impress!

Latasha M (ca) wrote: Really slow and a little painful to watch in the beginning as I had to get over the lack of German accents coming from those playing Nazis. The movie became interesting though after the first hour and definitely didn't end on a happy note, the way most American films end.

alan j (kr) wrote: A small oddity action drama with what appears to have originated out of eastern europe. The adversaries look like they stepped out of a 'Just for Men' hair trimmer commercial, with their perfectly groomed beards and haircuts. A fairly simple story with competent acting by faces and names I doubt you have heard of. The story is fleshed out through flashbacks retelling Modesty's background, and loses steam in doing so. A cheesy, unspectacular ending, which just about sums up this film.

Caitlin L (mx) wrote: Cute story. Two unlikely people can make it work. Love Julia in this movie.

Paul C (de) wrote: No, he's allowed to make all those prejudiced comments. It's not racist if they're white...

Kristof V (us) wrote: Absolutely one of my favo darkish movies to fall asleep with, without sound, when I'm very very tired. Story: pure crap. The rate of twists is impossible to comprehend.

Aiden M (it) wrote: Don't judge this film on the weak rating it has here. The film is a classic comedy and is far too underated. Give it a go.If you dont like this type of humor the film has to offer then fine but if you have a good sense of humour avoid it. Stick to watching boring weak predictable comedies like 2 broke girls.

Beth P (ru) wrote: Tomato-garlic kiss! *swoon* lol!

Rohan G (kr) wrote: Early Chuck classic....

Lee M (nl) wrote: It's intense, well-acted, gives one a good idea about everyday factory life and offers a clear-sighted muckraking take on blue collar types

Sean O (us) wrote: Articulated, the fictional detective's existential moment: "You've solved your case," says the mysterious woman. "I didn't solve anything," he replies. "Things just fell in all around me."

Dena S (ru) wrote: A true story but sadly a one time watch for me