Escape Under Pressure

Escape Under Pressure


A car ferry carrying a valuable artifact is sunk by a group of international thieves. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Katelyn B (jp) wrote: Simon Pegg is always good... but this movie was strange and blah to me.

Nigel N (fr) wrote: This was the worst boxing movie I ever saw. Against portrays the story of woman boxing manager and pioneer Jackie Kallen. What makes it so bad is this movie is fictionalized and steps into the usual Hollywood underdog-against-all-odds storyline when the truth about Kallen's life is far more interesting. It would have been great to see a story about her managing James "Lights Out" Toney and their eventual falling out and their often times tumultuous business relationship. Or what was she thinking constantly matching Bronco McKart up against Ronald "Winky" Wright? We will never know because this movie does not delve into that. It is the usual formula taken from Rocky Balboa. It would be nice to see a movie based on the true story of Jackie Kallen much like you would see with Jake LaMotta in Raging Bull but this isn't it.

Peter B (nl) wrote: I wasn't sure what to expect seeing famous actors with a known director in something that looks like a bad student film. The first half is hard to sit through, not just because of its extremely low budget but because it's two unlikable guys just talking. I'm not quite sure when (the arrival of Thurman helps) but at some point it goes from tedious to riviting.

Samantha S (fr) wrote: Not bad, sort of interesting.

David T (us) wrote: Cronenberg's got some imagination. Very original movie.

Niloo R (au) wrote: it's proficient as far as thrillers go, but very pedestrian and obvious. there's definitely an effect the film is going for and a way it wants us to feel, and it uses visual/auditory/editing manipulation to achieve that effect, which is immediately off-putting. also, the film feels extremely dated in 2014, since the technological/NSA sphere is completely different. though to be fair, that's not the film's fault, but the result of our rapid technological advancement. regardless though, just okay.

LaToya W (au) wrote: Boring, stupid plot devices, and annoying actors. Blarg.

Kurt A (nl) wrote: John De Lancie debuts the ultimate VR experience you never wanted. Peter Billingsley (Ralphie from A Christmas Story) stars as our staunch and gutty hero.

Bill B (es) wrote: For whatever reason I've been on a bit of a nostalgia kick lately and revisiting the '90s in small doses of cinema, so I gave this one another spin this evening and I have to say that the rambling, free-wheeling nature of the film is still a helluva lot of fun and gives the viewer a snapshot of an Austin, Texas that doesn't really exist anymore. I mean, i guess everyone who saw this film moved there immediately and kinda pushed the small sleepy town feeling out of the place, as only certain areas still have the charm of this film.Recommended!

Mary Jo B (ru) wrote: this reminded me of mad max thunder dome in alot of ways I liked that movie too

richard s (it) wrote: did Strisdand do it for the money, i think so. trash trash trash

Justin B (jp) wrote: "My name is Anakin. My shitty acting is ruining saga." A couple of fun action scenes cannot deter from Hayden Christensen's abysmally bad performance or George Lucas' overstuffed direction.

TJ S (gb) wrote: not bad for it's time...