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Escuridão torrent reviews

Rupert J (ag) wrote: a legendary production about a legendary tv show. truely superb

Tom M (br) wrote: If you've ever been curious about who are the people behind the organization of the Burning Man event, this is the documentary to see. The film covers both the event and the histories of the people behind the organization of the 2013 incarnation of the event. The film touches on how the event has changed over the years and how its growing popularity is pushing up against its founding philosophy of a sharing and artistic happening to potentially becoming another festival event with celebrities, elites, and catering.The most amusing point of this film is to watch the moral and mental struggling of a group of extremely liberal, socialist, and authentically artistic hippies having to adopt rules, capitalist principals and become "the man" in order to keep the event going and in line. A necessary evil that you can see they truly hate and yet have to implement if anything is to get done. And yet once their feet hit the dusty ground of the playa, they still manage to keep their ways set while this latest Burning Man event is going on despite the catered commercialism that's beginning to seep in and pushing against the gates with controversial ticket lotteries.

Brian S (jp) wrote: This low-budget horror flick has everything. Zombies, vampires, a computer run mad, the Antichrist and an insane priest. It's a smorgasbord of horror and, like most smorgasbords, what it has in quantity it lacks in quality.Against the backdrop of a zombie holocaust, three sets of survivors try to keep surviving. First, there's a vampire couple who is struggling to find living victims. The man of the house, who tries and fails to emulate Samuel Jackson, brings home a woman for him and his wife to drain daily of blood. But there's something wrong with her; she's poisonous to vampires somehow. The more they drink her blood, the weaker they get.Then there's a woman who rescues a mother and her child from the zombies. We learn that the woman's mate turned into a zombie and ate her baby. We learn that the boy is the Antichrist and that he's behind the ongoing end of the world, and that he's being pursued by a cruel priest. The woman kicks zombie ass repeatedly and teams up with the, who delivers what is easily the best line in the movie about not wanting the world to end. The Antichrist, it turns out, really likes fast food.Finally, there's a net nerd and his dissatisfied girlfriend, holed up in their apartment. The nerd writes bad horror fan-fiction while the girlfriend watches bad horror movies. The nerd's gotten a new processor in the mail which, it turns out, is powered by absorbing living things. Much CAT5 cable ensues.With all of this going on, one wouldn't think "Edges of Darkness" could drag, but in its jumping back and forth between the stories -- which never connect -- it gets badly lost. The acting is sub-par throughout, and some of the scenes make no sense at all (e.g., before we find out the vampire couple are vampires, they express sympathy for a neighbor who gets eaten by zombies. Are they supposed to be nice vampires who kidnap women and slowly drain them of blood?) The special effects and makeup are done in by the film's lack of a budget, and the whole bit with the priest chasing the 12 year old Antichrist never works for a moment.There are enough good ideas here for three short films, despite the clumsy execution. Trying to cram it all into one feature-length video, though, detracts from all three. There's too much going on, none of it done very well, so in the end it's just a mess.

Nicole C (jp) wrote: a light story, not too bad, nothing really good. like the theme music. feel happy when listening to it plays on a blank screen.

Sanity Assassin (it) wrote: astounding. saw the new batman flick recently and spent the next week thinking about it. with this one i reckon it'll be the same. it's about a group of siam villagers in bang rajan (that's the village) defending their village against the burmese. you can see it's heavily influenced by the seven samurai but who cares? the action is more often and the story moves along at a faster pace. i'm not taking anything away from the seven samurai because it is also great but am just stating the differences between the two films. yes, a must watch for all!

Carlos I (br) wrote: Not as horrible as I remember, actually kinda decent. oh boy, that CGI though...

Faley A (kr) wrote: Its obscene, unhealthy and bizarre.Father falls in a terribly passionate relationship with own son's fiance, may be thats why I couldn't enjoy this movie much.. but the making of the movie is really really acting from almost everyone.

Dave R (mx) wrote: i really enjoyed the first half of the movie but then it sort of petered out for me. i love the heist and the chaos that follows but it just can't sustain that energy throughout. and the ending was just a little too saccharine for me. the silliness of the circumstances just goes too far and i lost interest. some cool shots of new york at the beginning - interesting to see how much it's changed, even from the start of the 90s till the late 90s!

Red L (mx) wrote: One summer in the lives of three young women who work as waitresses at Mystic Pizza - the local small-town pizza place. This movie delves into class distinction and work ethic and getting out of Mystic.

Teresa S (it) wrote: (1972 Director: Richard Attenborough) Look at this supporting cast!! Anne Bancroft, Richard Beale, Ian Holme, John Mills, Nigel Hawthorne, Jane Seymour & Patrick SImon Ward as the young Winston Churchill....Sounds like a good one to brush up on the history of this amazing legend, the late Winston Churchill.

Dean N (ru) wrote: Cute sex comedy starring the ever brilliant Jack lemmon as the gigilo & Carol Lynley as the new neighbour.

Thanasis A (ru) wrote: let me be your fantasy...

Mitchell W (au) wrote: One of Hitchcock's weakest and least interesting films from the '40s, it's still entertaining in spurts and the famous "rain scene on the steps" is wonderful - a better description would ruin it, but just this past year, one of the better scenes from Spielberg's "Tintin" adaptation nicked a few ideas from it.

Tim D (nl) wrote: Not as good as the books, & not particularly well cast, but what can live up to your imagination. Pretend its a stand alone movie & its very watchable!

RajanSatish P (ru) wrote: Saun Penn is terrific,John Travolta is electrifying in his cameo and a movie I enjoyed watching and laughing out loud after a long time ...Real nice movie