Marta used to be a recognized and successful psychic, but after a dramatic experience, she loses faith in her gift and develops agoraphobia. She couldn't see the devilish side of her rapper...

Marta used to be a recognized and successful psychic, but after a dramatic experience, she loses faith in her gift and develops agoraphobia. She couldn't see the devilish side of her rapper... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vilion I (fr) wrote: Tong po is really strong in this one and played by batista from wwe

Kelly R (fr) wrote: My 8 yr old Niece and I are big fans of anything "Wiz of Oz", we have seen many versions of the movie and read several versions books. After struggling to stay awake, at least I did, and much discussion after it was finally over my Niece agreed that that was the worst crack at making Oz that we have ever seen. We thought "Return to Oz" was strange.... well for the words of a Child this was "WAY STRANGER". If I wanted to be bored out of my skull and listen to people tal and talk, it seems that is all they do, I would have gone to my Grans Knitting Circle. There is very little to NO action in this movie and pretty much the only funny part was when they wanted to adopt all the Lions, adorbs!! Other than that it is up to you to watch. Oh and if you have insomnia or you want to paralyze someone into a coma than this movie is for you. We would've given no stars but Niece wanted to give half a star for Toto's acting. Brightest Blessings.

Fierofardyn F (ag) wrote: Salman ! The Awesome

Tamara H (ru) wrote: This one sounds interesting.

Emily A (au) wrote: I find something endearing about this profane, broad, low-brow and vaguely sexist movie. Maybe I just really love the fact that it's almost the antithesis of Sex and The City. Both take place in New York, both feature four friends who ike to sit in retaurants together and talk about sex. It's just that there is almost no romance in this, except possibly between the friends themselves. This movie is not for everyone - almost no one, I imagine - but I liked it.

Tim H (br) wrote: There's a really cool core idea here about a badass cop from outer space who finds when he comes to earth that he's only 12 inches tall. The problem lies in the soso script and lacklustre direction. Tim Thomerson rocks as usual.

Alex S (us) wrote: An entertaining crime thriller, don't bother comparing it to films like The Godfather or Goodfellas because you would hate it otherwise. If any film to compare it to, it's kinda like Gangster Squad, but I didn't find this as exciting as that one.Just basically the "Young Guns" of the Mafia genre.

Gracie H (es) wrote: totally blown away by the entire movie. Great one liners, great death scenes, AMAZING plot, a sexy ass kickin' babe... yay for this Indonesian film! p.s. special features were pretty awesome too.

Sean L (us) wrote: One last collaboration for John Hughes and Molly Ringwald, whose creative partnership dissolved after this film. Somewhat softer and more self-serious than the preceding teen epics Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club, it tackles social cliques and classism from various perspectives. Ringwald and leading man Andrew McCarthy, akin to Romeo and Juliet, find their young relationship stressed by the negative influence of friends who insist they find someone closer to their own status. There really isn't much sparkle to the pairing, though, apart from a few awkward make-out scenes, and they both come off as especially wet noodles in comparison to the vibrant, brash supporting cast. Jon Cryer is most memorable of these as Duckie, a flamboyant mod who's been carrying a torch for Ringwald all his life, and nearly steals the film with an abrupt dance/lip-sync number just before everything gets overly angsty. Most of the third act is wasted on hand-wringing and moping, though, and the ending (changed at the last minute, much to Hughes's chagrin) feels disingenuous even if it does make a better fit for the movie's theme. The window dressings are drowned in '80s flavor, too, from the appropriately synthy soundtrack to the Halloween-grade costume choices. Looks like everyone at this school was either Don Johnson, Sid Vicious or Morrissey.

Sven V (ag) wrote: This should be a 'must see' movie in every school... And there's also a great artist-singer-performer in it :-)

Joseph B (mx) wrote: Irredeemably hideous.

Carlos M (ru) wrote: It is easy to just enjoy the gorgeous sight of Rita Hayworth exhaling beauty and sensuality, but let's not overlook how stupid, implausible and misogynist this film really is, painting Gilda as a mischievous femme fatale when in fact she is a victim in the hands of two hideous men.

Rena T (gb) wrote: With no concrete storyline to follow, this movie feels more like a documentary instead. But hey, there is good music to be heard so no complaining here~

Katie P (au) wrote: It felt like something my ex would come up with, dull, uninspired, tacky, and a bit on the religious side. Also, a protagonist with a dark past and grey morals.

Jeffrey M (au) wrote: September Dawn takes a horrific true story that could easily make for compelling drama and botches it near completely. The acting is mostly bad and always amateurish (save Terence Stamp), even Jon Voight was over-the-top. The script was terrible, with profoundly silly dialogue and a ridiculous love story. The whole film is filled with forced melodrama edited together in a distractingly choppy manner. Maybe a competent director will see fit to treat the material in a better manner in the future.

Nate P (us) wrote: A remarkably underrated Star Trek film, this movie has a fantastic performance from Patrick Stewart as Captain Jean-Luke Picard, and has a great send-off to William Shatner as captain Kirk.

Brian C (it) wrote: Tron is lots of fun. WIth a mix of live-action, state of the art (at the time) animation, and a really interesting novel story, this movie delights the eyes and really makes you wonder what happens inside of the computer