Esquece Tudo O Que Te Disse

Esquece Tudo O Que Te Disse

Messias, the husband, a dentist, almost magician. Felizbela, the beautiful wife, almost happy. Joana, the daughter, almost a singer, and Nuts, her boyfriend, almost a filmmaker. Finally the grand father Tobias, a shepherd, almost immortal.

Messias, the husband, a dentist, almost magician. Felizbela, the beautiful wife, almost happy. Joana, the daughter, almost a singer, and Nuts, her boyfriend, almost a filmmaker. Finally the... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dan G (au) wrote: Love him or hate him, this is a fascinating and incredibly well balanced documentary about Rumsfeld.

Judy T (gb) wrote: Poignant, witty perfection. I loved every moment of it. Especially the speech in the bathroom. Perfect.

Lewis P (es) wrote: It's not completely awful but it's nowhere close to the brilliant film WARRIOR either!It's good fun and has some great MMA fights. There's some suprisingly funny moments, most coming from one of the TV presenters! The film has lots of nudity too, which is obviously isn't a bad thing, but is completley irreverent! Should of been better but for an unknown cast its ok!

James S (us) wrote: The follow up to the terrific Iron Man, Iron Man 2 has its moments but ends up tripping over itself.Once again Downey knocks it out of the park however the villains played by Rourke and Rockwell just don't quite deliver. They do have their moments, especially Rockwell as the incompetent Stark wannabe Justin Hammer, but you never feel the same amount of menace as you did from Stane in the first movie. Tony spends most of the movie dealing with the fallout from his chest piece and only in the last act do they remember that they need some villains for the climax.The movie is cluttered with too many characters and subplots, a failing of far too many films in the genre. Favreau once again does a great job as director but they needed to trim and focus this movie to make it go to the next level.Overall a good movie, but not great.

Dan D (es) wrote: This movie was great. I am shocked people didn't like it more. First was the best, the second movie was the weak link for me. I always watch this one when on television.

David S (au) wrote: Heartfelt and utterly predictable family tale. It improves as time goes on, as it's helped by a committed but low-key cast, including Peter O'Toole, Samantha Morton, and Peter Dinklage (who passage is the best of the film).

Rick S (gb) wrote: Great little party film with young cast of now famous actors. Julia Roberts ++ East Coast Summer Beach scene from the '80's - Pretty good script with humor and the music is very good. Excellent scenes - A slice of Americana life -

Bloodmarsh K (jp) wrote: Judd Hirsch in another underrated performance. He's usually the guy in the background, but proves here, that he can also be the guy leading the way. He really is a solid actor, who went under the radar throughout his entire career.

John T (mx) wrote: I found this version very very very dull and boring.

Anthony M (kr) wrote: Mou du genou mais a a un charme et un certains impact puis c'est de la SF de srie B comme on en fait plus...

Dominic S (fr) wrote: This was a sweet movie but there were a few faults. Frank Sinatra cannot act, at least not in this film. When Susan found out that the audition was never actually real, she cried and I knew she was really hurt. Even I felt her pain and I started to cry too. I could understand her pain. At the film's conclusion when Joe and Clarence reunited with their gals, Susan (Joe's gal) ran up to him and it seemed as though she was never hurt. She just ran up to him and gave him a big hug. Even though she still got the audition, she was still hurt because Joe told her she had an audition when it was never made. She loves to sing and she's great at it. The audition was a big step for her and when she was fooled, she was hurt. I would still be mad at Joe if I was Susan. To be honest I only wanted to see this movie because it would be my first Gene Kelly film and also because of the Tom and Jerry part where Joe dances with Jerry. I saw it on Family Guy when Stewie was in the place of Jerry. This was still a sweet movie and I loved how cute and determined Susan's nephew was to be a part of the Navy. Anchors Aweigh, I give you a 70%.

Richard H (kr) wrote: An imaginative, likable little fantasy action movie that's full of nice literary references.

Deidre S (nl) wrote: love the aussies in this film

Allan C (jp) wrote: Not an Astaire classic, but it's enjoyable enough. Fred Astaire and Burgess Meredith are musicians trying to get a spot in Artie Shaw's band, while at the same time woo Paulette Goddard. There aren't that many dance numbers, but it's reasonably entertaining and never dull, which is about parr for the course with musical romantic comedies. I've always liked Paulette Goddard and thought she should have been a bigger star, so that may have increased my enjoyment factor more than it would for others.