Quand Yves-Marie, 9 ans, demande à Jacqueline, qui a son âge : "Epouse-moi", elle répond par une pirouette : "Le jour où tu vas dans les étoiles, je te donne ma main."

Quand Yves-Marie, 9 ans, demande à Jacqueline, qui a son âge : "Epouse-moi", elle répond par une pirouette : "Le jour où tu vas dans les étoiles, je te donne ma main." . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rocco D (us) wrote: This is a thriller for the ages. Jake Gyllenhaal gives his best performance ever. Incredible script. Awesome direction. 2014's best film, hands down. One of the decade's greatest movies, inarguable.

Mikhail B (it) wrote: A soap opera with Mandy Moore starring. The Candy turned sour. 5 minutes after the film you don't even remember you saw it.

Simon L (ag) wrote: Not bad, I was expecting more but the overall story and point to the movie was solid.

(us) wrote: ?????? ??? ????? ??????? ??? ??????? ???? ?????

Nolan M (ag) wrote: Although I laughed many times, I couldn't help, but feel dissappointed at the end of the film. This is basically all of Will Ferrell's previous movies put together in one. I will probably care not to watch this one again.

Michelle E (mx) wrote: Thought it was ok. Not horrible, but nothing ti rave about, either. The acting was mediocre....there was a good plot trust, which made up for some of the weirdness of it. The ending is a little flaky.

Walter M (nl) wrote: [font=Century Gothic][color=darkorange]"Los Angeles Plays Itself" was a great documentary that was released last year. It was on the surface an examination of how the city of Los Angeles has been portrayed in films over the years. But it's also a lesson in history, politics, geography and architecture.[/color][/font] [color=#ff8c00]The reason I'm bringing up this film now is that the filmmaker was wondering why Los Angeles' Union Station has been the scene of so many kidnappings in movies, most notably in Nick of Time(1995). (I was in Union Station in September and I didn't notice any sort of nefarious activity going on.) Which brings me to...[/color][color=#ff8c00]Sunday night's season premiere of "24" which did also feature a kidnapping at Union Station.(And don't even get me started on the detour through Three Days of the Condor which led up to that...)[/color] [color=#ff8c00](I won't try to bring up television in this journal unless it has some connection to movies.) [/color]

Kyle C (jp) wrote: Really just jumps around, and touches on a few events (killings) from Dahmer's sick, twisted history. Jeremey Renner is spot on. Otherwise, it's written and executed poorly. Yawn.

Kristen P (gb) wrote: I liked this movie more than I thought I would.

Jay B (au) wrote: Horror junkies and movie fans alike should find something< to love in this inventive, albeit fictional, look behind the scenes of Nosferatu.

Matt F (de) wrote: Hysterically funny, and what a cast!

Mackenie S (au) wrote: Extremely well-done! It breakes my heart knowing Vivien Leigh would be dead in two years.

WK J (kr) wrote: And, of course, the warning is avoid this movie.

Emily S (ag) wrote: although i'm not usually a fan of westerns, i really liked this movie. plenty of twists, turns, and crosses, never boring.

Danielle S (fr) wrote: don't expect much from the zombies. like most pre Romero era film the zombies are slaves not flesheaters. also important lesson to take away. ppl will come after you if you enslave them unwillingly

Wilman A (nl) wrote: This movie can always give you a desire to find out what happen next. Very exciting!

Matt G (br) wrote: Look, the character of John McClane hasn't help up great; he's barely human at this point, & Willis seems to basically be sleepwalking through the dialogue. Still, this is far & away the best Die Hard since the first one, thanks to the perfectly casted Long in the sidekick role & the awesomely preposterous action. The car / helicopter chase, the highway fight between the jet & a semi, the elevator shootout...there's a Mission: Impossible look to the craziness of it all, down to the practical effects.

Matt G (gb) wrote: The prototype of a preposterous, C-level 80s comedy. Often very funny, and at its best when it's just the fantastic comedians playing off each other. However, it's also dated, clich, sexist and racist. Watch and laugh through the first half, then turn it off when the war/mission plot takes over.

Ryan20 H (nl) wrote: A movie that you will never forget. It's so unique and has all of the best actors.