Estafa de amor

Estafa de amor

Based on the novel by Caridad Bravo Adams.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:110 minutes
  • Release:1970
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:melodrama,   remake,  

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Cooper H (us) wrote: This is one of the most boring comedies I've ever seen. Some jokes work, but many more don't, especially when the movie tries to be too serious and have an actual, clean plot instead of just being a fun party movie.

Ercides R (es) wrote: Vale a pena se vc nao tiver nada importante para fazer. Rende algumas poucas risadas.

Ben S (br) wrote: I'm glad it tries to do something different for the series by using the twins and revealing some sort of an origin story. But still feels like the first two and lacks any real innovations.

Ethan H (ca) wrote: Goes to show that low budget sci-fi flicks can be just as good as big budget ones. This movie for me bettered 'Inception', better writing and better acting. It was a surprise that I'm glad I watched.

Colin M (br) wrote: This was a great movie .. Very suddle wit comedy & interesting characters

Alex K (jp) wrote: I Only Watch Movies On DVD And At The Movie Theaters That Are Only Rated G, PG, PG-13 And R, Not Not Rated, Unrated, NC-17 And X.

Pawel B (au) wrote: Good move about revenge and its lack of sense...

Lanky Man P (us) wrote: A typical crime movie about cops trying to stop murders, but this one is a little better than most,

Ryan S (ca) wrote: 3.5/5 Saw is a decent film that has some good ideas and executes most of them well. A few moments of cringe-worthy acting, but the twist at the end makes up for it.

Berdo R (fr) wrote: Aussie offbeat comedy

Modi M (de) wrote: This film is sooooo incredibly bad that it is a laugh marathon of EPIC proportions, from scene 1 to Last !!No wonder it has become a cult classic hahaha...

Vincent W (br) wrote: lmao omg this is so cheesy and so amazing omg i can't handle it

Gregory M (nl) wrote: This was seriosuly problematic!I mean Disney has filmed many sequels to the beloved classic movies but this one is offensively bad!It feels like its only purpose is to serve as a prologue to the animated TV series.The animation is bad,the quality is that of a television work,nad the sotry is simply disappointing.Too much Iago and too much kissing!It was really offensive!

Peter G (it) wrote: They say that as far as surfing films go, this is the one to watch, and it does certainly stand out, eschewing the usually obligiatary Beach Boys surf rock sound track for something that may have been what people actually listened too. Slightly wonky acting aside, a decent story about growing up and responsibility, coupled with just enough "surf porn" not to be annoying and gratuitious makes this worth a watch

Silvia B (fr) wrote: traducir en espaol

Peter P (jp) wrote: I am a hugh fan of Richard Pryor, he was probably the funniest guy on the planet when he was in his prime, but even his talent couldn't save this terrible movie. He ends up playing 3 roles, but I doubt it would have helped if he had played every role, cause the story is just terrible. So let's just say I was very disappointed.

Matthew S (kr) wrote: Please note that I am in no way trying to state the Ken Russell's truly insane film is great -- but it is so odd and visually lush one would have to work hard to state it isn't of interest. How a major Hollywood studio "green lighted" this movie is kind of awesome. The concept is not bad --- and if one is familiar with the history of classical music, a case can easily be made that Franz Liszt may have very well been the first "star" who gave more "concerts" that standard-form performances. Ken Russell's analogy of the 1970's Glam Rock Star to Franz Liszt just goes too many shades over the top. It doesn't take long before phallic symbols, a giant penis, and a comic book style story of Richard Wagner and Cosima Liszt creating a Hitler monster hellbent on Holocaust all to Rick Wakeman's interesting Rock/Electronica re-imagining of Liszt/Wager composition! This is camp on a whole new kind of level. Plus, Ringo Starr is The Pope! With each passing scene this movie takes the most strange turns ever captured in a "mainstream/big budget" movie. A memorable cinematic error - Ken Russell's goofy movie deserves some credit for such heightened levels of non-restraint and ultra-weirdness. Unforgettable. But, one viewing is likely all you will ever need. Franz Liszt with a Cockney accent! Who knew?

Chad R (kr) wrote: Great movie. It takes a while to build up, as intended, but the journey is still a constant struggle to find out whether something is actually wrong, what is going to happen, and when will it happen. The only thing I would of wished for was a better sequence of end scenes, but it will still a genuinely good movie.