Ethan, a missionary priest in the Phillipines, falls in love and falls from grace. He sinks into a world of alcohol, loneliness and self-doubt, but dies a hero fighting for the life of the woman he loved.

Ethan, a missionary priest in the Phillipines, falls in love and falls from grace. He sinks into a world of alcohol, loneliness and self-doubt, but dies a hero fighting for the life of the woman he loved. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Fernando C (mx) wrote: If you like to see outstanding performances, you must see "the hours"

Robin C (ru) wrote: Not to be missed.......must watch!.......4/5

Vctor H (ru) wrote: Two times the horror. Two times the fun. Two times better? Not at all.-------Dos veces el horror. Dos veces la diversin. Dos veces mejor? No del todo.

aaron w (fr) wrote: a hilarious but uneven comedy


michael b (br) wrote: doesnt touch the real thing

Anthony P (de) wrote: As cliched of a movie as possible, plot is confusing/uneventful, although the cast has promise not much can save the movie. Barry Pepper tries and misses, Malkovich gets annoying, Seth Green and Vin Diesel play the same character that they always do. Not worth it.

M C (br) wrote: A terrifying B-movie with a lot too offer. The script is excellent, especial the character writing. It's a classic suspenseful horror story. The leads are also great, especial Steve Zahn.

Christy B (es) wrote: Faithful adaptation of Virginia Woolf's reflective stream of consciousness novel of unrequited love. Mrs. Dalloway is neither brave nor particularly intelligent, but she is thoughtful and enthusiastic about celebrating the simple pleasures in life. A party provides the backdrop for her musings on the pivotal summer of her youth where she chooses between passion and a life of comfort and companionship. Slow moving, but effective BBC costume drama.

Richard D (nl) wrote: This is a very different take on King Arthur and his knights. First of all you should know that there is no magic, no Merlin, no Dragons or Holy Grail.But what it does have is one of the better love triangles I've seen on film. It is between Arthur, Lancelot and Lady Guinevere. The drama starts with Lancelot. This iteration of his is very different; he is not very noble or holy at all, he's more of a Han Solo type. Moving from town to town with no care in the world, but he falls for Guinevere who has been promised to Arthur. Unlike Twilight or other crap teen romance films, Guinevere is very much her own person. While she does have to be rescued a couple times, she does quite a bit for herself. These people are conflicted between their love, honor, beliefs, their will etc. While all of this is going on, a rather generic villain is making a fuss of things, burning the countryside and such. But with him comes the conflict of ideals (every man for himself vs brotherhood) and weather Lancelot realizes it or not, he is part of the villains ideology. And that's what this film is about, conflicts between love and ideology. But it's done in a subtle way that's not hitting you over the head with it.The acting is very solid, but to a modern audience, it can come off as tacky. It's more inspired by theater and as such they all do a great job.It's fun for the entire family. Check it out.

Smoke N R (ag) wrote: Alright entertainment. i feel like it was a miracle each step of these guys adventure. the miracle being the story continues because of no good hiding places. i like all the characters. classic 90s stuff. cool movie

Quentin D (gb) wrote: One of Seagal's best efforts. But I enjoy every film he's done(except *On Deadly Ground*) This was the 1st film of his i've seen. True classic.

Cathy T (nl) wrote: Spalding Gray's classic tale of the search for the perfect moment. I saw first this in 1987 and I can now see how his work has influenced many Fringe solo performers (TJ Dawes for example)

danielle m (es) wrote: not really realistic

Tom D (es) wrote: This movie has a ridicules premise and a bad script. The characters are one dimensional cardboard cutouts. There are a couple of laughs but there are are a lot of dated jokes and situations that fall flat. It is hard to believe this move spawned so many sequels.

John R (kr) wrote: 150226: Any movie that features a Klingon Bird of Prey is an automatic 3.5. Add in some great humour and characters and there's your 4. Who would've known, a day after watching this film, I'd learn of Leonard Nimoy's death. Occurred the day I watched it. RIP Leonard/Spock. No sequel this time.

Derron W (de) wrote: A Great movie for my money, some may like it some may love and some may just hate it, but what you have to wrap your head around is that this movie was made with the music in mind not to be a the best movie ever made, the cast was made up of people and groups from his label that he had under contract. but like I said this was mostly about the music and some small peeks into Princes life and a few of the truths about his life, because this was based on true events but in closing if you need someone to explain his music then your not grown enough for this MOVIE#RESTINPURPLE