A naive village girl leaves for city during transitional times for Costa Rica.

Marcelo is a tiresome, powerful and selfish millionaire. He lives in an existentialistic crisis, since he is a successful businessman but afraid of age and death. He can have the woman he ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Colton Y (ca) wrote: So.... Yeah. At least it's only an hour long.

David K (nl) wrote: you see? Americans shouldn't fear the Chinese, they invented ping pong

Nick U (br) wrote: 11/29/16 Netflix DVDA good movie with realistic battle scenes. Worth watching.

Simon R (ru) wrote: Spoiler Alert:This is a film where the true realities of war are shown and not one where it is all sugar coated like a Call of Duty game. The acting is literally brilliant and is a very good interpretation of the people in Berlin when the Red Army storm the city in 1945 after Germany plunged the earth into another world war. It was a very powerful movie for multiple reasons, in my opinion the most powerful part of the movie is where Himmler's wife gave their children a drink with some sleeping drugs crushed in (and is very upsetting when one of the kids realises what is going on and tries with all her might not to drink but is shoved down her throat by a doctor and the mum). When the kids where asleep, the mum placed a cyanide tablet in each of their mouths and one by one the mum closed their jaws to crush the tablet and killed them. The thing about that is that once tablet was bitten into, you could hear the kids try to breathe and shaking about for a second before they exhale their final breath.Overall, a very realistic and powerful film I would highly recommend to anyone who is interested in history or WW2

Judge L (us) wrote: With McTiernan back at the helm it could only get better. Hard to believe it has been 20yrs since I first saw this one.

William R (mx) wrote: The real question is why didn't this film get nominated?

CAROL H (de) wrote: Very well done movie, not as much boxing in this at description leads you to believe. Shows more the inner strength needed to survive the terrible time of concentration camps.

Joe H (us) wrote: I used to watch this at least once a week as a kid and can probably still remember it word for word.Dont know if it ever made it to dvd, but the soundtrack is amazing and the 'haunted house' aspect of the film was thrillnig as a kid.I hope this is available for download, fingers crossed..............

Jon M (br) wrote: Not entirely accurate, however, it was an excellent film and I would highly recommend it

JamesMasaki R (it) wrote: If it weren't Suzuki at the director's chair, it could have been a simple average B-grade melodrama about a 'comfort woman' and her happenings during World War II in Tianshing. But Suzuki adds some amazing dreamlike sequences, or possibly nightmarish sequences, however you want to put it, and some very bizarre surrealist effects within the film that makes you think, "What the hell is this?" So the drama and the love story fall short. Blah... forgettable. But the sequence of Harumi running across the battlefield? The super-slow mo shot of Harumi running and stripping as the camera lens flares out? Some amazing imagery that would obviously lead to Suzuki's downfall careerwise at Nikkatsu, but we can all be thankful that he made his little stance there as a true artist.

Mel D (au) wrote: i love this old classic movie, its fun, its charming and pure classic, this is my sunday afternoon movie or my movie to watch when im poorly! its great!