Euridice BA 2O37

Euridice BA 2O37

Awaiting for Orpheus to save her from a modern Hades, Euridice faces her fears, desires, hallucinations and memories.

Awaiting for Orpheus to save her from a modern Hades, Euridice faces her fears, desires, hallucinations and memories. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve W (kr) wrote: Michel Gondry is known for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, but this movie is a real stinker. Its a love child hybrid of Gilliam, Jean Pierre Jeunet, but its overly stylized and the story dips in the second half into absolute drivel. The violence just sort of overtakes everything and it all adds up to a whole bunch of nothing. Avoid this film.

I dont know w (gb) wrote: Booklover11's Mini Reviews: I hate this short. I mean, it's not the worst short ever made, but it's just so overrated. OK, I do admit, the characters are decent, the magic tricks are creative, and the ending was as feel good as any Pixar film would be, but all this short offers is just unfunny slapstick! So, the plot is simple, a bunny want's a carrot, but the magician doesn't let him eat it, so the bunny embarrasses the magician, almost KILLS him, but in the end, the crowd loves it, so the magician is somehow grateful. My biggest problem besides the lame slapstick is that this type of plot has been done before, except a different style, little changes. It makes the movie look lame, and even dated! The slapstick also sucks, as I never felt as if the characters were having any fun. Charlie Chaplin does slapstick, but he adds twists to it, and you can tell that he's at least doing the slapstick with little embarrassment or remorse, but here, the characters never seem happy, and even though they have personalities, they don't have much likable quality to them. Now, before I end this review, let me just say that, yes, I know of Justin Wright, one of the many people who helped out with this film, as well as Wall-E and Ratatouille, who died of a heart attack the same year. Let me just say this: Every death is tragic, and so is Wright's, but even though this was one of the three films he helped with, I didn't like it. I liked Wall-E, and that was in memory of him, so don't go saying I don't care about anyone, because I do, I just didn't like his work on THIS. OK? Overall, it's very clunky, as well as overrated. Only watch it if it has to be shown before the feature Wall-E, as this was in theaters with it. 2 Stars. R.I.P Justin Wright 1981-2008.

Paul D (au) wrote: Hard-hitting story of vigilantism in modern society. It's a very effective story given that it contains a lot of different themes concerning society in Urban Mexico.

Paul H (ru) wrote: Stellar performances from all. Bunk and Marlo from the Wire have good roles too.

Daniel N (es) wrote: Great long time due sequel, soundtrack by ego-wrappin is incredible

Claire K (es) wrote: Didn't expect for this to be in a different language, but it wasn't half bad.

Lisa C (ca) wrote: It was a good film but,i don't like the singing.

Luke D (ag) wrote: Genuinely odd collaboration between Roeg and Dennis Potter.

Johan W (us) wrote: Hill & Spencer = fist fights forever!

Pampalini L (it) wrote: The entire heist sequence lasts 26 and half minutes, and has very little dialogue.

Greg W (nl) wrote: The cheesy crime drama story is incredulous, but makes for passable entertainment if you are easy to please.

Vania M (mx) wrote: The best way to find the world in which we live in is to do it with someone who doesn't know it. A warm movie about discovery of the most common things of life and love.

Brandon W (br) wrote: Coralline is directed and written by Henry Selick, and it stars Dakota Fanning in a stop-motion film about a girl who doesn't like moving to another place, and she come across a room that's locked, and when she goes in, she come across a different place that's similar, and the families that have button for eyes. After watching Aladdin, the bus started to get more quiet, and we didn't watch anything else for now. So I ended up watching the downloaded films on Netflix, and just watched this first, which is a fantastic starter for Laika Studios. Dakota Fanning is great at being whiny and irritated at the same time, but it was never annoying, and she also gets better when the movie progresses. The clay-nation looks fantastic, and there were some moments that I honestly don't know how they did it. The characters are three-dimensional that when things get out of hand, you really start to root for Coraline and fear for her safety. It has a lot of creepy imagery, but it's never to the point that it'll be traumatic to kids, and it's cool to see something be pleasant, and be not so pleasant. The pacing really starts to pick up when the beginning is slow, but it still keeps you interested in what's going on. There are some humor that's really good that it doesn't really become too depressing to watch. The writing and direction by Henry Selick really seem to understand about what the kid is going through when they have to move to a different place, and just have to deal with it a different way from what the parents are going through. In the end, Coraline is an amazing film that i wish that more people could go see the films that Laika Studios has made.

Matt M (ru) wrote: Monsiour Hulot visits the technology driven world of his sister and his brother in law, but struggles to fit into the surroundings. A delightfully entertaining examination of modern technology paranoia only slightly dated but still very relevant today. The delightful factor in this film is an absence of a more obvious and physical kind of slapstick in favour of a remarkable imaginative type that is more geared towards the use of wonderfully creative art direction. A remarkable vision with a very distinctive and influential colourful style.

Tim M (ca) wrote: For fans of National Lampoon, 'Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead: The Story of the National Lampoon" will be a welcome stroll down memory lane. For those who know nothing about the brilliance of the Lampoon franchise this will have no effect unless you are a fan of satire in all it's glory. There aren't as many laughs here as I had expected, but this is a fine documentary on many levels. Final Score 7.0/10