Europa Report

Europa Report

A crew of international astronauts are sent on a private mission to Jupiter's fourth moon.

When unmanned probes suggest that a hidden ocean and single-celled life exists on one of Jupiter's moons, six astronauts embark on an ill-fated exploratory mission. "Europa report" shows the difficult choices and sacrifices the crew has to make to fulfill their objective of sending valuable data to Earth for research. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Emma G (es) wrote: Second time watching it a few years later and I found it even more enjoyable

Kristy P (de) wrote: Kinda like a remake of Father Of The Bride in some ways...since it is told from the father's point of view and all. Pretty good, decent family drama.

Ben W (ru) wrote: bahrani is an incredible filmmaker. man push cart is not a film as accomplished as his later chop shop, but it is still an incredible one. his compositions are spectacular, taking things other filmmakers shoot fairly regularly and turns them into something extraordinary. in that old neorealist style, its a bitter song of a film but one worth every second.

Tara M (ru) wrote: Some great moments in this one but it could have been better.

Walter M (nl) wrote: Upon its release, "Seven Women" was unceremoniously dumped, becoming John Ford's last movie by default, probably because the studio had no idea what to do with it. Could it be because there is enough lesbian subtext to fill twenty doctoral dissertations? It is 1935 in northern China at an American mission, headed by Agatha Andrews(Margaret Leighton) who has an unrequited crush on Emma(Sue Lyon), one of the younger workers.(The scene where she nearly has a coronary when walking in on Emma washing up is priceless.) All at the mission wait patiently for the new doctor to arrive except the very much pregnant Florrie Pether(Betty Field), married to Charles(Eddie Albert) who has dreams of becoming a minister, who is freaking out due to hormones and the rumors of brigands in the area. When Dr. D. R. Cartwright(Anne Bancroft) does arrive, Agatha is shocked to discover that not only is she a woman and a very butch one at that, but that she swears, drinks, smokes and has had an affair or two.(There is some mystery about Cartwright's past concerning her not being able to work in America anymore. I would like to think she was performing abortions which while speculative is certainly possible.) That's not to mention the attention she gives Emma. So, it is completely irrelevant to Agatha that she is very competent at her job as she seeks to have her removed from the mission. To be honest, Sue Lyon did have a weird effect on men during the 60's, so maybe I am reading too much into this after all. Regardless, "Seven Women" is still a highly entertaining movie that disabuses the notion of one faith being any better than any other. While the people of the missions regard themselves as shining perfection, especially Agatha, it is in fact tragic as to what they have been withholding from themselves. And while they may look down on Cartwright, believing her to be beyond redemption, she at least knows who she is.(And personally, I am in awe of her.) Seeing this as John Ford's last film, and that he made a career of defining masculinity, it is totally apt that he makes his last statement that it is not a person's equipment that makes him or her a man, it is their actions. (Originally reviewed in the blog section on May 14, 2009.)

jay n (nl) wrote: Not bad western that loses its way towards the conclusion. Ruth Roman stands out with a good tough down to earth performance, too bad the film doesn't treat her right.

Tim M (au) wrote: "Broken City" gets by as a more than serviceable noir-thriller by the commanding presences of Mark Wahlberg and the slick as hell Russell Crowe. It's good, trashy entertainment.

Cesare C (br) wrote: a lot of actions but it lacks of thoughts and charisma

Luciano G (gb) wrote: The ending was good, the person who played the little girl was great in her part but the rest of the cast was just's like a bunch of shortstories with a tiny very tiny thread between's not much to say about this movie without spoiling stuff, I think if you are religious you are more likely to like it....

Stacey T (nl) wrote: Great movie. You'll never look at "Sam the Snowman" the same way again.

Janice V (es) wrote: A brilliant film that takes you behind the scenes in a war zone in such a vivid way you almost forget it's a movie not a documentary. Well worth seeing.