When Scott learns that his longtime cyber-buddy from Berlin is a gorgeous young woman, he and his friends embark on a trip across Europe.

A fasinating comedy with many interesting and comedic situations about Scott Thomas who is in a adventure with his friends to find Mieke, a girl he makes friend with through the Internet. The group of friends travel from London through Paris, Amsterdam to Berlin. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eurotrip torrent reviews

Chuck C (de) wrote: Only because i cant find shit about it

Mark J (br) wrote: Why did this have to be soooo long. Like right when you think it is ending they have to add another stupid plot twist and I'm just like I want to go to sleep. But that being said the performances were incredible especially enjoyed Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams. Funny, maybe a bit too smart for my taste but very enjoyable.3.5-4/5

Mark W (us) wrote: Honestly, I'm still undecided about this movie... For a good part of the film the story was very weak and in some parts atrocious... Yet the overly exaggerated gory killings make you remember this is a slasher... For the best part it seemed a little overworked! A decent sequel but I expected better!

Dan D (nl) wrote: I don't know how you have such slow pacing and a boring ass plot for a movie about a fucking super shark.

JAe B (nl) wrote: Dum ass fucking shit should be ashame of there selfs for really fucking up this movie..!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luke R (mx) wrote: Ryan Philippe stars in this quite effective, yet at times awkward, movie about a soldier forced back into duty after completing his tour in Iraq. It is certainly an interesting issue to tackle ("Stop-Loss") and something I had heard very little about before. Philippe is solid, whilst not great, in the lead role here - with Aussie Abbie Cornish providing good support. Perhaps a little long at almost 2 hours, but it kept my interest pretty well although the last half was drawn out a bit. Not bad, but I would only recommend it if there's nothing else on the shelf worth watching or if you're really interested in the subject matter.

Mathieu R (de) wrote: Une belle lecon de cinema un des meilleurs films de ces dernieres annees.

Victor T (fr) wrote: Charlie Kaufman has proven that he is a writer that thinks outside the box and comes up with peculiar journeys throughout the human psyche, and I love the majority of his screenplays ("Being John Malkovich", "Adaptation", "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" and I like a little "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind" ). But in 2008, due to Spike Jonze preferring to make "Where the Wild Things Are" , Kaufman not only wrote a screenplay but he also direct its movie, the polarizing "Synecdoche, New York". Is this the masterpiece some people claim it is or is it the messy pretentious film others consider it? Caden Cotard is a theater director that has demonstrated to have potential in his profession but he has a "peculiar" relationship with his wife, who is also an artist. Eventually Caden starts to suffer from some health issues, and he receives the prestigious MacArthur Fellowship, so Caden decides to use the fellowship in a humongously ambitious play. With Kaufman in the writing department, you know that this film will be a complex character study revolving around his struggles with some little doses surreal imagery, but even that can't completely describe his directorial debut. "Synecdoche, New York" is a film that you can see why it is either hail or hated. It has the most ambitious and postmodernist script Kaufman has written to date, the themes are mostly the ones you will expect from Kaufman but the execution and visualization of them are mesmerizing, the visuals are beautiful, the story is this poetic tragedy that will get a variety of emotions out of you, some surreal ideas are so bizarre that they hypnotize you (one of the main objectives of surrealism), the main character is complex, tragic and sympathetic; some character driven sequences are shocking, the dialog is mostly beautiful, and a lot of psychological concepts are used subtlety. Of course, this ambitious experiment is not perfect, it has a lot of problems: Kaufmans directing really shows that he doesn't know a lot of filmmaking (he is a masterful writer but he needs to learn more about cinema), the story is ambitious but it feels like Kaufman tried to compete with David Lynch as it comes off as his attempt to make his version of "Mulholland Drive" and "Inland Empire", the pacing drags at certain moments, some concepts are presented but never achieve the potential they had (something shocking for Kaufman), some scenes are a little unnecessary, and the first half is only there for set up and it goes a little too long (thankfully that mesmerizingly beautiful second half arrives)."Synecdoche New York" is a beautiful postmodern and surreal tragedy. It is ambitious, poetic, unforgettable, mesmerizing, and emotional. It is undeniably a flawed film, but still is a well executed experiment (although it shows that Kaufman needs a director to limit his ideas and adapt them in an artistic way). If you like upbeat stories that will make you cheer then avoid this film. It is not a masterpiece, but it could have been.

Jordan K (nl) wrote: As I like to say, it was an "eh" movie. A criminal named Osborn is being staked out by the cops, so they suspect that he lives next door to the Robberson family. The cops ask if they could stay at the family's home for a bit- but this is Norman Robberson (Chevy Chase)'s dream. Norman loves cop shows and movies, so now it's finally his chance to see the life of a cop. However, head cop Jake Stone has a heart of wood and the Robbersons suffer with him around.You have your good and bad parts- an okay movie. I don't know whether to suggest it or not. Try it, sure.

Faisal A (fr) wrote: Mark Kermode, a film critic I will admire till Kingdom Come, named this "The best Giant Killer Pig Movie" (though I'm not sure if this was a global measure or solely Australia). Either way, the movie is fun but does get messy and silly. I do not care for the American couple who are unfortunately a part of this film, as they are not very well portrayed nor written. The 2 australian redneck brothers are very annoying too. The one character to be invested in is Jake Cullen, the man out for revenge for the Razorback's murder of his grandson. The movie looks wonderful with its atmospheric set pieces and great outback wilderness. There was one particularly funny scene with a man watching standup comedy in his house (actually the second time you see him doing so), which is for me, my personal favourite scene in the film. I wish the story was handled differently, but hey, how often do you see Giant Killer Boars at the movies these days?

Patrick L (mx) wrote: Hmm...Selleck, Ford, Elliott and Pickens...sounds like a musically sound western at the least...

Wayne P (nl) wrote: Not the most original movie but so much fun!

F B (fr) wrote: Dreadful film, awful acting, poor sfx and all round crap.

Charlie T (us) wrote: Dumb but fun to watch the past video game characters take place in a movie!

Ross M (mx) wrote: Starts off a bit slow, but is well worth the build. This is easily the best film James Wan has ever directed and a great overall horror movie. Highly recommended.

Robert H (ca) wrote: At least the action was well-done?

John M (de) wrote: There are some cool creatures here, but this is a documentary destined to make people nod off to in a high school marine biology class. It??s James Cameron, utilizing the same technology he used for Titanic and Ghosts of the Abyss, taking a team down to explore the very bottom of the ocean floor. This is very much in the same vein as Cameron??s previous documentary, Ghosts of the Abyss, except never as interesting; there are parts where it is as appealing as listening to somebody drone on reading from a textbook. Where Ghosts had something to tell, this is more of a glass bottom boat ride. The best parts of this documentary is when you are looking at creatures that you haven??t seen before, and honestly, that??s what it needed more of: more freak show, less talk about the process, about volcanic and seismic activity, about? ROCKS. More creatures. It might work a lot better in the theatrical 47-minute version, but in the 99-minute cut, it gets goddamn boring and tedious.