Desmond Doyle is devastated when his wife abandons their family on the day after Christmas. His unemployment and the fact that there is no woman in the house to care for the children, Evelyn, Dermot and Maurice, make it clear to the authorities that his is an untenable situation. The Catholic Church and the Irish courts decide to put the Doyle children into Church-run orphanages.

1953. Desmond Doyle is devastated when his wife abandons their family on the day after Christmas. His unemployment and the fact that there is no woman in the house to care for the children,... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tiny T (de) wrote: A rare blending of detective work with pure horror. Don't miss this one

Grant H (br) wrote: Great movie. While its plot doesn't flow quite as well or as breezily as its "predecessor", the themes are strong in the movie, the jokes are a little more hit than miss, and the performances are great, especially Rudd and Mann, as well as Man and Apatow's real daughters.

Elliot P (us) wrote: That girl does pretty well with one arm

Matt B (mx) wrote: I wish I thought a mainstream audience would get this movie. Maybe it'll get to an arthouse and I can see it again sometime after Sundance. So heavily layered you don't know which layer you're watching at first, but through that tells a coherent story from start to finish. LOVED. THIS. MOVIE.

Chris S (gb) wrote: The film is very witty and funny. Angel Aquino, Hilda Koronel and Sharon Cuneta are at their best performances. It's been ages or years since I have watched this film but I remember this film being very enjoyable and entertaining while showing some of the Filipino culture.

Lee F (au) wrote: One of the best movies I have ever seen. Those who dismiss it as a "chick flick" really need to watch it

Giovanni D (jp) wrote: 43%? People get bored easily.

Kevin R (au) wrote: I feel like the next one to die is me.A murderous ghost of a little girl haunts a small town in Europe that has no idea how to protect itself. One of the pending victims gets a letter out of the town that lands in the hands of an inspector. The inspector heads to the town in hopes of saving the girl but is too late. He is determined to stop the killer so no one ends up like the girl that wrote the letter."They'll get you; and I hope they do, it'll save me from firing this bullet."Mario Bava, director of A Bay of Blood, Black Sunday, The Evil Eye, Baron Blood, Roy Colt and Winchester Jack, Planet of the Vampires, and Black Sabbath, delivers Kill Baby, Kill. The storyline for this picture has a classic horror feel with eerie ghost scenes that are a bit dated but fun to watch unfold. The acting is solid and the cast includes Erika Blanc, Piero Lulli, Giacomo Rossi-Stuart, Piero Lulli, and Micaela Esdra."They were victims of her hate."I came across this on Netflix and thought it would be cool to watch a few Mario Bava classics (I haven't seen many of his films). This is one of the better ones I have seen to date and reminded me of the Vincent Price films from this era. The special effects are dated but fairly well done for the time. This is a must see for fans of classic horrors but isn't an all time classic."If you value your lives, leave tonight."Grade: C+

Mimi S (ag) wrote: 10 Years is a really decent and sweet film; it's a bit like the Love Actually of high school reunions. Whilst this is no Romy and Michelle; 10 Years as you'd have already guessed is a film about a high school reunion and the old friends that come together. Jake (Channing Tatum; always so yummy :P) is happy with his girlfriend Jess (Jenna Dewan-Tatum), but seeing his ex high school girlfriend Mary (Rosario Dawson) brings up old feelings. Classmates Elise (Kate Mara) and Reeves (Oscar Isaac) reconnect and discover that they have new feelings for one another. Cully (Christ Pratt) still acts like a frat boy to the annoyance of his wife Sam (Ari Graynor). Old friends Marty (Justin Long), AJ (Max Minghella) and Anna (Lynn Collins) reconnect again. I thought that 10 Years was sweet, charming, funny and moving. The film speaks a lot about friendship and how life isn't always perfect. I liked how it wasn't a cliche high school reunion focusing on old cliques, enemies and trying to out-do one another. This film is a bit underrated; I'm surprised that it's so popular. I never even knew that it came out until I saw the DVD in Tesco the other day. I thought it seemed like a fun and interesting film and it was. There was some good chemistry between the characters especially Elise and Reeves. Sure it has some clich moments, but it doesn't overdo it in the cheese department. Some parts are funny and moving such as Cully's out of hand drinking which at first is funny, but then he ends up making a fool out of himself and annoying people around him. It was moving to see Jake and Mary reunite and saying goodbye to an old love. This is a really nice film. It may not be the best film I've seen or a favourite; it still would have been good to see flashbacks and scenes of the guys in high school like in Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion, but otherwise this film is pretty good. It's really underrated. I'd give this film 75%. Grade: A-/B+

Jessica H (kr) wrote: this film is a joke,

Nicole T (es) wrote: Scary as Bigfoot's balls probably are. 4 stars

Alex H (br) wrote: What a daft film. I also really hated those "little old ladies".