Even Angels Fall

Even Angels Fall


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1991
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Even Angels Fall torrent reviews

Ninh N (nl) wrote: Worst movie ever have.

Jack S (us) wrote: Too bad this isn't getting a wider release, thou roughly entertaining

Hyeokjun K (kr) wrote: Performance of the actors and actress is just magnificent. The way director keeps distance from characters to audience makes it even more brilliant.

Wesley M (ag) wrote: Great animated feature! I loved Bryan Cranston as young Jim Gordon, it was just the right fit! But like always. I kinda miss Kevin Conroy voicing Batman!

Mike M (mx) wrote: All this could have made an interesting film, but the dialogue and direction are just so agonisingly laboured.

Dan R (au) wrote: Difficult to get a hold of on this side of the Atlantic, 'Shifty' sets what might otherwise be a typical rough-life-on-the-streets plotline against the suburban estates of post-industrial Britain.

MarcAndr B (de) wrote: On a qu' regarder quelques minutes pour comprendre pourquoi Sandra bullock a reu un Razzie pour ce film!!! Un des plus film de filles que j'ai vu de ma vie.

Swamo Z (nl) wrote: Por mucho, el mejor guin y la mejor animacin que he visto. Una historia llena de personajes sicolgicamente ricos, escenas llenas de accin y una historia con mucho sentido.

D G (es) wrote: Most people dont know or forget that quite a few gay men were tortured and killed during WWII. This is the story of Sara who is in love with her childhood boyfriend Jean. Problem is Jean is gay and has a boyfriend of his own. Sara's family, brutally killed by a smuggler, goes to the only address in Paris that she knows...Jean's family home. He hides her and with the help of his boyfriend gets her a new identity. Things stabilize for while until Jean's younger brother makes his way out of prison and back into his familes life and business. If you watch this, and I certainly hope you do, bring kleenex!

Justin W (fr) wrote: I was actually mildly surprised and amused. Sure it has its moments of less then perfect acting and of course lines of cheesy dialogue, telling not showing, and unnecessary shots that just put it a tad over the top, but it was pretty well executed for being a low budget thriller. Everything worked well up until the last fifteen minutes where you could tell the writers were forced to quickly put together an ending to tighten up the time limit, this of course put in a lot of dumb dialogue and throwing in loose ends of the plot just to make it come full circle. Better then some of the other films in its genre.

CJ C (ru) wrote: All that isolated, quiet intimacy should have made me feel like a voyeur, but instead the sex was annoyingly boring. Didn't care much for David Wissack either. See HUMANITE instead.

Ian B (ag) wrote: Star Trek meets early 19th Century

Mike N (jp) wrote: a interesting and well filmed movie. It may not be for everyone because of some intense sex scenes but if you can look past that id recommend it because its a good story.

Dale B (jp) wrote: great movie some might think its far out their but in light of whats happening in our world to day i would give it 5 stars

Noname (mx) wrote: To bad this is Jet Li's last martial movie although his earlier movies are better like Hero etc. but worth seeing :)

Lilo C (es) wrote: I think i am not goin to say much about this Movie, cuz i cannt find the right words. Lamberts Acting in this Movie was just fantastic, and the fact that this Movie is based upon a real story. Wow.

Russell G (es) wrote: Poor Lon Chaney Jr. gets pumped full of electricity until he becomes.. A MONSTER! It's not the greatest monster movie you'll ever see, but it is a bit of good fun.

Jim D (jp) wrote: Another Classic Marx Brothers' Comedy. Some great bits. Recommended

Tatsuhito K (it) wrote: Conventional, silly, beyond preposterous, but also funny, competently made, and thoroughly entertaining. I had a pretty good time watching "Get Smart". I laughed quite a bit and the set pieces were fun to watch.

Chris B (mx) wrote: Hilariously bad movie. The script was likely made from a leftover Glenn Beck pilot that wasn't picked up.