As Constance (Natasha Richardson) and Nina (Toni Collette) gather at the deathbed of their mother, Ann (Vanessa Redgrave), they learn for the first time that their mother lived an entire other lifetime during one evening 50 years ago. In vivid flashbacks, the young Ann (Claire Daines) spends one night with a man named Harris (Patrick Wilson), who was the love of her life.

A drama exploring the romantic past and emotional present of Ann Grant and her daughters, Constance and Nina. As Ann lays dying, she remembers, and is moved to convey to her daughters, the defining moments in her life 50 years prior, when she was a young woman. Harris is the man Ann loves in the 1950s and never forgets. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hari R (de) wrote: Anushka Sharma. That is all.

Veronica A (ag) wrote: Sunday afternoon movie... really bad movie.... but for ladies who know Julian McMahon... completely worth seeing...:)

Vessela D (au) wrote: Even though I didn't find it as funny as I probably should have, I still liked it as whole...:) And I'm very proud that I guessed the twist in the end...:)

Camilla L (ca) wrote: Melancholic and yet full of smiles. Loved it.

Nate A (nl) wrote: Alright thriller. The twists weren't so surprising and the whole human/animal aspect to it wasn't terribly fresh or deep. Some nice performances though.And I'm not sure why this needed to be set in the early 20th century unless it was for plot's sake.

Michael R (fr) wrote: A sadly unloved absuridist comedy classic.

gareth j (gb) wrote: umm, ooh i know this one... ALIEN

Steven S (kr) wrote: After finding nothing to watch yesterday, and immediately following the original Speed on IFC, I decided to watch Speed 2. HUGE mistake. From the beginning, Jason Patric seemed out of place...definitely not an action hero. Boring and lifeless. But it's the ridiculousness of this movie that made me shake my head. A rogue cruise ship heading straight toward a port and no one on land knows it? A huge ship is barreling through the port, and the other small boats and skiers don't notice until it hits them? And then running into the port itself...shouldn't that massive ship have run onto land long before it went a few blocks into the town? Come on...at least make it believable. It was such a joke, and I'm sorry I wasted my time on this piece of junk.

Sasha T (au) wrote: To serve and protect, in a creepy way.

Frances H (nl) wrote: Likable musical that was very entertaining with good songs, acting and dancing, plus a good message of standing united against the greedy tycoon. The irony is that when this movie was made the union pendulum had already swung the other way and American labor had priced itself out of the market, so jobs had moved overseas, while the consumer oriented jobs without unions, like the fast food industry and retail salespeople are the main job industries, and they still hardly pay anything as well as being the main job source for the young, so conditions haven't changed that much from the turn of the previous century in Newsies.

Robert S (fr) wrote: I liked how they spent the first half of movie with them as children. It helped you to identify with their innocence and make it more believable. Then when their relationship grew into husband/wife it made for a nice love story.

Amanda L (de) wrote: This movie is hilarious. It's definitely aged well. If you like movies like The Craft, Mean Girls, and Heathers, this is right up there with those. I can't believe I waited to long to see it.

Mark Karl H (br) wrote: Don Baker is a young blind lad who has managed to move away from home and into his own place in San Francisco. He soon meets Jill a young girl who lives next door. At first Jill doesnt realise that Don is blind. They nevertheless fall in love but are rudely interrupted by arrival of Don's overprotective mother who breaks her agreement to leave him alone for a month. Mrs Baker dissaproves of Jill and tries to break them up and convince Don to return home with her. Based on a hugely succesful play from the New York stage, Eileen Heckart reprises her stage role as Don's mother and earned herself a best supporting actress oscar for her beautifully touching yet unsentimental playing. Goldie Hawn was brilliant in what was only her second or third film and Edward Albert Jr was just gorgeous as Don Baker. Essential viewing.

Olli H (mx) wrote: While delivering good performances & lots of laughs, "M*A*S*H" was an oddity of a film since it doesn't really have straight storyline, it's all just series of events in the times of Hawkeye Pierce (Donald Sutherland) & Trapper John McIntyre (Elliott Gould), the two ace surgeons in the Korean War.

Tim M (gb) wrote: It's one thing to have an ending that lets the mind wander, but it's another thing entirely to have the final two-thirds of the movie have a storyline/love story that is impossible to understand. I don't need to be bashed in the head, but give me some kind of hint as to what's going on. Powerful performances by Juliette Binoche and Kristen Stewart can't catapult what appears to be a movie within a movie. Some people think movies they don't understand are brilliant because they aren't intelligent enough to comprehend they must be genius. On the other hand, I think a movie that meanders without direction no matter how well-acted or written or wondrous to look out can't be one I'd recommend for the average moviegoer. Final Score: 5.5/10

Cory W (br) wrote: It has its moments and isn't the worst film I've ever seen.