Event Horizon

Event Horizon

In the year 2047 a group of astronauts are sent to investigate and salvage the long lost starship "Event Horizon". The ship disappeared mysteriously 7 years before on its maiden voyage and with its return comes even more mystery as the crew of the "Lewis and Clark" discover the real truth behind its disappearance and something even more terrifying.

When the Event Horizon, a spacecraft that vanished years earlier, suddenly reappears, a team is dispatched to investigate the ship. But its return comes even more mystery, with someone or something new on-board. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kristina T (it) wrote: NOT ONLY a TRUE STORY but an amazing story on faith and finding the lord. Christian haters will probably not like it but we can not deny the film itself is a masterpiece for a documentary It is a definite must watch regardless of faith! #imnotashamed

Alexandre C (ca) wrote: correct mais sans clat

Mick T (ru) wrote: Not a very good zombie movie at all. Good effects but a lack of explanation of the what little story there was ruined it. Characters were not even 2-dimensional and the actors looked like they were sleep walking through it all. Avoid unless you are a fan of Foree or Klebe.

Mark K (es) wrote: Constitution, democracy, civil rights. In the event of possible terrorism, those things don't exist, and I agree, if 'Creative Interrogation' is the way, so be it. Decent acting, camera work slightly budget, but the strong narrative covers these up!

Ryan A (au) wrote: I got to say that "Sunshine Cleaning" is a movie that has a interesting but unusual in a boring type of a movie that I have ever seen. The performances are okay. The directing by Christine Jeffs is fine. The screenplay by Megan Holley is tedious. And the score in good. "It got to say that is a okay of a movie. But not a movie that may not get a lot of interest from some people tho."

Meredith R (jp) wrote: It wasn't my most favorite movie that Kristen Stewart was in, but I did understand most of the intended plot line in the movie.

Drew B (ag) wrote: Star Wars Episode II Attack Of The Clones is often the Star Wars movie people tend to just not talk about. It is often stated to be to long and drawn out and with out the feel of Star Wars. Attack Of The Clones, though isn't a normal Star Wars. It is a love story and a mystery story. It's very romantic yet ominous. Plenty of nods to The Empire Strikes Back. Our heros are split up and we find our characters in a dark situation. The dialogue between Anakin and Padm is often laughed at. It is t the most real relation ship we would find in the real world. But think about it. Anakin has never really been with a girl he has the hot for before. He has spent the last 10 years in the Jedi Order where they say he has to be mindful of his feelings. He is going to come off very rough around the edges and akward. Episode II perfectly continues what Episode I left us off with despite the 10 year gap between the events of the two films. The Jedi are cautious to get involved in growing political tensions to not start a war. The Jedi are also being mindful of Anakin's training and trying to find the sith. The Mystery and investigating part of Episode II is truly the best part of the movie. Seeing what a Jedi investigation is like is very exciting. Episode II leaves many other mysteries to be left explained like Why and How the Cline Army was commissioned and why did Count Dooku leave the Jedi Order. Seeing Palpatine groom Anakin the way Anakin wants because he feel is he isn't getting the positive feedback from his Jedi Peers. Anakin's struggle in this film gives you the smallest taste of his inevitable fall from grace to be Darth Vader.

Norhuda J (ru) wrote: I hate the scene in the beginning. Johnny Lever was so wacky when he acted so many characters! My favourite love Hindi movie when I was a kid, I watched it like a zillion times.

Tyler S (mx) wrote: I remember this film as a kid and not liking it very much. Jeff Bridges plays Wild Bill Hancock and while I remember him bring good in the movie, I didn't find any other enjoyment in the film. It just didn't have a good feel to it.

Jennifer X (ru) wrote: Meg Ryan really freaked me out in a hot-mess kind of way.

Lanning (ru) wrote: No dead horse should be continually beaten (not to mention that anyone who beats a live horse should be shot). I believe this. But, EVERY time I see this movie I remember that Kilmer is probably most celebrated for his Doc Holliday performance in Tombstone, and I do agree that his performance is stunning, there. But I tell you true, Kilmer's BEST acting job is right here. I never get tired of watching him grow in this role. Previously: I've been on Flixster for a good little while, so what with my age and all, I'm sometimes very unsure about whether I've commented on a particular movie. I just watched this one for probably at least the tenth time -- although my gut tells me it's more like twenty times -- and I just had to check Flixster to see if I'd actually ever said anything about it. Amazing! I have never said a word about it. I'm sincerely surprised. Even with a favorite movie, you probably understand well that it's sometimes hard to watch it TOO many times, right? I mean it is very interesting, even with some of my very favorite movies, that I'll sometimes start watching them and say to myself something along the lines of, "Ah, maybe not tonight." With Thunderheart, it is never that way for me. I can watch it, and watch it, and then even put up with commercial interruptions, like tonight, to watch it again. I'm not sure how well I can explain all the reasons why I love this movie, but you know me -- I'll give it a shot : ) Val Kilmer is superior as Doc Holliiday in Tombstone, I think some of you might agree. But the beauty of that work, for me, takes a second seat to his performance in this movie. There is something about his difficulty with delivering some of the lines here with conviction -- "I'm sorry I dragged your family into this," for instance -- that is never a problem he has with his world-weary Doc Holliday. You are, I'm sure, very familiar with the hackneyed term "coming of age." Doc Holliday, thanks to Kilmer's performance, you know darn well came of age looong before the events chronicled in Tombstone. That performance of a man who has lived life to the fullest, seen it all, done it all, is perfection. Ray Levoi, on the other hand, is coming of age right before your very eyes. I love the less polished performance here because it lends itself -- almost as if he intended it to be that way -- to the way he is discovering himself, who he is, how he should live, how he should act. Okay, I was going to go into a whole list of reasons why I love this movie, but I'm sure very few people have even read this far. Bottom line: This movie is so good that I'm adding it to my Top 100 list right now, and I'm going to be curious to see what movie I decide to drop from that list in order to make place for Thunderheart. If you've not watched this before, please give it a try. Me? I don't think I will ever get tired of watching it.

Rodney E (it) wrote: Gremlines ripoff from the 80's that is more fun in the realm of just being ok than anything great.

Jim H (ru) wrote: Yep, it's predictable. But yep, especially for those who are Jim Carrey fans like myself, it's hilarious. Richard Sanders, Tea Leoni and Alec Baldwin all excel in ratcheting up the laughs, but Carrey is the true star here.

Heather M (it) wrote: This role is a departure from what we are used to seeing from Wiig. Unfortuntately, that does not mean it is worth your time to watch it. Pearce gave a strong performance, but the story never inspires one to care about this dysfunctional family.

Serge L (au) wrote: Charming and a bit comedic and sad and romantic at times. With Anne as the lead, I was quite sold already. The music and songs are nice on lovely tones. It's like a real life short story. Remember when...I enjoyed the film very much. In spite of the lack of bombing, shooting, and superpower.