Everlasting Regret

Everlasting Regret

a film adaptation of Wang Anyi's popular and influential novel Changhen Ge.A person's life is destined to be shorter than that of a city. Having spent her whole life in Shanghai, Qiyao has her moments of prosperity and her fair share of loneliness. She finally fades and disappears but Shanghai remains a metropolitan city. Shanghai in the 1930s is glamorous and seductive. A pretty young girl from an ordinary family, Qiyao is lucky enough to win the 2nd runner-up of the "Miss Shanghai" contest. Mr. Cheng, her admirer as well as a photographer who assists her to her success, knows the girl is going to live an extraordinary life. It turns out she is going to witness the decades of changes to her city

A person's life is destined to be shorter than that of a city. Having spent her whole life in Shanghai, Qiyao has her moments of prosperity and her fair share of loneliness. She finally ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Timothy B (jp) wrote: The whole plot was so hard to follow that at some points I fell asleep during this film. The only thing that made this movie Happy was Anna Kendrick because she's a favorite of mine, but then again it wasn't all that great.

Daire S (ag) wrote: at least it's better than muppets most wanted but you would only would watch this once to enjoy it.

Carly M (au) wrote: If it comes my way, I will watch it..until then, it'll have to wait.

Wally Z (it) wrote: There are many worthwhile stories here, and the drama intensifies as it moves forward into the glasnost era, but this film could have made a stronger impression by narrowing its focus and probing more deeply.

Jason D (kr) wrote: For the movie Creature of Darkness, it's actually a place of great darkness, where once promising young stars like Devon Sawa (Final Destination), Matthew Lawrence (The Hot Chick), and Sanoe Lake go to fade away into obscurity. The film centers on a large group of young bros and hoes who go camping and motorcrossing in the desert where an alien has landed and government people are apparently roaming (though you only see bits of them briefly, then never again). Immediately, this vicious alien begins abducting/killing them one by one in order to gather trophies (a la Predator) for a museum on another planet. How do we know this? Oh yeah, the camping trip is also a convenient intervention for loony friend Sawa who has nightmares of an alien ripping him apart. The story is pure 100% shit, as is the horrendous acting and effects. At first, the effects looked promising, especially when the creature dones a hat and long jacket to abduct folks (a la Jeepers Creepers) but then it quickly resorts to atrocious CG and further worsens this already awful film. This is yet another one I nominate in the category of worst horror/sci-fi of 2010. I thought for sure writer/director Mark Stouffer was a young up and comer attempting to break into the business on a rough start with this funky film, but in all actuality, Stouffer has been in the business for 30 years! Take a hint: it's time to retire. Awful, awful film!

Harry W (fr) wrote: With a growing taste for Werewolf movies, Dog Soldiers sounded like it was worth a chance.Unlike most generic Werewolf movies, Dog Soldiers puts its characters in a more interesting context. While the characters in the film are thinly sketched and lack depth, there is a better concept for their existence as they serve as soldiers on a training exercise in the Highlands of Scotland. It is still a low budget feature, but it at least tries to make things more interesting by putting a different spin on a conventional story which makes way for more action. Instead of the characters always being completely in danger, the heroes in the film are soldiers who stand a chance of surviving the Werewolf attacks due to their extensive training. Because of this, they are more aggressive characters which is a concept written into the script to add a sense of deadpan humour to the experience which pays off from time to time. There are some funny moments in Dog Soldiers which do not detract from the serious mood of the film or the thrilling atmosphere of it all, and Neil Marshall's directorial work is refreshing for a debut feature. Dog Soldiers is an atmospheric horror film. Things feel very intense and the blood and gore is moderated well so that the horror in the film is not predicated on shock value as much as genuine thrills. As well as that, Dog Soldiers has elements of humour to it. Much of the comedy in the film comes into play based on the screenplay and the humourous nature of the characters as soldiers in their occasionally overconfident or egotistical natures. Even if they are thin creations, they make a likable team of heroes for the story.The main problem in Dog Soldiers is that the premise is the same basic plot that can be found in countless other horror films. Despite the plot point about the main characters being soldiers who are able to put up a good fight against their enemy, there doesn't seem to be too much of a focus about a war between man and beast which could have made the film horrific but also about the battle. There are some decent action moments in the film, but they are spread out at a very sporadic rate which leaves it as a film which fails to truly capitalise on its high concept plot. It has its moments and does have more creativity than your average run of the mill horror film, but Dog Soldiers just could have been more. For a debut feature, it is certainly a step in the right direction for Neil Marshall, but the actual effect of the limitations on the production are too often felt. Maybe this is part of the comic virtues in Dog Soldiers, but too often it simply reminded me of the simplicities and limitations of the production. The fact is that Dog Soldiers is a very simple film, a by the numbers werewolf horror film with some small elements that make it different from the more generic entries into the genre. The central differences between this film and the countless others are not enough to separate it from the rest of the shallow entries into the genre, particularly because I expected there to be some powerful concept of warfare between man and animal. I understand that the low budget nature of the film really got in the way of that being a reality, but since that was the case, it felt like much of the film squandered a high concept premise on a small budget production.During some of the more intense scenes, the camera gets rather shaky. I'm not sure if this it to prevent the viewers from seeing that the low budget Werewolf designs are not good enough to look at for long enough or because the director of cinematography thought that this would add to the intense atmosphere though I get the feeling that it is a mix of both, but either way it makes many of the moments in the film to be rather shaky to experience. Considering that these scenes in the film are the main ones separating the rest of the feature from being more of a familiar film than it already is, it drags the experience down when it is already burdened by an abundance of simplicity. If not for the deadpan humour and the soldiers concept, there would be little creativity in Dog Soldiers. This is a problem because as it attempts to go for genuine thrills more of the time than a gore filled guilty pleasure, it would need more of a story or greater characters to sustain it. With the film being such a thin feature clearly aimed at being a guilty pleasure, it really seems that a more appropriate direction to take the film in would be along the lines of Sam Raimi's Evil Dead trilogy. Instead, Neil Marshall takes the film very seriously and only implements in select elements of comedy when there was far more opportunities to make use of it. Like Evil Dead II, Dog Soldiers seems like a film which could be a lot better if its sequel had a higher budget and was able to make better use of its concept, but largely it comes off as tame effort even though it had superior potential. The one thing that Dog Soldiers really presents is a more positive step forward for Neil Marshall who would later go on to helm the critically acclaimed horror film The Descent. But his work as a screenwriter does not match his strength as a director.So Dog Soldiers has the potential to serve as a guilty pleasure with some viewers due to the fact that Neil Marshall has a strong sense of atmosphere and visual style, but the fact that the film takes itself so seriously in an attempt to be a legitimate thriller while ignoring high concept potential to be an exploitive piece of fun means that it is sporadically entertaining at best.

Randy P (us) wrote: It's bad, it's so bad that it's sad.

Kevin C (ca) wrote: Movie night with Iris.Not seen this film in years. Stands up well to the test of time, and really gets the 70s look spot. Pleased that Iris loved it.

Will L (fr) wrote: Definitely funny, though I like the second one better.

Daniel S (ca) wrote: one of my most favorite movies ever.

David H (it) wrote: A hillarious Romantic Comedy directed by the Master Ernst Lubitsch with a Innovative Story and Fresh Dialogues

Caroline R (br) wrote: this film was horrendous and most likely had a budget of 10p (at a push) the acting quality was truly shocking and proved to be infant level (and that's an extreme compliment) the description isn't misleading but gives you false hope and would've been a great film if had good actors, quality & realistic props.

Sophan P (ag) wrote: Though the recent The Big Short gives this film a run for its money, Margin Call is still the best fictionalized account of the 2008 market crash. Firstly, Kevin Spacey's always at his best working as the unheralded anchor of fine ensemble cast. He did so as the relative newcomer amongst established heavyweights like Pacino and Lemmon in the early 90's crackling Glengarry Glenross. In this film, it's Spacey, along with Jeremy Irons as an awesome firebrand of a greedy CEO and Stanley Tucci as a worn-down risk manager, that are the veteran heavies leading a pack of young, fresh-faced wolves. Margin Call portrays the '08 financial crises as what it truly was - corporate figures part of a pecking order that push systematic greed to its nadir. There are no buffoonish, indulgent frat boy sharks in suite ala Scorcese's wrongheaded Wolf of Wall Street. These are real people, making ill-fated decisions that wreak havoc on the world's banking system. The acting is solid throughout the lineup. Irons plays his role as the firm's dictator with menace and verve. Kevin Spacey manages to be a sympathetic figure despite robbing other firms blind. The perenially-underused Paul Bettany really shines as Spacey's loyal lieutenant. I've been a fan of JC Chandor's light touch. There's very little flash in his work but his movies always deliver serious gut punches. Suffice it to say, I'm eager to see future additions to his already formidable body of work.

Robert B (fr) wrote: Blithe Spirit (David Lean, 1945)David Lean is one of those "all the pros are really in love with this guy" directors whose films I rarely seem to get round to watching. This confuses me somewhat, because when I do watch a Lean film, I find it immensely enjoyable; I've only seen two so far, but Lawrence of Arabia, as of this writing, is sitting at #121 on my all-time top 1000 list, and Blithe Spirit entered the list at #541. Both are phenomenal pictures. A stage performance of Blithe Spirit had just closed its run right across the street from where I work a couple of weeks before I sat down to watch the movie; by the time it was over, I was kicking myself for not having gone to see the play. That strikes me as the best recommendation I can give the silly, wonderful thing.Charles Condomine (My Fair Lady's Rex Harrison) and his new wife Ruth (The Criminal Code's Constance Cummings) have moved back into the old pile after the honeymoon. The only problem is, the ghost of Charles' late first wife, Elvira (Two on a Doorstep's Kay Hammond), is still very much around and causing mischief for the happy couple. Charles, distressed by the goings-on, hires the medium Madame Arcati (the wondrous comic actress Margaret Rutherford) to get to the bottom of things-which just makes Elvira all the more determined to pursue her ulterior agenda...As you can tell by the first paragraph, I am shockingly unfamiliar with the work of David Lean. But between this and Lawrence, which are such entirely different pieces of work, I find it hard to believe the man could have done anything wrong. Lawrence is a massive four-hour (admittedly quite doctored) biopic, epic in every way, dramatic and sweeping and saturated with those brilliant, brilliant colors. This movie is its polar opposite in every way-lean, slapstick, looking almost colorized, intimate and packed with impeccable comic timing. The ending is a bit of a downer-no, wait, that's the wrong word for it. Compared to the rest of the movie, quality-wise, the ending is a bit of a downer; it's the one place where Lean steps over the line from brilliant slapstick into cheesiness (it's Jerry Lewis as opposed to the Preston Sturges of the rest of the film). But that doesn't matter much, because the rest of it is so good. Well worth your time. *** 1/2

Mick G (it) wrote: Good Cast. Creepy at times.

Jon C (gb) wrote: I actually rather enjoyed thisa bottle-thriller with fine performances and a convoluted plot that goes in many directionsthis will have you guessing til the endMelissa George sparkles as the mother fending to protect her son and discovers a plot that completely changes her views on everythingOded Fehr is awesome too with alot of charisma on his sidesome may not like that this film nevers leaves the room, I didnt mind it at allthis is one of Melissa George's finer films