Every Time We Say Goodbye

Every Time We Say Goodbye

An American flyer who joined the RAF before his country was in the war is recovering from a leg injury in Jerusalem. Through an English friend he meets a quiet Jewish girl whose close-knit family originally came from Spain. The two are attracted to each other but she is convinced their diverse backgrounds mean it could never work.

An American flyer who joined the RAF before his country was in the war is recovering from a leg injury in Jerusalem. Through an English friend he meets a quiet Jewish girl whose close-knit ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gordon B (ca) wrote: What so intriguing about this film is how the viewer gets to peel away the many layers of Egoyan movie puzzle, culminating in a real "rosebud" moment to rival all others.

TJ R (ca) wrote: It was ok, but the movie moved around too much and left a lot of questions open for someone that has not read the books. Even with someone reading the books, there were many key points that were missed.

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Tommaso D (ru) wrote: We Need to Talk About Kevin is perhaps the most terrifying and spine-chilling movie I have ever seen.From the very first scene this movie places a load on your chest that you won't be able to take off even after the end.The cinematography is amazing and the whole film is beautifully directed, and what an amazing performance from Tilda Swinton.

Michael W (ca) wrote: Non-stop action. Such a ridiculous yet great movie. Statham had fun making this one!

Robby R (jp) wrote: Fascinating take on coverage of the Iraq War that shows that in the fight for objectivity, subjectivity reins.

Marko C (de) wrote: it tries to make a guy with awful behavior, completely amoral and non decent to be cute and to make u like his decisions and find them silly and ok. u wont even notice that u approving awfully wrong behavior. at the end ofc he feels sorry for how he used to behave but he is like 60 years old and lives peacefully in cabin. i was more for he dying from terrible death ending.. beside this, quite entertaining

Keith B (us) wrote: I need to watch this again. I was either blown away or just confused. Perhaps both!

Millo T (au) wrote: One of this movies that, although nothing really happens, doesnt make your interest decay. Good social movie with good dialogs.

AJ E (mx) wrote: Very well-acted and written, but directed with a heavy hand and shot in a way that makes me claustrophobic.

James A (jp) wrote: One of the funniest movie I have ever seen

Bill B (br) wrote: A very sleazy and grimy crime caper film peppered with uneasy touches throughout, this isn't the average Bava film, but boy is it well worth a look.A group of thieves lose their getaway driver in an accident and take a woman hostage before carjacking a man trying to get his sick child to a doctor, leading to a tense chase across country with a battle of wills playing out inside the sweaty confines of the car.Very well worth a look, give this one a shot.

CJ C (ag) wrote: NOT to be confused with HOT FUZZ lol. Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time... gee. Typical 70s sitcom cop caper. Funny, but tedious.

Marcus M (br) wrote: This early Melville gangster has all the usual staples that feature in his later work, aging criminal planning one final heist, but of course it's more about the planning and characters then the heist itself. Loved seeing all the 50's Montmartre sights.

bill s (au) wrote: Good idea gone bad...should have been much better,

Yash B (us) wrote: It's an entertaining movie that's family friendly. I haven't read the book but as a movie it is enjoyable. I wasn't completely on board with how it ended but I enjoyed the movie. It's fairly unique in the world on young adult adaptations.

John F (us) wrote: Unusual premise worth seeing