Everybody's Fine

Everybody's Fine

Matteo Scuro is a retired Sicilian bureaucrat, a widower with five children, all of whom live on the mainland and hold responsible jobs. He decides to surprise each with a visit and finds none as he imagined.

Matteo Scuro is a retired Sicilian bureaucrat (responsible mainly for the writing of birth certificates), a widower with five children, all of whom live on the mainland and hold responsible... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sasy N (jp) wrote: [08/11] Sehr britisch und mit tiefschwarzem Humor. Hat mir gut gefallen.

Giorgos V (fr) wrote: Endiaferon mexri enos simeiou tainia.

Janice W (es) wrote: REALLY enjoyed this film this past weekend. Even better that so many here worked on it. LIKE LIKE LIKE.

Private U (ru) wrote: s t u p i d ! :( sad. I use to like Gong-Yoo but he dissapoints me acting in such a movie!

Jeff B (mx) wrote: Literally the worst special effects sequences I've ever seen. Also, the worst historical accuracy. Thanks for showing me the hilariously bad parts of this movie, Carsten & Zach, and skipping through the scenes where naked fat men are bathed by clothed women.

Adrian Z (jp) wrote: 4 - Monsoon Wedding is a vibrant wedding story. It has it's moments of joy, delight, and drama that runs the gamut from gentle, as a father mourns the growth of his daughter, to strong, as dark family secrets are revealed that threaten the integrity of the family. Mira Nair's love letter to her own family and culture (note how arranged marriages in this case are the norm, and positive) will take the uninitiated on a ride through what an Indian wedding might be like (in a wealthy family at least) and proves to be irresistibly charming.

Aidan Y (gb) wrote: One of the best films I've seen so far in my life. A must watch.

Brett B (gb) wrote: The writing for this movie may have been done by a child.

Jeremy B (jp) wrote: D.J. Caruso and Steven Spielberg join forces to create this heart-racing thriller. The whole time the film was playing, I was completely captivated I felt like I was watching my first horror movie. Eagle Eye plays out the whole plot as it could actually happen. I remember when I used to like this movie when I was younger, and I still do. Whenever one filmmaker, D.J. Caruso for example, teams up with producer ace Steven Spielberg, you get rapid heart rates, captivating performances from Michelle Monaghan and Shia LaBeouf, and paranoia within the United States, you get this masterpiece. If the current Secretary of Defense were to see this movie, he or she would not want to build a creation such as ARIIA.

Lawrence W (au) wrote: With Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman starring, and Spielberg directing, I expected something stronger. However, take nothing away from this charming and fun romp that the two great stars carry on their shoulders. Bob Hoskins is especially funny as Smee.

Vedran S (ca) wrote: It's a teen horror film with a cast that fits the cliche, what did you expect?! forget your intellectualism and it's rather enjoyable.

Troy G (ca) wrote: Poorly edited. Poorly plotted with some shoddy acting from high profile stars. The flashback scenes rob the film of any momentum. The characters have backstory, but not sufficient character traits to make me care about any of them. The lack of humor and overwritten / overacted dialog leaves me with the impression of a movie that considers itself superior to other members of the genre while failing utterly to capture the setting, plotlines or character tropes that make westerns compelling. The pretension, lack of ambition, and general creative malaise yields a thoroughly unsatisfying watching experience.