Everybody Sing

Everybody Sing

The story is about a bunch of eccentrics in a family that are intent on putting on a show and bursting into song numbers at the drop of a hat.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:91 minutes
  • Release:1938
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:engagement,   maid,   police,  

Judy Bellaire, played by Judy Garland, is the center of trouble at her exclusive private and very conservative school. She is expelled when she starts singing in a Jazzy style in her music ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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JoJo E (ca) wrote: Heartbreaking. As a pet lover and guardian myself, this documentary hit home.

Joe B (au) wrote: This sounds SO boring -- not my kind of movie. But Paul McCartney wrote the music, and that was at a time when the Beatles were still together and it was his first real solo thing. So that's pretty much WHY I'd like to see it.

Daniel K (gb) wrote: Imagine Singing in the Rain if it was in black and white, had no songs and far fewer jokes and good dance routines. I loved the silent Hollywood era, so I really wanted to like this. But although it is competent enough, I found it very disappointing, given the critical acclaim it received. The dog is cute though.

Dominique D (es) wrote: C'est une perte de temps de 2 heures. Rien de plus.

SV G (nl) wrote: Holy surrealism! Quite bizzare but good story. Often hard to watch - not one but TWO very violent and graphic rape scenes. This ones preaching - but most likely to the choir.

Jenn T (ru) wrote: Lame B movie. Poor acting a plot.

Rico Z (fr) wrote: Prince of Broadway tells the story of a "street rat" named Lucky. He's from Ghana and is living, illegally, in New York City and participating in the lucrative (for the wholesaler, not the street vendor), illegal, industry of selling counterfeit fashion merchandise.Along the way, we see how depressed his lifestyle is. He lives in squalor in a dilapidated studio apartment in Harlem. He has a nice girlfriend who, for some reason, stands by this loser despite his being irresponsible, vulgar and an all-around uneducated macho pig.Well, along the way comes a little boy to change Lucky's life forever. One of Lucky's former flings drops by and demands that he take some responsibility for his half of the creature. Not surprisingly, Lucky is dumbfounded and tries to evade his duties as father. But he is forced to live the the child as his mother has all but left the little one at the mercy of this stunted adult.After a while, Lucky's incessant denial to own up to his responsibility as father and contributing adult gets a little old. His reluctance to accept the child and his negligence is a little hard to watch as the little one gets tossed around like a rag doll with no regard to his own feelings. In essence, what are supposed to come off as endearing, funny little moments come off as annoying and unbearable to endure when it's at the expense of a defenseless toddler.But, I guess the message of this film is to depict that "upstanding" individuals such as Lucky and his uncouth clan of friends and former lovers actually exist. The stunted development of a child into adulthood is a theme that is prevalent to the point of having it clobber you on the head. The incessant belligerence of the main character antagonizes him to the point where you wish he would actually get shot or run over by a bus or something--but, in all likelihood (and in accordance to his display of negligence) it would be his son who would undoubtedly suffer such a gross fate.

Clement K (gb) wrote: The only damned reason I watched this is Corin Nemec's appearance (Stargate SG-1 Season 6) but he was pretty bad in this movie. Probably influenced by the badness of the entire movie, but still, this movie sucked ass. This almost doesn't even feel like a B movie. More like a F movie. Jesus.

Camille L (kr) wrote: Il y a quelques bonnes ides dans Derailed, mais elles sont noyes dans un ocan de banalit qui n'est sauv que par Clive Owen et Jennifer Aniston, tandis que Vincent Cassel dpasse les limites du ridicule, dans un rle de mchant franais typique. Les twists sont vidents, le rythme est trs mal dos et la mise en scne de Mikael Hafstrom ne marche que par segments isols. Notons cependant que RZA et Xzibit sont trangement bons dans de tous petits rles, mais cela ne fait pas de Derailed un film qu'on pourrait retrouver avec plaisir 10 ans aprs sa sortie en salles. Il y a bien mieux et bien plus intressant dans le mme genre.

Linda R (it) wrote: amazing footage, on a big screen even better. best to enjoy it now, for they wont last forever!

Johnson C (gb) wrote: Compared to Birdman, & Wrestler, this movie tells the story of how an outdated performer would face their lives. By the way, everyone gets old, and am I got the ambitions to return to the "stage" of life?The magic and the punch are funny enough, although it seems to be a stable and well calculated "encourage style" movie.