Everyone Says I Love You

Everyone Says I Love You

A New York girl sets her father up with a beautiful woman in a shaky marriage while her half sister gets engaged.

A New York girl sets her father up with a beautiful woman in a troubled marriage while her stepsister gets engaged. However, when a gruff former criminal enters the picture, things take an unexpected turn. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Johannes J (kr) wrote: Flott dokumentar om aa leve.. vel.. livet. Og Arne Naess slipper aa vaere den bajasen han var paa tv den siste tiden.

Phillip N (ru) wrote: A sumptuously photographed slice of life drama about a man and his ten year old son coming to terms with a change in their circumstances. The scenery is both stunning and stark in turns. The writing is spot on; it is astutely observed and achingly accurate. And above all, the acting is first rate. It is so natural that you forget that they are actors. Beauty and heartache abound here, and you will love Jojo, and, at times, hate his father Ronald. And you will wonder why Jojo tries so hard to reach his father. And you will wonder where the mother is in all of this. But throughout, your perceptions will be constantly contradicted. And yet the ending is perfect.

Peter P (au) wrote: Ok in parts, but I am not a fan and have no interest in seeing it again.

Robert B (fr) wrote: Anatema (Agim Sopi, 2006)I wanted to like this movie so, so, so much more than I did. An Albanian director goes in for a hard-hitting look at the Serbia-Kosovo conflict through the eyes of a woman trying to reunite with a child she left at an orphanage soon after birth... how can you go wrong? Well, a myriad of ways, really, and Agim Sopi managed to hit pretty much every one of them in this confused mess of a movie.Plot: Ema Barisha (Lumnie Sopi in her screen debut) is an investigative journalist covering the Serb-Kosovo conflict, getting herself into places she wouldn't normally be able to by being the local liaison for a pair of American journalists/human rights workers (I could never quite tell which), David (Jacob's Ladder's Doug Barron) and Laura (The War Is Over's Blerta Syla) Schwartz. Ema's contact with the two armies is symbolized by the two men in her life-the happy-go-lucky Shpati (Warriors' Blerim Gjoci), an old school friend, and the vile, gluttonous Colonel Lilich (Black Flowers' Enver Petrovci), a Serb. (You can see where the subtlety of the political angle is really well-played here, I take it.) Ema, raped by a Serb solider, has a child out of wedlock and is of course shunned; with no means of getting the money needed to feed and clothe her baby during the upcoming winter, she takes the child to an orphanage. Fast-forward a bit, and David (Laura has dropped off the face of the earth, which shows you the thoughtfulness to be found in the scriptwriting) returns with Ema's payment for working with them; suddenly flush, she returns to the orphanage to get her child...and stumbles upon a white-slavery ring which she, David, and Shpati, now an army bigwig, must expose and destroy in order to save Ema's daughter.The first half of the movie is bad, but it's amateur-filmmaking bad; you might be willing to overlook the horrible acting and sometimes curious camera placement. But once the political gloves come off and the whole white-slavery-ring gig comes into play, it goes from bad to flat-out ridiculous, a piece of amateur propaganda that can't even manage to be successful at portraying bad guys you don't want to laugh at. Don't bother with this one. *

John A (nl) wrote: Excellent Children's Classic. Bought The Newly Digitally Restored Special Edition & Relived One Of My Favorite Films As A Kid & I Still Love All These Years Later. This Is A Brilliant Adaption Of Roald Dahl's Classic Children's Novel, Which Features The Voices Of David Jason (Only Fools & Horses), Amanda Root (Jane Eyre, The Iron Lady) & Angela Thorne (The Royal). The BFG Is A Great Achievement In British Animation, From The Cosgrove Hall Animation Studio (Danger Mouse, Count Duckula, Classic Doctor Who Animated Reconstructions.) A Great Script, A Great Song & A Great Movie.

Orlok W (ca) wrote: Fulci Makes A Splatter-Comedy--Lifestyles Of The Rich And Disfigured!!

Daniel B (ca) wrote: Oliver Reed plays himself so getting hammered & fucking a young supple Amanda Donohue is a given.

Byron B (br) wrote: nominated for best foreign film by NBR

David L (jp) wrote: Three years after the hixploitation moonshining classic "White Lightning", Burt Reynolds's again portrayed Gator McKlusky in "Gator", but this time he was behind the camera as well in his directorial debut. Anyway, this time around Gator has just been released from federal prison for moonshining when he is asked to help the police nab a crooked politician. Although not as good as "White Lightning", "Gator" is still a fun little film none the less. First off, Reynolds's is excellent in his role, he give a cool and calm performance that makes Gator a pretty easy hero to root for while watching this film. In addition the car chases are pretty sweet and exiting. I also thought Jerry Reed gave a excellent and slimy performance as the crooked Bama McCall. Now, as I said before "Gator" is not as good as "White Lightning" and certainly has its flaws. For one thing, the run time of just under two hours was a bit much and therefore the movie drags here and there, especially towards the end. Secondly and this is a big problem for me, the DVD is in full screen until for some odd reason it switches to wide screen format for the closing credits. That's a real shame because this movie was made to be shown in widescreen as the closing credits demonstrate. Despite those flaws though, "Gator" is still none the less an enjoyable film if not essential viewing.

Conan 3 (ag) wrote: Dated but very rewatchable. Too slow for today but viewed as of it's era, it is a real treat. Carlton Heston and Sophia Loren are great actors and the chemistry between them is palpable although muted by the Hollywood standards of that era. An epic for those who like epics.

Andr D (br) wrote: Ben Stiller repite su rol de novio en apuros ("There's Something About Mary", "Meet The Fockers", etc.) en esta cinta llena de situaciones de humor de cloaca que tanto relajan los fines de semana con un bol de palomitas de maz al lado. Entretenida pero nada memorable.

John A (nl) wrote: After The Success Of Halloween, Everyone In Hollywood Wanted To Try And Cash In With The Slasher Genre. This Along With Friday The 13th Are My Personal Favourite Rip-Offs. This Small Time Film From Canada Has Gathered A Cult Follwing Over The Years & Was Re-Made As A 3-D Feature In 2008.It's Valentine's Day In The Small Mining Town Of Valentine's Bluff, Nova Scotia, & For The First Time In 20 Years A Valentine's Dance Will Be Held. The Dance Was Put On Hiatus Due To The Events Which Happened 20 Years Ago. 20 Years Ago The Mine Collapsed Killing A Large Amount Of Workers, The Two Supervisors Could'nt Prevent The Accident As They Were At The Dance Instead Of At Work, One Miner Survived But Was Found In A Psychotic State. Exactly A Year Later He Murdered The Supervisors & Now He's Back To End The Celebrations As Well As End The Lives Of The Young People Celebrating Valentine's Day.The Story Was Excellent For It's Time As No One Was Yet Sick Of Something Basic, The Direction Was Spot On The Script However A Bit Dull And Unintetionally Funny At Some Bits. The Cast Is Unknown But Gave In Great Performances & Of Course Some Nice Death Scenes. A Classic In All The Snese Of The Word Which Should'nt Be Forgotten About, Worth A Watch.

Mark F (ag) wrote: It wasn't quite as fun or inspirational as I thought it would be. But it did make me think about what people need to be happy. My expectation was that they'd escape into the woods and live an idyllic summer, making memories for them to look back on for the rest of their lives, before passing into the humdrum world of adulthood. Instead, life in the woods looked pretty bleak to me. Boring even. They never seemed truly happy. Which made you wonder what would. It does try to be fun though. It's got a quirky sense of humour which is genuinely refreshing and funny at times. However, it can spill over into outright cartoon moments. I'm a little disappointed overall but it's okay. Perhaps just a little overrated.