Everything Put Together

Everything Put Together

The story of a Californian couple expecting a child and their group of friends confronted with the tragedy of a big loss.

The story of a Californian couple expecting a child and their group of friends confronted with the tragedy of a big loss. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Roy W (nl) wrote: Best of the One Piece movie series so far, and possibly the single most inspiring anime this year, One Piece Z portrays the collision between the ending of a legend and the beginning of another. This movie, with OP's usual medley of devil fruits, legendary figures and riveting plots, is certainly a grand feast for OP fans anticipating another melodramatic war. However, what this particular movie distinguishes itself among the hodgepodge of anime is really its exploration of deep human feelings. Too often do people impulsively deem anime as nothing more than fantasy or delusion. In their subconscious, there exists a notion that anime is for the weak-minded, those who resort to unreal stories to satisfy real emotion need. Indeed, this notion perhaps stands true in most cases in that anime never seems to teach us much beyond the screen; it merely gives us a primordial desire to join that world full of "coincidences" and "magic". In the past OP series, all we anticipate is for Luffy to defeat his enemies, whatever their wicked causes are. We watch the movies as pure consumers, eager to be excited and exploited. However, never do we truly view OP as a odyssey of a man's struggle for dream or a pursuit for freedom. Anime is and always will remain anime as long as we think it is anime. However, One Piece Z challenges this relation and drags us one layer deeper. Through soliloquy and dialogue, we're forced to reconsider the definition of justice and evil in a new light. How much justice is still justice? How little evil becomes evil? For Z, his past was embroiled in the fight against evil, whereas his present, even after so much trauma, is still about eradicating pirates. Perhaps people's dream never dies. As time proceeds, it just manifests itself in a different manner. Like William Faulkner wrote, "the past is never dead. In fact, it's not even past" : what we're doing now is entirely based upon what we've done so far. In addition, Z's experience to some extent might be drawn from that of Dent in the Dark Knight, who also suffers from the same conversion from what we consider general good to unarguable bad. However, as we zoom out of the details, we gradually grasp the essence of One Piece: who cares if one piece actually exists, it's the tangle behind it that makes One Piece OP.

Lee C (kr) wrote: The concept of the film is fine but the execution is just too hamfisted and clumsy for the film to fully engage. The Maggie character is supposed to be mysterious and slightly unbelievable but comes across as like a new age hippy with a mental problem. The film bumbles along like this for 99% of the time then finishes with the punch line which doesn't shock or ultimately entertain. There's no immersion with the story or characters so you're left unsatisfied. An empty story that will be forgotten in a few days.

Ben D (kr) wrote: Mysterious, dream-like, chilling. Very Hanekerian.

Shik T (au) wrote: not bad movie if u like zombies :)

Anya S (ag) wrote: An amazing documentary. I had previously read the New York Times article on the same subject where they talked about Sabrina and how she dealt with being in Abu Ghraib. The whole incident was very embarrassing for the American Army and the people of America. This does show how stupid people can be, and it also shows that the little people will always get into trouble for something that someone much bigger told them to do.

David B (br) wrote: Very good, overlooked film with a darkly comic, clever, socially ironic script

Laura W (au) wrote: A good history lesson I saw the filmaker at the film fest here.

Ian C (mx) wrote: Terrorist plots again, making a mockery out of sensitive religious groups, leading to global catastrophes, 6 years down the road and will continue into the next century with a string of similar movies.

Charlie C (ru) wrote: This movie is a psychedelic death romp, Zombie's characters are the best!

Karen T (au) wrote: This was very quirky!! In the beginning I thought it was bullshit but I persevered and found it quite enchanting :)

Rikk W (mx) wrote: A miserable and tacky ode to all things Hot Topic with a soundtrack comprised of washed up Nu-Metal bands.

Sam D (nl) wrote: Cheap, but nevertheless very entertaining. Tear-jerking and dramatic when it needs to be, which plenty make up for the occasional sickeningly clichd moments. Susan Sarandon is brilliant as per the norm and Julia Roberts is well suited to her roll.

Wesley W (us) wrote: Another really bad Tim Allen movie. If you are a movie director and want to ruin it badly, put Tim Allen in it, because he is only good voice acting Buzz Lightyear on Toy Story and hardly ever good staring in movies himself.

Dominic V (de) wrote: 20+ years I finally seen the film somewhat inspiring.