Evil Angel

Evil Angel

Set in present day Chicago, the ancient avenging demon Lilith, attempts to destroy a young paramedic's life while destroying anyone who interferes with her plan.

When the young woman Emma Carillo is stabbed five times, paramedic Marcus Galan feels a great empathy for her and unsuccessfully tries to save her life in the Mercy Hospital. Meanwhile the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tom J (ca) wrote: Great Movie!!! Not a multi million dollar budget but beats most that are!!!

Dean H (au) wrote: So, this is 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams............ Not being familiar with the rest of the series, (apparantly I'm not alone), I watched this movie because of its awesome line-up. First, you got horror icon Bill Mosely (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, Night of the Living Dead 1990, House of 1000 Corpses, The Devils Rejects, Repo!, ect.) and Kevin "Ogre" Ogilvie (Nivek Ogre of Skinny Puppy, Luigi Largo from Repo!). Being a huge fan of both, I decided to watch. WTF, it was free streaming on Netflix......... Anyway, what happened in the next 2 hours was almost equivalent to watching a really bad porn movie. Horrible acting, lots of boobs, numerous bad sex scenes, and an occasional death. I have to say, based on that, this movie was complete crap. I also have to say, if you're a fan of really bad, cheesy horror movies, you may enjoy this turd. I have to honestly say that, even though the movie sucked really bad, I was entertained the whole way through. But, if you're not a Bill Mosely or Ogre fan, and it takes more than boob shots and gratuitus (and cheesy) sex scenes to keep your attention, keep moving...........

Michael M (au) wrote: I'm a sucker for movies about hit men, but I had the same problem with this one that I have with hollywood movies that, you know, are good but with a little pushing could be so much better. I mean, take away the narration, and make the story less muddled, and then, you know, not make it so stylized, and then you'd have some comma splices, and a great movie, but instead you have a good one, but that's okay because it's hard to make good movies. So what was up with the little kid? And the choppy narrative of this movie? It was like the story was vomiting at certain points, or have seizures. It just didn't want to be told, and the director had to drag it kicking and screaming, but hey there's some nudity (a pretty awesome sex scene if you ask me, and a hit man dressed all in leather with leather underwear? Oh man. I've never written a character like that... ever... I mean... uh....er.......) and ... aw hell..... here's a good example of a movie, or a movie review, that starts out promising and runs out of stea

Kevin M (mx) wrote: Recommended by; Gary.

Eve C (ag) wrote: Pour une fois que les ricains font quelque chose de song (C) !!!

Jayden C (kr) wrote: not interested at all

ssbbw g (au) wrote: Waste of time and money to make it and rent it. Robert Downey Jr is sexy so that is the only nice thing.

Noname (it) wrote: Reminds about mad max a bit , not as good tho but a decent movie. Swordfights in the desert.

Well A (fr) wrote: No acredito que passei minha vida cinfila sem essa obra-prima do cinema de fico/aventura/nerdices!Filme fantstico, esprito de aventura intacto e personagens apaixonantes. E que roteiro mais foda, n? Robert Zemeckis dirigindo, Spielberg na produo, a trilha atemporal do mestre Alan Silvestri e esse elenco dos sonhos nos 80's, tornam esse filme mais que imperdvel - obrigatrio!

Brody M (kr) wrote: Pretty good movie.Not what I was expecting

Wes S (au) wrote: The movie is all style- no entertainment. The story is dull and slow, with bland action and a boring lead. A missed opportunity to create something unique, but the movie was basically copying others that came before it anyway.

Austin M (au) wrote: Solid, good start to this series. Hoping the rest of them are even better, and a lot scarier.

Luciano G (mx) wrote: With an epic look the movie is chock full of action, anger, revenge.... scenery, costumes, and background are pretty good, considering this film had a limited budget. ....the battle scenes are decent, except, there were parts with just too much use of the slow motion camera..... the final battle was epic, with arrows, flames, pits, swords axes and mayhem....overall 'Sword Of Vengeance' is good, worth a watch..