Evil Bong

Evil Bong

A group of stoners inhale more than they bargained for when they smoke from an evil bong in this campy comedy. The guys buy a vintage bong named EeBee from an ad in High Times magazine, but they have no idea the possessed pipe will gradually suck them into a horrifying surreal world. As they fight for their lives, EeBee's former owner (none other than Tommy Chong) -- the only one who understands the power of the bong -- tries to rescue them.

Straight-laced nerd Alistair moves into a college dorm with hardcore marijuana users Brett, Larnell, and Bachman. Larnell orders an old giant bong that proves to have strange magical powers... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Orlok W (es) wrote: compelling portrait of a sociopath in an engrossing thriller--Fragmented luridness!!

Jerry C (de) wrote: The critics hate it. GOOD. It is for those who love the Lord and want to see stories of faith. This shows how far away Hollywood and Heaven are from each other.

Cameron J (jp) wrote: One of the most haunting movies you will ever see. The pacing is calm and meandering, allowing us to experience the events as they happen without manipulating us, urging us, or persuading us. It's as close to a documentary a fiction film can get without being a mockumentary.

David C (de) wrote: it was good, sometimes was intense to see the family when they realized that were living in a bored habit.

Kevin W (jp) wrote: A truly stellar soundtrack by musical genius Michael Gordon can not compensate for an experimental film that brings nothing new to the table.It is my opinion that Bill Morrison is trying to recapture the 60's-70's Avant-garde movement in this film, where he takes, literally, decaying filmstock and splices it together to a haunting soundtrack. It's pretty to look at for the first 15-20 minutes, but I found myself quickly wondering if this was it? He wasn't doing anything new at all.Isn't the point of experimental film to push boundries? To take art to a new level? This was more of a sendup to Stan Brakhage than a wholly new work of art.If you are a fan of the genre, check it out, but you may be disappointed.If you somehow stumbled on this and you don't like experimental, stay far far away from this one.Seriously great score though!

Stefanie R (ag) wrote: Love Peter Lawford... Cute and sweet movie

Darren G (es) wrote: everyone should have a favorite carry on film, and this one is mine. especially the budgie that always backs the winner. if only!

Bloodmarsh K (ca) wrote: It's about 20 minutes too long, but with a cast as strong as this - you don't really mind. Richard Jaeckel, whose picture isn't shown on the cover, ends up being a nice surprise.

Tasos L (ag) wrote: An atmospheric masterpiece, full of creepy feelings that keeps you interested till the end..!

Nathan M (de) wrote: For some reason, scientists confuse a giant iguana for a t-rex.

Sofia B (br) wrote: Please, don't do this. I beg of you, please, tell me that this is a cruel joke. There is not a chance in hell that it'll work out - which is a fact that any fan of Akira Kurosawa would know.

Ken S (fr) wrote: Decent but not perfect werewolf film made prior to the more famous and successful "The Wolf Man". The make up effects aren't too great, they really are dated and don't hold up well, but the film manages to have more of a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde thing going for it than your average wolf movie. It works in someways, doesn't in others...but I'd give this lesser known film in the Universal canon a shot for sure.

Carrie T (kr) wrote: Julianne Moore serves as a great protagonist, but the film's lack of pacing and toned down emotions couldn't serve the emotions to hit home.

Nick I (us) wrote: Has it's moments but overall just a little too much raunchiness and annoying quotes fail to give this film another watch

Scott R (kr) wrote: Another lost flixster rating ??

Maggie M (au) wrote: Pretty funny, but emotional, too.