Evil Ed

Evil Ed

Edward is a friendly, harmless film cutter on the culture department. After an suicide accident, he is put on the mission to cut the "Loose limbs"-series. The blood, gore and violence makes him slowly goes insane. Edward slowly turns into Ed. Evil Ed ...

A mild-mannered film editor is assigned to cut a series of infamous slasher films and is driven murderously insane by the miles of extremely violent footage he edits. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Evil Ed torrent reviews

Simon C (us) wrote: They almost had something here. Perhaps an extra half-star if there were titties. Missable.

Marcie V (ca) wrote: Good movie...terrible ending

Velmina C (ag) wrote: Pretty lame actually!... Didn't enjoy it at all!!

shane s (au) wrote: What can i say i'm Bon Jovi mad! i want to see every movie they star in!

Mabel J (jp) wrote: ...enjoying the moment watching American action movie with my roommate, Salha.

Filius S (jp) wrote: Spaceballs is the Mel Brooks adaptation to Star Wars, and the Sci-Fi genre in general. Lampooning everything from the original trilogy, to Alien, to Planet of the Apes; Spaceballs tells the story of intergalactic adventurer Lone Starr (Bill Pullman) and his half-man/half-dog companion Barf (John Candy). The two renegades cruise the universe in their Space Winnebago as they run from the clutches of ruthless space gangster Pizza the Hutt. Along the way they come across Princes Vespa, who has just escaped from her arranged marriage ceremony, and who's also joined by her droid Dot Matrix (Joan Rivers). Unfortunately for the crew, the evil Skroob (Mel Brooks) dispatches his enforcer Darth Helmet (Rick Moranis) to thwart the escape. If you've seen Mel Brooks films before, just apply the formula to Sci-Fi films from the 80's, and make sure to lean heavy on the tropes. The film has that 80's comedy style, from the relatively safe and boring cinematography, to the low brow 80's jokes, this is one of the classics of the genre, right up there with Top Secret!, Police Academy, and Hot Shots. TL;DR - 8/10It's a little dated, it's a little childish, and it's campy as all hell, but Spaceballs is a super charming movie that doesn't seem to get old thanks to its choice of movies it pokes fun at. You might not find yourself rolling on the floor laughing, but it's difficult to watch this movie without at least smiling through most of it.

Tracey M (ag) wrote: A story about JFK before he became President. A good story too.

Scott R (de) wrote: Had to see it for the cast, could have been better. I think this was a pioneering effort.

Heather D (es) wrote: Bruce Lee's best. A classic. A badass film. Iconic.

Russell G (ag) wrote: No third book? No problem, dinosaurs are still fun to watch. Brining Sam Neill back and having him guide a group of parents looking for their lost son works well enough. These movies have always been about the thrills more than the characters. The Lost World fought that and pandered too strongly to children, but this movie finds a reasonable balance. Early in the movie Dr. Grant from the first film remerges and needing money to continue his research. A newlywed couple wanting a guided air tour of the island bribes him into returning to the place that still gives him nightmares. The unimpressive story just serves as a lose framework to get people back onto the island of dinosaurs. The couple played by William H Macy and Tia Leoni feel forced. They are both good actors, but most of the time they just to run and scream. The special effects improve once again. Computer graphics made an enormous leap since the second movie, and it shows here. The motions of the animals are smooth and more bird-like, reflecting the evolving theories of the extinct animals. This movie features exciting airborne dinosaurs that are the best part of the movie. It introduces the Spinosaurus, which was an even larger predatorily dinosaur with more teeth than the Tyrannosaurus Rex. I wish more informative tidbits wove into the dialogue like the first movie, but these new creatures emerge without much time for explanation. Having the paleontology leader of the group sprinkle in more theories and information along the way makes the creatures more impressive. At least they do this some with Dr. Grant's fascination of how Raptors might have communicated with each other, but I want more of this. It is enjoyable entertainment, despite its lack of depth.

TheRantingAnchor R (ca) wrote: This is one of those movies that doesn't get the respect it deserves. From the badass theme song to the well-choreographed fight scenes to how true it is to the game to actors that can actually act to decent special effects, Mortal Kombat is currently one of only three decent video game movies (the other two being Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time).

Turtleboy G (gb) wrote: This movie was a little better than the first, but not that good. It again, didn't follow the book at all, but was still enjoyable for the most part. Acting was good, the characters were cool, the story was good, but it was just a bad movie in some ways. The comedy felt out of place, and the actors don't follow the ages of the characters in the book. Decent movie based off a good book.